If you are having a rustic wedding using sunflowers in your arrangements can add a large pop of color perfect for brightening up your venue. If you love the idea of having the food sourced from the same location as your wedding you might want to work with a local farm to create a farm to table option. The key to pulling off the rustic look at your ceremony is to create a focal point where you will be able to exchange vows. This idea can be all chic and elegant by adding beautiful floral swags, burlap just married banners, and greenery are all a great option when dressing up a pickup truck. Adding lighting is a pretty important factor for making the rustic reception come to life. Design by. Many rustic wedding venues have an arch at the location which means there is a chance you don’t have to rent or buy one. This is the best collection of rustic wedding ideas, featuring centerpieces, wedding cakes, aisle decor, wedding signs and much more!These rustic wedding ideas are affordable and easy to … Farm wagons also can be very helpful to transport older guests who might have a hard time navigating a more country or rustic landscape. Most couples will still want to add a centerpiece to a wedding table but that does not mean it has to be just flowers. It seems like no matter what the wedding theme there is a wedding backdrop to match. As we have talked about it is pretty important to create a focal point for your ceremony and there is no better way to do that than by adding a rustic ceremony arch. If you have always dreamed of a groom dressed in a tuxedo for the big day you absolutely can achieve that even in a rustic setting. There are no limits on the rustic wedding decor ideas but a few of our favorite rustic looks include whiskey barrels, lanterns, wood slices, mason jars, wood signs, fairy lights, and birch logs. Many rustic wedding couples want to have a dressed-up rustic look for their tables while some want a more informal look – no matter which boat you are in, you will be able to find endless inspiration and ideas to match. For many of these images, I could not find the original source. Barns, farms, vineyards, inns, and warehouses are just the start of rustic wedding venues you can select from, and thanks to expansive online venues guides you can find the perfect venue that fits your style, budget, guests count and location. Required fields are marked *. No matter what type of rustic wedding you are planning there are tons of beautiful rustic wedding ideas and we can’t wait to share some of our favorites. If you want a lot of bang for your buck you will want to consider using greenery at your rustic wedding. We have seen rustic wedding invitations that are everything from simple and elegant to feminine and florals all within the rustic wedding style. The second popular trend is to add notable coverings at all and allow for beautiful farm tables to speak for themself. Perfect for bundling together and adding to seating arrangements or making into oversized wreaths – babies’ breath is the perfect rustic wedding flower. It’s not just the type of seating that is open to your creativity but you can also arrange the seating anyway you see fit. One of the most asked questions about rustic weddings is actually what should a guest wear to this type of event. One of the best ways to create that focal point is to arrange the seating and florals and decor so they all look towards one specific area which will be your ceremony location. We love it when couples decide to have benches, church pews, wood chairs, or even covered hay bales. One of the reasons why rustic weddings are so popular is because the term rustic is such a large umbrella term and can be used to describe a country’s wedding, outdoor wedding, lakeside wedding, woodland wedding, and more. One simple search for rustic wedding invitations will pull up hundreds of options and most of the rustic wedding invitations are in the beige, green, and cream family with details such as trees, lace, greenery, birch, and woodland features. Many couples who are planning a rustic wedding decide to think outside the box when it comes to transportation and use trolleys, farm wagons, pickup trucks, and vintage cars. One of the best things about having a rustic wedding is the food options are endless. Today grooms have way more options than in years before for their perfect wedding day look. A Champagne truck, or a drink display that can be created out of anything from galvanized buckets to whiskey barrels to a canoe filled with beverages. Since roses come in a variety of colors and sizes adding them to larger displays is easy while they make a major impact on their own. Rustic wedding couples are opting for cakes that are inspired by nature. You might want to add an aisle runner and burlap works great for an outdoor location. We love seeing wedding couples use wood as table numbers, framed images, or mason jars with number tags – no matter how you display your table numbers it is important to make sure your guests can read them easily! When hosting a rustic wedding you are in luck thanks to all of the fun options you have for a backdrop. You have to get yourself and your guests to and from your wedding location and there is no rule that you have to do it a traditional way. Thanks to the popularity of rustic weddings there is now an endless amount of ceremony backdrop ideas you can create. Many wooden backdrops have popped up on the rustic wedding scene offering a somewhat simple look yet it can be dressed up with flowers, monograms, and fairy lights. Perfect for an outdoor wedding in the mountains, by a lake or in a wooded spot, the birch arch offers a wide variety of options. Since you are having a rustic wedding you probably don’t want to go about having the most traditional wedding flowers either and there is no reason you have to. ADVERTISEMENT. When hosting your wedding ceremony in a rustic fashion you will want to make sure you have 5 key factors: Venue, Aisle Decor, Ceremony Backdrop, Signs, and Seating. If you are the owner of one of these images, please let me know so that I can link back to you and give you credit. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Since the rustic wedding theme has become so popular we have seen couples create a rustic look while adding the perfect amount of elegance to the wedding day. Considering succulents come in a variety of sizes and colors this makes the perfect decor item. This is the best collection of rustic wedding ideas, featuring centerpieces, wedding cakes, aisle decor, wedding signs and much more!