She was home alone. I could hear it all-the sound of him tapping out the old coffee filter, turning on the water, etc. They also serve as sentry to warn the other birds of an approaching potential predator. I've found that when I've spoken to my ghosts in the past, they've listened and stopped. "When you release it, it makes a second click." Studies have shown that this whale can mimic the voices of humans. View image of … Some described the sounds like children shouting. What's more, they used the fake calls more when the food was clumped on just one or two platforms. Many dogs featured in viral video clips online and on TV shows demonstrate their skill at copying human words and phrases. My husband and I were awake for a long time after that, totally freaked out. We could also hear a woman getting angry in the kitchen, pretty much any time that we tried to listen for it. Hungry bats quickly learn to avoid moths broadcasting these sounds. Some gray catbirds are heard singing using the sounds it copied. In general, the older and more experienced the bird is, the more sounds it has learned to mimic and the more complex its songs and calls will be. "It gives it a chance, at best, to run in and grab three, four or five banana pieces, and run out.". I do paranormal investigations and I would LOVE to get my hands on a house as active as that house was. Claws – A wendigo has long claws which they use to slash their prey. The moth advertises its distastefulness with an easily recognizable clicking signal. To check that it was the clicking sounds that were scaring off the bats, Conner removed the moths' tymbals, and found that bats had no qualms about gobbling up the tasty moths. Wendigos are excellent hunters and excel at it, especially at night. A harbor seal named Hoover, who was raised by a Maine couple, reportedly vocalized many words and phrases, including "Hoover," "hey," "hello there," "how are ya," "get outta here," and "get down." That's all! Silver – A wendigo can be injured by silver-tipped bows and arrows, but they are ineffective as a means of killing one. I just don’t like that it’s using our voices to mess with us? Becomes a cannibal to survive, eating other members of his tribe or camp. Dean tells him that he helped Ben make it for Halloween, and Sam admits that it is a good likeness. A bottlenose dolphin taught to associate a particular whistle for "sargassum" even recently made that whistle after encountering some of the seaweed as it swam in the wild. While videotaping moths jamming bats, "we kept hearing this funny signal that the bats were making," says Conner. One of our ghosts in our house mimics my mother's voice! Wendigos were once humans who were forced to consume human flesh in order to survive. Zachariah or Ruby (it was not revealed who it was) was able to mimic Dean's voice to manipulate Sam into killing Lilith. This enhances their capability of surviving the underground. Male gray catbirds mimic all sorts of sounds, including cat meows (hence their name), whistles, squeaks, gurgles, snorts, whines and more. This has been going on and off for about two years, since we moved into the house. Not only that they can mimic the sound of cats but they can also whistle snorts, whines, and squeaks. That’s for mentioning those other cases i’d like to look into them. My grandmother and I (and her dog) heard my grandpa's voice once, when he wasn't home. By recording drongo calls in the presence or absence of weavers, Flower discovered that the drongos have a special call that they only use when weavers are around. They can … Be civil. It was either my own voice or my brother’s but I knew I was alone in the house. It wasn't until afterwards when I started researching into what the bleep just took place that I found out that faith has a major role in successful removal.