And performs automatic reverse stitches. With so many products out there, it’s hard to find the best materials to make your projects work but I’m here to make things easy for you. Brother PE800 vs PE770 - Is The Upgraded Better?

The drop feed mechanism allows you to perform free-motion sewing and quilting. Built-in Stitches : Again CS6000i is the winner.

Although the second one is regarded as the upgrade for the first, it is apparent that Brother didn’t introduce much difference between them.

The large space allows it to rotate and combine designs, frames, lettering, and borders.

The included large, detachable table is perfect for holding bigger projects. You can buy a Brother side cutter foot separately. Main Functioning : These two belong to two different categories of sewing machines. The Brother CS7000i is a great improvement over the extremely popular Brother CS6000i. Winding the bobbin is easy. It is a Japanese brand from Nagoya which establishes its first overseas sales affiliate in 1955. The stitch quality is pretty consistent. The Brother CS7000i still allows you to perform free-motion embroidery which is great.

It’s reasonably-priced, feature-rich, and easy to use. >> It comes with 7 number of styles of 1-Step Buttonholes. The frame for this Singer brand is made with metal and of course it is heavier.

This baby is great with denim. I would rather pay a little extra upfront. You are therefore here trying to find out which one is better between the two Brother’s models, Brother CS6000I and CS7000I.

This is an awesome feature for beginners.

Not that long ago, Brother has released an upgrade of their most popular CS6000i sewing machine.

This one comes with a high presser foot lifter.

First, let’s talk about the built-in sewing stitches. This is because one of the models is an upgrade for the other one. Start/Stop Button And Speed Control Slider : Being a computerized sewing machine, CS6000i has the sewing start/stop button and speed control slider. It doesn’t work as a heavy-duty sewing machine. Brother SE600 is a great option. In this guide, we will closely look at the features including other important details while citing the similarities and differences between the two. That means it is less likely to be moving around when you are sewing at the maximum high speed allowed.

It’s the updated version of the popular CS6000i.

First and foremost, let’s review the new key features including built-in stitches, sewing, and quilting feet.

I don’t blame you because I am doing the same thing too. If you follow my advice, you will be able to hem up to 5+ layers of denim at the seams without string and needle breakage.

The best part? They focus on entry-level units for beginners and intermediate sewers, however, advanced sewers love and worship their machines as well. Brother CS6000i Review and Guide. >> This model is a lot less popular when comparing to the other model, but it is still pretty popular.

The Brother CS7000i is a feature-rich quilting and sewing machine.

Larger sewing and quilting projects will require a wider table for a combination of parts without significant challenges. If you like quilting and sewing, you may want to purchase a machine that can easily handle both types of projects.

It also has a drop feed system which enables free motion quilting and sewing. Let’s take a close look at the performance, pros, cons, and accessories.

You are sure not to suffer from eye strain and stress due to manual threading. How many seamstresses and tailors are there that have dealt with jamming bobbin? The machines are easy to set up.

This sewing machine includes an automatic thread trimmer. When she's not busy ensuring that readers get detailed and the most comprehensive guides, she's probably in the kitchen trying out a new recipe. I think CS6000i sweeps away all the points here as it comes with a lot of options. It is the CS7000i computerized sewing machine. Brother CS5055PRW and CS6000i are two popular beginners sewing machines in U.S. You will get 10 different feet for a different project. This is a solid warranty.

Also, the upgraded version has different colouring and graphics. Depending on the fabric texture you can adjust the speed to achieve the best results out of it. Unfortunately, this sewing machine doesn’t have a built-in monogramming font.

And it’s a combination quilting and sewing machine. 60: 850: 4.9: Brother XM2701: Best for a beginner! Brother CS6000i vs CS7000i. These two machines are worth comparing because of two reasons.Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Review. However, it has fewer features than its upgrade and it has a great price and mostly positive reviews, so far. I kindly recommend that you buy them since they cost very little. BUY ON AMAZON. If you are interested in the built-in stitches then you will go for the CS7000I else CS6000I will still serve your purpose as it comes with all the necessary stitches.

I like having a metal frame instead of a plastic one. CS7000i brings great value for money.

Therefore, it’s perfect for quilting. It also has a bunch of features that make it special.

CS7000i comes with a size 11 needle installed. I would always recommend a sewing machine with start/stop button and speed control slider, especially when the price difference is very small like these two machines.

In my opinion, CS6000i offers more in value and it gives you lot more room to grow as a sewer. I did spend a lot of time on finding out the information for these two models.

Hard for you is the fact that you won’t see an obvious difference between the two models until you take a closer look. 67: 710: 4.8: Brother SE600: Best for home user!

Read more here.

Click here to check the current selling price for the CS6000I model. This machine comes with a total of 136 embroidery designs to choose from including elegant scrollwork, florals, and patterns for quilting. The rest of the features like a free arm, automatic needle threader and machine speed remain the same as CS6000i. Graphics and color difference is insignificant in this case as far as the functionality of the machine is concerned.

Singer 44s vs 4452 Comparison – The Ultimate Guide. It includes a hardcover. If you’re a sewing hoarder like me, opt for SE625.

That means you don’t have to use scissors to cut the thread each time. When not in use, you can cover your new sewing buddy with this hard-protective case to save it from all the dust and potential damages. You will have to use the foot pedal all the time.

Does the CS7000i Monogram, Embroider or Act Like a Serger?

However, keep in mind that this isn’t a replacement for a serger. The Brother CS7000i offers a wide variety of stitches, great features, and comes with some important accessories. Yes, CS6000i is legendary and extremely popular in the market. If you utilize the right needle type and thread weight, as well as work slowly, it will do a decent job.

The LED ensures that despite the lighting problems in the workroom you cannot suspend your project.

You might encounter some difficulties when trying to learn how to utilize this feature. Have you already tried this machine? The automatic needle threader shoves the thread nicely via the needle and it’s ready to go without experiencing stress which comes with manual needle threading. This is a real challenge to the sewers. This gives a clear indication of what people like.

If you clean and oil your machine properly, it will last longer. Needle threading is straightforward too. The free arm feature allows you to stitch most of the difficult-to-reach parts. The stitch length can be adjusted to a maximum of 7mm as the width goes up to 4mm.

This model has an adjustable stitch length and width.

All other common features are listed in the table below.

As you can see, it’s a versatile sewing machine.

As I already mentioned, you will get a hardcover, a removable extension table for larger projects, and 10 quilting and sewing feet.

There’s a part for accessory storage. It also has a jam-resistant quick-set drop-in top bobbin and an automatic needle threader which is a great relief for the absolute beginners. It is more than enough for me to use for my projects.

However, this machine comes with an automatic that doe the threading seamlessly with just a touch of a lever. Ease of use wise, CS6000i is slightly ahead of CS5055PRW, this is mainly because of the extra computerized feature like needle position key.

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