1. This is an interactive format that enables you to reach a greater audience. Do you want to carve your niche as a solo podcaster? It is, however, worth mentioning that there is a learning curve associated with ReadyFX. Das bedeutet, dass Sie jedes Mikrofon auf einen separaten Kanal auf Ihrem Computer ausgeben können, um die Bearbeitung zu erleichtern. While these mics are easy to use and less expensive, they produce average audio output. However, using a podcast mixer lets you improve the audio quality and makes the overall recording process more efficient. How serious are you about making your podcasting dreams come true? This podcast mixer also provides you with a 3-band EQ, low-cut filter, and USB interface. Another crucial advantage of a mixer is that it lets you switch among various types of input and output devices. Junkie XL to sell off classic Moog and Yamaha synths: “I simply can’t use them all anymore!”. As one of the big names in microphones, it makes sense that Rode would have a decent line-up of podcasting gear. The latter was heralded for being a cost-affordable and reliable audio mixer about 5 years ago. Ross Winn ist der Gründer von Podcast Insights, der branchenführenden Podcast-Ausbildungsstätte. Der Behringer Xenyx Q1202USB ist der beste Budgetmixer für Podcasting mit 3+ Personen, aber ich würde vorschlagen, auch einen Blick auf den 1204USB unten zu werfen. If pristine, studio quality audio is a non-negotiable, then be prepared to shell out. Beide erlauben es Ihnen, die Lautstärke für jede Person individuell zu regeln. With the Yamaha AG06 you have everything you need for mobile podcasting, including enough connectivity options to incorporate microphones, computers, smartphones and anything else you can think of. The biggest highlights of this USB mixer is that it gives you access to the ReadyFX effects engine with 16 effects. Dies ist immer noch ein Budgetmodell, aber ein leichter Fortschritt gegenüber der einfachen XLR-Option. Thus, a mixer is useful when you are recording a live podcast with a remote co-host. Ansonsten enthalten diese hochwertige Vorverstärker und sind eine ausgezeichnete Wahl für einen USB-Mixer. The latter includes low distortion risks, along with cleaner and crisper audio for output signals. Finally, consider your budget. TC Helicon Go XLR. Schauen Sie sich die Podcast-Starterkit-Getriebeanleitung und die Anleitung zum Starten eines Podcasts an. It eliminates the need for extensive audio post-processing. While definitely expensive, this unit features support for up to 16 channels. The number of podcasts and radio shows have increased exponentially in the past few years and this year alone and the need for mixers has gone up. Ich werde nur Mischpulte mit einem USB-Anschluss einbauen, damit Sie sich keine Gedanken machen müssen, wie Sie diese an Ihren Desktop-Computer anschließen oder zusätzliche Geräte benötigen, um Ihre Aufnahmen auf Ihren Podcasting-Laptop zu bekommen. At Just Web World he Writes about Blogging, Wordpress, Technology and Computer Tips and Tricks. without having to touch your DAW. If you have started your podcasting journey, you will likely soon start aspiring for a fancy mixer. The Mackie ProFx 16v2 even has Hi-z input for directly connecting instruments. It does have fewer features than the Yamaha, but it is cheaper in price. The machine has a high resolution and quality audio recording. These are the most popular mics you would see in almost any YouTube video and perfectly suit beginners, Recording vocals is no easy feat unless you have the right selection of microphones in your setup. If you have been trying your hand at podcasting, you have likely come across various other types of podcasting equipment. ➡️ Klicken Sie hier, um einen Vergleich der Top 3 Podcast-Hosting-Unternehmen zu erhalten. The CD tapes are assignable to the headphones or the main mixer outputs. It packs in 10 input channels, including four XLR inputs, and a number of effects including a neat one-knob compressor which worked well for us. All audio mixers, regardless of their size, serve one fairly simple purpose; taking audio from multiple input sources and mixing it together to form one unified output. With an experience of 5+ years as a content marketer and researcher, she is in love with Digital Breakthroughs, Content Marketing, Startup Strategies and so much more. It involves 4 state-of-the-art XENYX micro preamps that are comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps. The self-proclaimed “podcast production studio” offers all the essential features that you’d expect from a standard podcast mixer. Additionally, handling multiple channels requires technical expertise and skills. Key highlights: 4 mic inputs, 4 Class-A mic preamps, Bluetooth connectivity, in-built sound card & memory card, Pros: Podcast-friendly features, facilitates live audio production, all-in-one podcasting package, simple & intuitive interface, Cons: Higher price point, not meant for beginners. 3. Some mixers provide stereo outputs using jack cables, which can be sent to a computer’s audio interface, while others utilise USB for this same purpose. Der Behringer Xenyx Q502USB ist eine preiswerte Option für eine Soloaufnahme. With Regular Tasks. In fact, this version is fairly priced at $89.99, and is considered a classic favorite among podcasters. Presonus StudioLive AR8c. Some sophisticated ones may even offer a low-cut filter. DISCLOSURE: This blog post may contain affiliate links and any purchase(s) made through such links will result in a small commission to HUSTLR (at no cost for you). The choice of a podcast mixer is a personal one that depends on your preferences and aspirations. The output channels can be connected to a recorder, earphones, computer, etc. Ein Freund von mir hat kürzlich diesen Mixer für seinen neuen 4-Personen-Podcast bekommen und sie klingen großartig. The Rode RodeCaster Pro is, in one fell swoop, the ultimate mixer for podcasters on account of it being designed specifically for the medium. It has a flexible LOOPBACK feature that is perfect for webcasting or live recording. The higher-end ones will have a wide range of extra features such as compression, limiter, etc. With a street price likely just north of $/£100, the Behringer Xenyx 1002B is a solid 10-channel mixer with everything you need (at a basic level) to get you started.