So, that being said, a shorter set screw is needed from the manufacturer, or I will need to grind down the long set screw to allow the drive wheels to mate as intended. It even started to smoke some from the base where you insert the bottle. If it does, your food processor’s capacitor may be faulty and needs to be replaced. I was just about ready to throw it away. PARTS. 1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your email address will not be published. mine start doing the same and I noted that the part when you put your bottle to the blender was filed.. I even saw the black dust for it. History. Debbe Trevino The blade should turn, if not they need to be replaced. Accessibility. Thankfully, this clutch is a replaceable part. Even though the clutch was cracked, it had just enough “bite” so that without any weight on it, it would spin. I need to find a blender that doesn't have these dents, as they are easily filed with friction (and well this is a touch and go motor so it is easy to start the motor without properly putting the bottle in place) . Terms — 01/24/2016 by Good or Bad idea? Check to see if the drive shaft spins easily by hand. Just get to the resolution! Well, Amazon… All this is just my opinion after listening to the motor and drive wheel go crazy and nothing turning on the topside. Nice trouble shooting guide ;-), © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — Cuisinart SPB7-20TXN Blender Blade Driver Clutch, Echo PB-413H Zama C1M-K77 Carburetor Tear down Cleaning Rebuild, John Deere 1330se Snowblower – Wiring Harness for the Handle Group, Searching for a Powerful Portable Tri-Fuel Generator, A Must-Have Spray Can for Your Snowblower, John Deere 1330se Snowblower – Wiring Harness for the Auger Group, Backyard Batting Cage Delayed by a Snow Storm in November, How to Calculate the Diameter of a Bike Seat Post, LOPEZ Alloy Rear Bike Rack Pannier Review, Swing Set – Different Methods to Secure A Main Beam to Side Support Legs, How To Fix the Door Flapper on a GE Profile PFCF1NFWA Refrigerator, How To Fix Leaking Roof on Subaru Outback, Resource Page for Bosch SHPM78Z54N Dishwasher. That is if you know!? This really works. The screw engages the drive mechanism before the driven wheel is seated properly. Put on clean dry dish towel. Make sure the blender base (black plastic) is tight to the jar. Put on clean dry dish towel. My oyster kitchen center turns but won’t run or pulse. When ever I get ready to blend everything for a smoothie, I go to turn on the blender and hear motor turn on, but the blades won't move. You may have to soak the washer and gently scrub with a scrubber sponge. Check to see if the drive shaft spins easily by hand. Put in small pot cover completely with water. Unbelievable. Put in small pot cover completely with water. To repair the blades, remove and replace the part containing the blades, rather than working directly with the blades. This really does work! My blend jet only blends for a few seconds then cuts out and I have to press button each time it stops, Shauna Smith 2. Plus that dang set screw sticks out further than the driven wheel teeth, hitting the hub of the drive wheel, The blades may not be turning because the blade assembly is not fully tightened onto the blender bottle. Use tongs to remove from boiling water. If your Cuisinart Smart Stick Blade won't turn or your Cuisinart hand blender won't turn on, it is very possible to repair the appliance, rather than replacing it. Phillips screwdriver that was longer than 5″ or so (base screws are in deep seated holes). Any more suggestions? Another reason could be that you are not putting the blender bottle and blade assembly into the blender base in the proper way. Terms — Make sure you have installed the rubber washer between the blender blade assembly and the jar. Make sure your rubber washer is free from any crud that may have accumulated and dried on. 04/14/2018 by The blades on my food processor don’t spin and it sounds like the motor is starting, but it doesn’t start or spin. The bad part was that Cuisinart did not sell this part (I guess they want you to buy a new blender instead). I am having the same issue. I didn't expect this from my blender and I will definitely won't buy it again. I'm holding my breath waiting for the repair guide. Adjustable Pliers (don’t have one?