Bottle gourd contains 0.2g protein, 0.1g fat, 0.6g fiber, 20mg calcium, 0.7mg iron along with little amounts of B vitamins and vitamin C per 100 grams. Produce Sharing allows you to share your produce discoveries with It comes in various sizes and shapes with a light green color and white flesh. The fruit is low in sodium, with 3 mg in each serving. Bottle gourd tender leaves and tendrils are also edible and indeed contain higher concentrations of vitamins and The plant yields flower during summer which is monoecious, white, obovate; 15 cm across and 10–15 mm long. Here we listed 10 incredible health benefits: Bottle gourd contains the sodium, potassium and other essential minerals, which are regulate the blood pressure. About Food Exercise Apps Community Blog Shop Premium. Potassium is a heart friendly electrolyte and helps bring the reduction in blood pressure and heart rates by countering pressing effects of sodium. 83 % 5g Carbs. It is the only member of the genus: Praecitrullus, and has close genetic relation with ash gourd and watermelon. The sodium content increases if you season the dish with salt or other seasonings that contain sodium. Trim its top end in case of round or pear shaped In the Indian subcontinent where it is popularly known as lauuki, employed in the preparation of sabzi, sambar, chutney, soup, raita, etc. Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. Fresh gourds contain small quantities of folates, contain about 6 µg/100g (Provide just 1.5% of RDA). Privacy Policy desired chunks for even cooking. Your email address will not be published. In Africa, where it is thought to have taken its origin, calabash is used in stews with meat, poultry, and seafood. In Benin, decoction of leaves is used for icterus. These results support the traditional claim of the drug as a treatment for asthmatic disorders. 19: 1 gourd = 178g. Anti inflammatory activity was observed at doses of 50, 75, and 100 mg/kg (intraperitoneal injection) against compound 48/80 induced paw edema in rats. (Medical disclaimer). To L. siceraria fruit is traditionally used for its cardioprotective effect. E.g. Results revealed the extract to show activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Streptococcus pyogenes, but not against clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. However, the world has recently started to recognize this wonderful vegetable for its many health benefits. Peeling is not always necessary. light green. It was also reported that the triter pene bryonolic acid, an anti-allergic compound, was isolated from callus culture of the roots of L. siceraria. Why Sunscreen Lotions Is The Best Complexion Care Cream? Plants for a future-Benincasa hispida - (Thunb.)Cogn.. The Bottle gourd plant is an annual, vigorous, monoecious, climbing herb often cultivated in warm climates. See the table below for in depth analysis of nutrients: Tinda gourd (Praecitrullus fistulosus), raw, Nutrition value per 100 g. Tinda gourd is available around the year in the Asian markets. Group I of the Wistar rats (250–300 g) was the control group, and it received 2% gum acacia; group II was the doxorubicin treated group, and it received doxo rubicin 10 mg/kg; and group III was the doxorubicin with L. siceraria treated group, and it received L. siceraria fruit powder 200 mg/kg for a period of 18 days. Bottle gourd is often called a dieter’s choice since it is low in calories and at the same time provides a whole range of health benefitting nutrients. Female flowers have a thick style with three bilobed stigmata. A decoction of Bottle gourd is used to treat of ascites, anasarca and beriberi. The analysis of the seed kernels showed the following values: 30.72% of protein, 8.3% of carbohydrates, 2.47% of mois ture, 52.54% of oil, 4.43% of ash, 1.58% of fiber, 2.46% of P2O3, and 0.11% of CaO. After a couple of weeks of seedling, it bears many tiny yellow flowers that may require honeybees for pollination. Also, avoid any, if spotted with surface blemish, damaged, cuts/punctured, etc. Natural DIY Home Remedies for Pigmentation, The Ultimate Benefits of Cinnamon Essential Body Oil, Boost Your Mind & Memory With Ayurveda: 8 Brain tonic Herbs.