Previously, we have previewed the Mail set from Castle Nathria, as well as two sets from the Maw Raid--Plate and Cloth. Not a big fan of red more of a green man myself so raid finder it is. Finally a mail set that's worth to grind for, Might be using one of the transmog sets I already have set up or the Covenant set, but I can't wait to get my hands on the Plate one. but by the time we get to shadowlands we will be tired of the corona virus and stuff pertaining to it lol xP still awesome though! But as a non raider at least I don't have to wait til the expansion after Shadowlands to get the look ^^'. The only cool sets were the Warfront ones. Don't like that one bit. Surely there are less 3D assets on that one than this one. I wished we'd see more of that for some of the mail sets. I kinda like the renaissance plague doctor mask. Rastreador de Blizzard. Imagine putting in so much effort into the game to get something cool and instead you get a recolored set that everyone's grandma can get. They actually removed the glowing effects from any but Mythic/Elite versions in the Beta :(. Edit: the glow effects may only be present on Mythic/Elite sets. This is great! Previously, we have previewed the Mail set and Plate Set from Castle Nathria. Previously, we have previewed the Mail set and Plate Set from Castle Nathria. In this post, we present the plate armor set from the Castle Nathria raid, the first raid in the Shadowlands expansion. Amazing .... i was thinking what pair i should use to my Tauren Paladin from Maldraxxus ...and i guess Mage will be fun to play and watch once again :). To see the Cloth, Mail and Plate Castle Nathria sets, check our Castle Nathria Armor Models guide! Looks good but oooh a recolor with fel green instead of red would be awesome. One Night Only! Worst leather set of the expansion. I know it is subjective, but those models look awful to me. Only the Mythic sets have the glow on them, they removed it from the others. But hey, that's why we have transmog. i dont normally do mythic raiding but i might have to for that plate set. PLAGUE BEAK! One Night Only! Boy... with how long they are making us wait for the leather helm and belt... it better be freakin' amazing. Ok. Got a beak instead of tentacles like some of the BfA cloth helms had. The Darkshore leather set looked alright, as long as you weren't a rogue, demon hunter, or monk. Raid Finder Dressing Room Normal Dressing Room . Can you still complete "The Eternal Traveler" quest? Where's the Lovecraftian feel. Got it! The leather one just looks ... well ugly imo but above all it just suits one class and that is rogue... My druid probably won't wear that transmog, it's so... spikey.Why can't they make class-sets anymore :( Or am I the only one thinking that? Ver todo » 1d: Hotfixes -- Updated October 16. Whooo, Looking forward to being able to see the off-tints as well :(. One Night Only! the mythic is the only one that has the glow. Nice to see more than just mythic has nice color effects. That said that Mail set! Oh, HELL yeah! You can preview this armor on all four difficulty tints--LFR, Normal, Heroic, Mythic. 2d: Naxxramas Raid Testing – October 16. The best example i have to illustrate my point is the remade tiers from tomb of sargeras, where lfr/normal/hc sets were remastered tier 6 and mythic was remastered tier 6+, except for dh and dk whose non-mythic sets look incomplete. Love the mask... and although I know it is a Plague Doctor one, I still can't help feeling it would make a lovely KENKU impression! Edit: the glow effects may only be present on Mythic/Elite sets. See the Fireworks Spectacular July 4, Shadowlands PvP Vendors Temporarily Closed. they really should put the glow back on the sets, i was for the mythic-set-is-better system when it was announced, but i never played out how i hoped.