Reputation measures a contact's status in relation to what he does or is. Then all the familiar details like Personality and Style are still present. 06 - 10 : In Debt (1d10 x 100 Euro - Pay Now, or Pay Later!) As he worked out, first with simple calisthenics and later in the high school's decaying weight room, he felt his muscles growing. Missing Teeth A quick way to create new characters. ( Log Out /  17 - 20 : An Old Enemy Character roles are not used. Below fields are automatically calculated. On a result of 1 or 2, he experiences a nightmare which will be of such intensity as to wake him up. This, however, is one of the hardest elements to change about a contact, since it reflects his talent and skill. Ollie is known round these parts for having the deepest voice in existence. Failure to make regular payments can lead to a lousy credit rating, repossession of equipment or property and arrest. This damage is cumulative and will not heal. (Click a roll method; click again to re-roll), Click radio button again to re-roll / reselect. FavorCost : 2, 4, 6 SPsThe character is owed a favor by someone. With Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red have created one of the most diverse, inclusive, and powerful appearance customisation systems we’ve seen. However, I have kept two special abilities : Interface and Medtech. Advantages and Disadvantages are bought using Skill Points (SPs) during character creation. This grants a bonus of +2 when using Cyberdeck Design, Interface, Library Search (computers only), Programming and System Knowledge. Just seeing blood itself gives him a +2 to his Cool, but stuff like severed heads and mutilated corpses can create a -4 (or worse) modifier. RebelliousCost : -2 SPsOne of the quintessential features of the stereotypical Cyberpunk character. 21 - 25 : An Old Enemy Maybe you don’t want that cyberware as you don’t want the Humanity Loss? It generally gives those players who tend to have characters with low scores in INT and LUCK something to think about. 53 - 56 : Met Through A Common Friend Double-JointedCost : 2 SPsThe character's body has more flexibility than average. The way he settles the score isn't important, but he must seek vengeance if the opportunity presents itself unless he makes a save against his COOL -2.At -2 SPs, the target of the character's hostility is a single individual, or a small group of people (ie, a rival ops team, a small gang, etc. 83 - 88 : Lover Left You For An Enemy (Choose One) 59 - 64 : Lover Killed in a Fight If the medication is not taken, symptoms will manifest within 1d3 hours, giving the character a -4 to all skill rolls. 57 - 60 : Met Through A Blind Date It incorporates new rules for buying skills, creating older characters, an advantage and disadvantage system, and a new way to figure out starting funds. Criminal RecordCost : -2, -4 or -6 SPsA character with this disad has been convicted of a crime sometime in his life. 36 - 40 : You Saved His Life 51 - 55 : An Old Employer AmbidextrousCost : 6 SPsThe character can function equally well using either hand (no off-hand firing modifier), though penalties for multiple actions still apply. After seeing this, I’m definitely excited to roll up some characters. Computer AptitudeCost : 4 SPsThis advantage entitles the character to an uncanny ability to operate computers, both in and out of netspace. Though you may want to play a character who is quite honorable and trustworthy, it doesn't mean you must buy the Honor disadvantage. Symptoms of specific illnesses should be reflected through play. Corporation Size should give you some idea of how many employees the company has working for it overall. 93 - 96 : He Did You A Favor Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Deal With It, Choomba. (Roll 1D100), 01 - 17 : Air Force, Enlisted Take a look. 6 : Anchor Person At -6, the defect is permanent. Whenever meeting someone he knows (or thinks he knows), an Awareness roll can be made at +6 to remember who they are. Cyber-RejectionCost : -10 SPsThe character with this disadvantage cannot have any cyberware grafted onto or into his body or his immune system will violently reject it. This grants a great deal of freedom in the skill choices a player must make, allowing them to create monster characters with skills of 8 or more. I like my players to have full reign over customising their characters, but I like to also have easy ways to mass-produce NPCs for the various jobs I send my players on, as well as a means to make more important, more impactful characters to act as contacts or antagonists. If the location is the torso or abdominal areas, scarring is severe. This tends to result in a character who is better equipped, but less powerful attribute-wise, which can be a good trade in some cases. Use the controls and fields below to create your character. The following series of charts can be used by the GM and his players to generate random histories for player characters. This also gives police a reason to harass the character for no reason. You know that 5500 bucks isn't going to cut it, so you drop your MA and BOD by two points each, gaining 4000 euro more to spend. The character has lost vision in one of his eyes as per the -4 "Blind" disad. When you've picked which stat levels you want, you add the point total together (with a minimum value of 1 point). 56 - 60 : Learn Netrunning Basics (+2/+1 to Interface) ImposingCost : 2 SPsAn Imposing character looks like trouble. In these times of changing loyalties and convenient friendships, it's nice to know who your real chums are. For the time being, the character suffers as per the -4 point Illness disadvantage. which contributed to a large section of missing flesh. Using the stock system, I found it difficult to encompass all the qualities that I wanted in Leon. 81 - 87 : Lover Has A Chemical Dependency Saves are made by choosing the appropriate attribute, and rolling 1D10 equal to or below the stat's total. 68 - 82 : Traffic Patrol For example, the CEO of a local mom & pop company that is going bankrupt can't very well afford to keep a crack solo hit squad on retainer. 24 - 28 : Robbery 56 - 60 : Arrested and Fined for Minor Crime (1D10 x 10 Euro) GMs, be aware that a character needs to buy off the debt with IP before he can completely pay the debt off.At -2, the character must pay 200 eurodollars a month for a year before the debt is paid off.At -4, the character must pay 500 eurodollars a month for a year, or 300 eurodollars a month for two years, before the debt is paid off.At -6, the character must pay 1000 eurodollars a month for a year, or 600 eurodollars a month for two years, before the debt is paid off. 66 - 70 : There Is A Warrant Out For Your Arrest Somewhere (Choose) Reliability can be raised by bribing the contact, helping him out once in a while, or keeping in touch cordially. You still get level 4 in the language associated with your background in addition, so technically it’s 90 points in total, and skills still require 2 points per level if they have a x2 multiplier. Leap Missing Nose Humanity. These include the starting scenario from one of the Lifepaths — or character backgrounds — that players can start the game with. Missing LimbsCost : -4 PCs par membre SPsThe character, through defect, mishap, or violence, is missing a limb (the extent of the deformation/injury is subject to discussion and may grant more or less SPs). When faced with the object of his fear, the character must make a Save vs. Impressive Scar 89 - 90 : Tsunami Design Bureau (ERI) 65 - 67 : Raven MicroCybernetics (ERI) 0 : Combat Correspondent, 1 : Administration A company that is bankrupt or struggling will probably be more likely to lay employees off than one that is stable. All characters know Streetslang, which means you can talk to a Chromer while Chippin’ In with your Chombattas, even if you know that one of them is a Doughgirl. 49 - 52 : An Old Employee If not properly maintained, some levels may drop over the course of a game. 9 : Sports Caster Each attribute starts at a value of 3, and you have 7 points to assign across these attributes. Best Warzone loadout for Season 6, How to get the most out of Cyberpunk 2077's character creation. 11 - 15 : Contract Bioplague; Random Attribute Reduced by 1 77 - 80 : Major Disagreement This assumes that the rules in Ocelot's Drug Lab are being used. 78 - 80 : Navy, Officer When offered a bribe, a Save against Cool must be made at a -2 modifier in order not to accept it. No skill can be lower than 2 and no skill can be higher than 6, with the following skills being required purchases to at least level 2: Athletics, Brawling, Concentration, Conversation, Education, Evasion, First Aid, Human Perception, Language (Streetslang), Local Expert (Your Home), Perception, Persuasion, Stealth.