The phages had specific host range, with some able to lyse three strains of Pss, Psm1 and Psm2, causative agents of canker in cherry with an observed impact in reducing bacterial counts. is 2.14, which is computed in 2019 as per it's definition. The present study demonstrates that (i) axenic and antibiotic‐treated chicks are more prone to become super‐shedders; (ii) super or low‐shedder phenotypes can be acquired through microbiota transfer; (iii) specific gut microbiota taxonomic features determine whether the chicks develop a low‐ and super‐shedder phenotype after Salmonella infection in isolator; (iv) partial protection can be conferred by inoculation of four commensal bacteria prior to Salmonella infection. It means 23 articles of this journal have more than 23 number of citations. Regardless of the name, the process allows the transfer of useful characteristics (such as resistance to a disease) into a plant, animal or microorganism by inserting genes from another organism. The scope of the journal encompasses the research, industrial, and commercial aspects of biotechnology, including the areas of: biocatalysis; bioprocesses; food and agriculture; genetic engineering; molecular biology; healthcare and pharmaceuticals; biofuels; genomics; nanotechnology; environment and biodiversity; and bioremediation. Mendeley Data Repository is free-to-use and open access. Pseudomonas strains overproduce a higher diversity of secondary metabolites in biofilm colony than in planktonic lifestyle. In this caucus article, we examine this particular issue with the hope of including it in the standardization discussions agenda and provide insights into a topic that synthetic biology researchers experience daily. Go, Gender Diversity distribution of the Editors, Benchmark Gender Diversity distribution across Renewable & Sustainable Energy portfolio Editors, Microbial biofertilizers: Bioresources and eco-friendly technologies for agricultural and environmental sustainability, ZnO nanoparticles inhibit growth and biofilm formation of vancomycin-resistant S. aureus (VRSA), Microalgae – A green multi-product biorefinery for future industrial prospects, Reusing phosphate sludge enriched by phosphate solubilizing bacteria as biofertilizer: Growth promotion of Zea Mays, Interactions of amino acids (proline and phenylalanine) and biostimulants (salicylic acid and chitosan) on the growth and essential oil components of savory (Satureja hortensis L.), Plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria: Potential improvement in antioxidant defense system and suppression of oxidative stress for alleviating salinity stress in Triticum aestivum (L.) plants, Biosurfactants: Production and potential applications in microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR), Utilization of algae for biofuel, bio-products and bio-remediation, Effective variables on production and structure of xanthan gum and its food applications: A review, Genomic and pathogenic properties of Pseudomonas syringae pv. Based on an structure and characteristics of DNA, scientists have developed solutions to increase agricultural productivity. Please refer to Web of Science data source for checking the exact journal impact factor ™ (Thomson Reuters) metric. Language: English; ISSN: 2141-2340 The combination of excess Cu+, at very low concentration, and iron limitation poses a serious challenge to bacteria. An ISSN is a unique code of 8 digits. It is used for the recognition of journals, newspapers, periodicals, and magazines in all kind of forms, be it print-media or electronic. Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology IF is decreased by a factor of 0.29 and approximate percentage change is -11.93% when compared to preceding year 2017, which Data for: Advances in screening methods and Application of bacteriocins from Lactic acid bacteria in aquaculture and aquatic products, Data for: Efficient biomass-exopolysaccharide production from an identified wild-Serbian Ganoderma lucidum strain BGF4A1 mycelium in a controlled submerged fermentation, Article Publishing Charges waived for article transfers to participating Open Access journals, Discover why open access is on the rise in Elsevier’s Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology journals, Bio-active Compound from Plants and Microbes for Human Wellness, Marine Natural Products as Pharmaceutical Agents, Influence of humic acid, iron and copper on microbial degradation of fungicide Carbendazim, Alpha-amylase conjugated biogenic silver nanoparticles as innovative strategy against biofilm-forming multidrug resistant bacteria, Biotransformation of the antibiotic agent cephadroxyl and the synthetic dye Reactive Black 5 by Leptosphaerulina sp. We encourage submissions of technological advancements and fundamental findings that enable further innovations and discoveries. MITPress. Targeting the ROS defense system together with the metal efflux systems may allow lowering the concentration of metals in the metal‐based antimicrobial treatments in agriculture and farming. Journal of Agricultural Biotechnology and Sustainable Development. We encourage submission of fundamental research in plant metabolic engineering and of new strategies/technologies that facilitate effectively engineering metabolite production. An International Journal on Plant Biotechnology and Agricultural Sciences.