Well, it managed to be a step up from the original Klon. Klone. It's really just (subjectively) "Which pedal that claims to be a Klon clone do you like?" How about some meat for the soul?The Soul food from Electro-Harmonix is another best Klon clone for Klon Centaur lovers. Avoid the pitfalls of so many rebranded pedals on EBAY and Amazon. Best Klon Centaur Clones For 2019. The clones from Star Wars were some of the best characters in the universe as they battled the separatist's army. Besides, it’s not a secret that the Klon is one of the most cloned pedals out there. Unless someone has actually played a Klon and compared other pedals to it, seems like it would be difficult to accurately answer your question. Best budget Klon clone guitar pedals. Many pedal / Klon aficionados are adamant that this is the best proper Klon clone currently available, and very reasonably priced too - comes in several different colourways. It is as close to the original with a 3-way clipping toggle which allows for germanium clipping like the Klon, EHX clipping and open clipping. This is made for pushing a Tube amplifier over the edge but it can be also used as a great rhythm pedal. I have a Wampler Tumnus (which I like), but I have no idea if it sounds like a Klon. Reviews and tips from experienced pro musicians. The Klon became a cult item soon after it appeared, celebrated for its transparent overdrive. All tested and used in pro recordings. The Clone Wars animated series took them a step further, adding life and color with many having unique attitudes and characteristics If I was considering a pedal at this size, I would still more likely go with the Klon KTR - although this one does shave off a significant amount of that one's asking price. So many pedal builders have set out to make their own Klon clone a.k.a. It doesn’t sound like a Klon, but it does have more headroom and a much lower noise floor. So what makes the Keeley Oxblood special? Whether on the ground or in space these fierce warriors always got the job done. November 12, 2019 July 7, 2018. The OD-820 is built with the “Klon” in mind. “Transparent” isn’t exactly a scientific term, but it makes sense when comparing the Klon to the popular overdrives that preceded it—notably the Ibanez Tube Screamer , which to this day provides the template for a large percentage of overdrive pedals. This gives you a much richer and fuller sound than any of the other Tube Screamer on this list.