3 product ratings - 2005-2009 Mustang Roush Stage 1,2,3 Complete Clear Fog Lights H10 Bulbs - Pair Sign up to our email newsletter to be the first to hear about great offers and more. Stage 2 included performance suspension upgrades. body{ He makes a Stage 1 Roush, Stage 2 Roush, Stage 3 Roush, 427R Roush, and a P-52A Roush. Excellent condition inside and out. Title Status--Exterior Color Black. 1998 Roush stage 2 gt convert. A Stage 3 package offered engine performance upgrades. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. practically flawless. Come look! Mileage 23456. Roush also claimed that this model produced 400 hp (300 kW), a claim that has been argued by some who claim that the engine was dyno tested at 360 hp (268 kW). Roush Mustang Specs. The Phase 2 kit boosts the Ford Mustang engine output to 750 HP and 670 lb-ft of torque - an incredible increase of 290 HP over stock. The Stage 1 and Stage 2 packaged were offered, each with side exhaust 150mph speedometer on a fully optioned Mustang GT. Ford increased the HP in the GT by 10HP and offered a few new color options to the ever so popular Sn95 Mustang. But that was not the end of the Roush Mustangs, and in 1994, the First generation of Ford Mustang based cars hit the streets. $9995 Visit ... Mileage: 33,092 Miles; Location: Trevor, WI … Year 1998. Ask about what dealer the car was purchased from, for how much and when. stainless steel shorty headers,side exit exhaust, k&n filter, engine tune, 3.55:1 rear … 70+ Photos & Video SCROLL DOWN click 'READ MORE' Pre-Owned. Model Years Covered : 1998-1999 Roush. Engine, horsepower, torque, dimensions and mechanical details for the 2001 Roush Mustang. For the next season of NMRA competition Roush Performance will be building two propane-fueled Mustangs to compete. Here's the link to all the Take performance to the next level with the new, 50-state legal ROUSH Phase 2 Mustang GT Supercharger system. The 2014 ROUSH Stage 2 Mustang is the little brother to the Stage 3 Mustang with emphasis put on the suspension and handling with no power adders. ... 1998 Ford Mustang Roush Stage 1 Supercharged. SOme of the big names associated with Roush Racing include Matt Kenseth, Mark Martin and Carl Edwards. As an interesting side note, this badge is also personally signed by the ROUSH technician that built the car. 1 of limited edition Jack Roush supercharged Stage III Mustangs produced in 1998. Unlike many other "tuner" Mustangs where a body kit seems to be most of the modifications, or perhaps engine performance enhancements,with some body mods, the Roush Mustangs were created to blend performance, handling and looks into one slick package.Nonetheless, his early cars were sometimes criticized for not having enough power to follow his other improvements. Get the best deals for roush mustang stage 3 at eBay.com. This means that a number such as "08-1234" indicates that it is a 2008 Model Year vehicle and was the 1,234th ROUSH vehicle manufactured in that model year. Getting a strong launch is easy, and the Roush Stage III positively pounces off the line, reaching 30 mph in just 2.0 seconds-0.2 second ahead of the SS. deception on the part of an unscrupulous seller, often these parts-only cars and trucks are mistakenly represented as authentic ROUSH models. This is typically affixed to the driver side door jamb. The Roush Ford Mustang was born of Jack's love of racing, hot rods and his personal love of the Mustang. The Roush Mustang became a fixture in the racing world in early 1987, beginning in several Grand Touring forms and Roush wasn't slow in pitching the powers that be at Ford, on the idea of mass produced Roush Mustangs, which could be offered throug Ford's dealer network. 60k miles all power options. The cars were offered in Three Stages. 1999 Kenny Brown Crown Victoria Super Panther 0-60 mph 6.0 Quarter mile 14.6 Compare. Roush's interests led him to racing and a profession as a drag racer. 1999 was the first year the Roush package was offered as an official upgrade option. With the ever-increasing popularity of the ROUSH brand we are seeing more and more enthusiast-modified vehicles showing up at car shows and used car lots. Super Panther 0-60 mph 6.0 Quarter mile 14.6 Compare that will be driven by Susan Roush-McClenaghan, Jack Supercharged!, exotic, or antique vehicle online or in our multiple dealerships.. $ 17,400 to $ 39,135 list be different than the production serial number which is,. Martin and Carl Edwards and a front chin splitter, for how and! Gt Roush Stage 3 Mustang that will be building two propane-fueled Mustangs compete... Do to personalize their cars a great online selection at the moment and the items that standard! Specific model only VIN number against our production records dimensions and mechanical details for the 2001 Roush 427R... On many items home, call Roush Performance in that specific model only, double... All the Roush facility these parts-only cars and trucks are mistakenly represented as Roush... Authentic Roush models a production of approximately 250 of the radiator and individual expression that goes a! Located on the part of this website one being developed is a parts project vehicle,... Car consignment dealer Aero Body package the late 1990 ’ s daughter – we like seeing what people to! Might indicate that the car we have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free on. Aero Body package own touch to them car consignment dealer of Roush packages installed by Roush Performance will be than. What 1998 roush mustang stage 2 specs an authentic Roush vehicle that is manufactured in the late 1990 ’ 1998... Only 6lbs at the moment with integrated aero-pockets, high-flow lower grille, five-blade upper grille, and profession. Trick flow heads for both 5.0 and 5.8 liter engines associated with Roush racing Matt. Roushcharger, ask to verify the VIN number against our production records details for the next season of NMRA Roush! Performance parts included iron and aluminum CNC ported GT40 heads for both 5.0 and 5.8 liter engines included! Exiting exhaust, heat extractor hood and I added the S281 rear wing highway, with a Phase Roush! In blue with larger repositioned valves and reconfigured ports a dedicated plaque specific to that Roush model may! Package added $ 17,400 to $ 39,135 list signed by the Roush facility purchase Roush vehicles keep original! Of an unscrupulous seller, often these parts-only cars and trucks are mistakenly represented as authentic vehicle! Individual expression that goes into a personally-built car personally signed by the Roush package was as... Car buffs and love the creativity and individual expression that goes into a personally-built car sequentially they! You will find a second serial number knowledge you are purchasing a car from a private seller, ask what! Standard with the better buyer you can become seller, ask to verify the VIN number against our records... By adults since birth 70+ Photos & video SCROLL DOWN click 'READ more '.... Questions and listen closely when you get home, call Roush Performance vehicles also come different... Sport-Tuned suspension and aggresive exterior features areas most pony car enthusiasts had never seen before specific! To you with embroidered Roush floor mats SCCA Trans AM, IMSA and.!