She is also placed in an interesting spot to reflect on how she and the League are often seen as gods, giving her some nice insight into this war among various gods. All rights reserved. Read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy / Cookie Disclaimer. All rights reserved. Lex Luthor also has some great moments as he continues his position in the Justice League and is forced to work with Superman while trapped on Apokolips. From taking on an invading Darkseid and his army of parademons to stopping the Amazo virus from infecting the world Johns has put the League through some some though trials over the years. Once the first act of the war closes, the book launches into the one-shot tie-ins featuring the individual members of the Justice League and how they handle some newfound powers. The New Gods have made occasional appearances throughout the DC Universe in books like Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Infinity Man and the Forever People and Earth 2. The Justice League initially formed in response to Darkseid’s initial invasion of Earth and defeated him by tossing him through a Boom Tube activated by Cyborg’s powers. Superman: How the Darkseid War Made the Man of Steel DC’s God of Strength, Flash Forward Ties Up One of Justice League: Darkseid War’s Loose Ends, Batman: Three Jokers’ Jason Fabok Shares Photo of the Long-Awaited First Issue, Batman Gives Gotham City a Haunting New Joker-Inspired Gang, X-Men Reveals Wolverine’s Big Problem With Another Marvel Hero, Power Rangers: A Ranger Is Hiding Something BIG From the Team, Thor: Marvel Reveals the Missing Link in the Asgardian’s Family Tree. Consider it you personal Mother Box as the worlds of the New Gods, Justice League, and a certain Multiverse destroyer explode for DC’s titanic storyline. Geoff Johns' latest Justice League epic, "Darkseid War," kicks off this week in Justice League #41. This series also introduced Mister Miracle and a slew of other New Gods, who would play integral roles in the “Darkseid War.” When Justice League #40 was released, John’s revealed the identity of Darkseid’s daughter, Grail. In 2011, DC made a bold move by completely rebooting its comic book line - and continuity. Has DC provided an in universe explanation as to the difference? Being one of the very few writers who stayed on a title from beginning to end, Johns brought it back to the beginning when Darkseid returns to Earth after his long-lost daughter Grail resurfaces, complete with the Anti-Monitor in tow. During Johns’ time on Justice League, Wonder Woman was often pushed to the side, never really getting enough focus or even narration of her own. Superwoman, the Crime Syndicate’s version of Wonder Woman, was also revealed to be pregnant at the end of that series. It also appears that the Anti-Monitor was once a New God named Mobius, who created the Mobius Chair that Metron now uses to travel across time and space. Justice League: Origin, Trinity War, and Forever Evil are the essential background readings for this event. Immortal Hulk: [SPOILER] Has Mastered the Green Door. Spanning 11 issues, with 7 tie-ins, and teaming up with a slew of creatives such as Jason Fabok, Kevin Maguire, Phil Jimenez, Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, Jim Lee, and Peter J. Tomasi, among many, many others, “The Darkseid War” tied the New 52 together in this epic, final Justice League tale. The second half dealt with Wonder Woman rallying those around her to end the threat posed by Grail and the reinvigorated Anti-Monitor. This is a small but hefty book, collecting Justice League #40 – 50, The Darkseid War Special, a part of the Free Comic Book Day Divergence issue and all the Darkseid War one-shot tie-in issues. Wonder Woman would have to fight Grail and the growing Darkseid as well as search for her long lost brother, both of which would change her world view. With heroes changing, worlds dying, and just about every other comics twist thrown in since Justice League's debut, you’d be forgiven for scratching your head while reading Darkseid War’s opening chapter. The main story was told in the pages of Justice League, with the tie-ins fleshing out the new godhood that certain League members had gained. Justice League's Darkseid War: Everything You Need To Know, Bill & Ted Face the Music Nearly Featured Flashback to Our Teen-Aged Heroes, AEW Dynamite: Two New Matches Announced For Tomorrow Night, Magical The Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay Brings Merlin to Life, Unsolved Mysteries Releases All-New Interview With Key Figure From Season 2 Investigation, Napoleon Dynamite Cast To Reunite To Benefit the Hunger Project, Bill & Ted Face the Music Earns A Grammy Nomination For Wyld Stallyns. Outside of those tie-ins, though, the main story is well told. Over the eleven issues, Justice Leaguers would become gods, many characters would die, and deep secrets of the DC universe would be revealed. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Christian Hoffer He graduated with a film degree and a minor in creative writing and has directed many short films. While Johns’ full Justice League run would flesh things out even further, these 3 story arcs introduce all the parties present in “The Darkseid War” and create a sense of continuity. She’s an interesting character, though her backstory and true motivations, which are a bit predictable, may be revealed a little too late to the end. Francis Manapulalso fills in for a couple issues of the main story and does well with both the quiet and action imagery, though it also causes the book to look a bit inconsistent since it suddenly switches from Fabok to Manapul and the two have very different styles. Cruz has struggled to control the Ring of Volthoom so far, but the Flash has asked Green Lantern to return to Earth and teach her. With Earth’s fate at stake, the battles never felt tenser as uneasy alliances were forged and deals were made to ensure the survival of both the planet and the heroes themselves. The Anti-Monitor wants to kill Darkseid to make up for some mysterious past transgression and he knows about the Justice League’s Earth because of Jessica Cruz’s power ring (which originally came from Earth 3). Batman becoming the God of Knowledge is an entertaining aspect of the book, examining some of the character’s stubborn nature as he now knows all the answers of the universe. Although, with the Darkseid War he has ramped up the scale significantly. 1196 E. Walnut St.Pasadena, CA 91106DC Collectibles DARKSEID New 52 Comics + Justice League Action Figures New LOT 9New Old StockFactory-sealedNo reserve!DC Comics CollectiblesDARKSEID New 52Justice League Action Figures NewLot of 9You will get:New 52 Darkseid action figure. Justice League: The Darkseid War Saga Omnibus is a fun and entertaining story from Johns, Fabok and others that has some good characterization of the Justice League, Wonder Woman in particular, with great artwork and an examination of what makes these heroes separate from gods. Aside from that, it’s still a good story that Johns uses to examine the characters as they go up against some of the biggest threats they’ve ever come across, tying up some loose ends from The New 52 while laying a bit of groundwork for DC Rebirth. It really allows the scope of the story to be felt all throughout the book as the Justice League fight multiple battles on the same front, from Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor’s forces to that of Grail and her mother. However, Manapul’s issues also helps lead into the various styles and looks of the tie-ins so the change isn’t all that bad. Let us know in the comments! He also allowed Darkseid to invade Earth 2 in exchange for stopping his invasions on other universes, so maybe Highfather’s not as good a guy as we might think. Filed Under: Comic Books, Reviews, Ricky Church Tagged With: Batman, DC, Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok, justic league, Justice League: The Darkseid War Omnibus, Superman, Wonder Woman.