Happy summer, Here’s how to do it. We strongly disagree. Most DIY canvas frames will come with instructions on how to do frame your painting. Accessible, wallet-friendly, and offering a lightning-quick 24-hour turnaround, we’ll turn your dream of the perfect framed canvas print into reality. Where Do Roaches Go During Fall? Next, set your chop saw to a 45 degree miter cut and use the dimensions of your canvas to measure and cut all four sides for your frame. See my simple process for hanging a gallery wall here. In our previous articles, we’ve discussed the different ways to use several types of paint on canvas. Meanwhile, the best way to secure the canvas fabric to the back of the frame is with a staple gun. Once it’s done, your painting should be secure and there should be a way for you to hang your frame on a wall or, for smaller paintings, place on a flat surface. Before you get started, measure the outside dimensions of your canvas painting and jot them down on a piece of paper. Framed canvas prints look better in appearance than paper-based photo prints as your photos are printed on canvas to give an excellent depth and texture to your pictures. Thanks for visiting our blog.Use this code for additional 10% OFF your order today! It was soo cool to see the transformation on your IG stories! SIMPLE DIY TUTORIAL FOR FRAMING A CHALKBOARD, HOW TO MAKE A BLANKET LADDER ($25 POTTERY BARN KNOCK-OFF), 22 Genius Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget. Read the full disclosure here. Install the canvas print by applying hot glue to the back corners of the print inside the frame. We chose to build our frame using the 1x2s on edge so the frame ended up being deeper and narrower around the painting. Here’s how ours look in the master bedroom! Hold your spacer in the corner on the front of your painting and on the other side apply hot glue to each of the backside corners of the canvas. Before we get started, let’s review a few canvas framing FAQ. Well, first and foremost, getting your canvas stretched professionally reduces the risk of sagging, and makes it less prone to shipping damage and everyday wear and tear. Stretched is the more expensive one as it comes with a wooden frame known as stretcher bars that makes the canvas taut and easier to paint on. Hi there - it's nice to meet you! I’m always amazed at how much nicer canvas paintings and prints look when they’re trimmed out in wood. A variety of beautiful decorative frames is available on our website, so you can choose a bold single color to accentuate the hues of your image, or maybe choose a timeless wood effect. If you’re set on DIY framing, the best option is to buy a ready-assembled wooden stretcher frame (available at any good art supply store). Lastly, hang up your art and enjoy! I’d say, in most cases, YES! Measure your canvas painting's dimensions and write them down. I haven’t tried anything other than wood for framing canvas art, but I’m not sure there’s anything else so cheap with such big impact either! In today’s post, I’m going to show you how easy framing canvas prints is so you can frame your favorite canvas art! Before we teach you how to DIY your own canvas frame, it’s important to know which canvas you should buy before painting: stretched or unstretched canvas. For unstretched canvas, you’ll either have to have it stretched, or you can buy a frame that can let you cover your painting in glass and frames on the side. I love how these turned out! Send in your Queries! This will help you determine the frame you’ll need to buy. You can also opt for a frame to cover the edges of a stretched canvas. If you’re using stretched canvas and are looking for a minimalist approach, you don’t have to have your canvas framed because the wooden frame behind the canvas is enough to keep it in shape and can be adjusted to hang on a wall. Such a useful idea!!! The best part? While frames are an optional part of a painting, they’re a good way of protecting your artwork and complementing its design while on display. It's easier than you might think! But we’ll take a look at the DIY alternatives too, so that if you’re feeling adventurous you can go it alone! For a printable copy of the materials and instructions, scroll down. Learn how to frame a canvas painting or print with simple materials and only a few tools! And of course, getting your canvas ready-framed is simply more convenient. We take time to carefully print, make and wrap your items before delivery. While you’re certainly free to choose whichever framing method you prefer, we feel justified in claiming that CanvasDiscount.com is your best bet. If you’re uncertain about how to go about framing your artwork, you’ll find plenty of specialty stores that can do the framing for you. . Because why bother creating art on canvas if no one else is going to see it? Cut your frame out of the 1x2 using the canvas dimensions and a 45 degree miter cut in each corner. Go for a gallery feel with stylish frames and mounts for your prints. This can cost between $30 to $150, depending on how big your painting is and the frames you chose. Read this brief explainer to find out more. I may have to make some frames now for some of my other pieces! Kippi. This post is also a part of our monthly DIY project challenges, so be sure to scroll to the bottom and check out all the other fabulous DIY projects from my fellow bloggers!! You can mount smaller canvas paintings with mat board. Once you’ve read about how easy it is to frame a rolled canvas print with CanvasDiscount.com, you might decide to let the experts take care of this one. If you’re sure about your ability to frame your painting, this is the more cost-effective option. The edges of your stretched canvas will remain visible in the gap between its two frames, creating the illusion that your print is floating unsupported inside its outer frame. Now, having a FRAMED canvas would likely look more cohesive but either way it can still look great! Install the canvas print by applying hot glue to the back corners of the print inside the frame. Choose your canvas carefully and follow the instructions (or if you’re unsure, let people in framing stores do it for you) for your frames, and you can have a painting that’s good enough to display in your home or sell as an artwork of your own. https://www.canvasdiscount.com/blog/how-to-frame-a-rolled-canvas-print.jsf Choose a frame that complements the painting and the canvas. Cut your frame out of the 1x2 using the canvas dimensions and a 45 degree miter cut in each corner. Square, rectangle or panoramic; portrait or … How Much Does It Cost to Get a Canvas Framed? YOU WILL ALSO LOVE: SIMPLE DIY TUTORIAL FOR FRAMING A CHALKBOARD. Be sure not to scratch the canvas or it may affect the quality of your painting. Just to be clear, rolled canvas prints are not featured in the CanvasDiscount.com product catalog. You can opt to have it stretched yourself, or you can paint on it without having to stretch it. We want to cover as many topics as possible, and we know that there are still a lot of unanswered questions out there. I'm Rachel Joy - a DIY and coffee addict obsessed with all things home. I also love gallery framed canvases because you can paint the edges. Unfortunately, the resolution of your photo is not enough for the selected product. Protective glazing usually isn't needed for oil or acrylic. Customise your walls with canvas prints that vibrant & fade-resistant printing. When you’re done attaching your canvas to your frame, you’ll know it’s correct if the canvas fits snugly inside the frame. You want people to notice your artwork, not the frame, so don’t let it be the focus of the painting or make it difficult for people to appreciate your work. Super easy and I love your art! Privacy Policy, There’s a Reason People Love Oil Paint on Canvas, apply a coat of varnish over your painting, How to Choose the Right Travel Destinations, How to Protect Your Mental Health Against a Pandemic, How Poor Posture Affects Your Health (and How to Fix It), Tips to Improve Mental Health During the Pandemic.