Intrusion detection, network monitoring, and IP telephony are examples of good applications for Alpine Linux. Alpine uses the OpenRC initialization and daemon management script, the same system used by Gentoo. Alpine Linux is a tool in the Operating Systems category of a tech stack. The Alpine community is indeed small, but the folks on IRC are pretty friendly and responsive. Most GNU/Linux distributions use the GNU glibc C library. By default, the script creates the following partitions (test installation on an x86 computer with a 250 GB hard drive): Ext3 is the default file system. OpenRC is a fine service manager with a small footprint. Alpine is made with musl libc and busybox as a base. When I asked about the main difference in terms of efficiency between Alpine Linux and the big boys of the Linux world such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Enterprise Linux Server, Copa said, “They are probably more polished and somewhat easier to use (for many things) than Alpine, but I’d still say they are all big and slow com… FreeBSD is an operating system including a kernel and other software. Alpine Linux 3.11. Become familiar with apk, the Alpine Package Management system. If you are a power user, or want to be one, the browser-based management interface, while intuitive to use, will be a secondary management tool. Alpine Linux uses the much smaller musl libc (see the page "Comparison of C/POSIX standard library implementations for Linux") C library. © 2020 Comparison of C/POSIX standard library implementations for Linux,, Overtaking Proprietary Software Without Writing Code, Learn to compress and decompress archives with tar, Learn how to convert video files with ffmpeg, Learn to lists the ports a system is listening on, see a games FPS Second and other data in a HUD overlay, use the numeric keyboard keys as mouse in XOrg. Alpine Linux has packages for x86_64 (the regular desktop PC computers), x64, aarch64 (ARM), ppc64le (PowerPC) and s390x (IBM Z mainframes). All rights reserved. Apart from some basic packages needed to get the system up and running, virtually all the packages that you will be using on Alpine will be installed by you – after installation. Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning ‘humanity to others’. Keep corporate data protected with built-in security. This review is the first for this distribution on this site, and also marks its first listing in the Firewall & Router category. It's designed that way. Author works on AI safety as a Senior Research Scientist at Uber AI Labs. As an example, it has node.js and NextCloud available for those who want to run their own cloud storage solution on a Raspberry Pi with a HDD attached to it. Alpine Linux is an open source tool with GitHub stars and GitHub forks. Alpine Linux is a distribution designed primarily for use as a router, firewall and application gateway. As a basic example, there's no shutdown command if you'd like to shutdown -h now - you have to poweroff on Alpine Linux. For open source communities, we offer a solid, predictable base to build upon, along with extensive resources to build, test, release, and maintain their code. I'll score Alpine out of 5 categories. So to configure a network interface on Alpine from the command line, you will have to use the setup-alpine script or the ifup command. I’ll be speaking during Algorithm Conference in Austin, Texas, July 16 – 18, 2020. I just wanted to share with you a link to a Swedish (one of the most popular) computer magazine. Your email address will not be published. This page was last edited on 20 July 2020, at 07:57. What is the impact of artificial intelligence on society? Most of what you will accomplish on Alpine will be from the command line (console or remote access via ssh). It installs in a jiffy as it’s so small. But since  I still need to pay to keep the site running, feel free to make a small donation by PayPal. server admins love this fast bitch Alpine. This is similar to router firmware like dd+wrt and typical Linux installations on embedded systems. It’s nice. The setup-interfaces script, which is expressly coded to configure network interfaces, is a dud. The smaller size made it extremely secure and efficient. Sources: Alpine Linux - Wikipedia 1. The setup-disk script takes care of the completed automated installation, and the whole process takes less than two minutes. If you are a Gentoo user, or are familiar with Gentoo’s init system, you should be right at home. The OpenVPN entry under Networking, the entries under Applications and the entry under Storage are all from a post installation operation, Most of the core developers hangout in #alpine-linux and #alpine-devel and you communicate directly with them to get bugs resolved or to provide other feedback. It's Alpine BusyBox/musl/Linux, not Linux. Alpine may be used to play any role within your network. In order to offer an "ad-filled experience" and maximize our profits, LinuxReviews would very much like you to allow our Google AdSense ad-partner to use tracking and cookies so we can show ads from them on our website. Specifying a hostname, configuring the internal network interface, specifying a password for the root account, and other mundane tasks usually taken care of by other installation scripts, are some of the post installation tasks that you will have to get done. You are ignoring the author of this comment. It is designed for security, consistency, and reliability. July 16, 2020, Thompson Conference, UT Austin. Alpine Linux is a security-oriented, lightweight Linux distribution based on musl libc and busybox. Instead of installing packages via yum or apt, it uses Linux containers to manage your services at a higher level of abstraction. Meet me there and let’s chat about progress and hype in quantum computing.