According to John Gray, the way of communication reflects the variety of values, goals and needs of gender. How Gender Roles Influence Communication When it comes to topics of discussion, how many of us create a divide (conscious or unconscious) between “men’s topics” and “women’s topics?” Maybe you think of men’s topics as politics, current events, science fiction, sports, and the outdoors. The demeanor and body language can also change, this also happens to women when they talk to men. With these topics, the men and boys are more likely to "emphasize directive, task-oriented communication." Throughout time, women and men have been … Gender communication focuses on the social construct regarding the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex. It is common knowledge that men are goal-oriented whereas women are relationship-oriented. Men talk differently to women, partly brought by a level of attraction in some instances. For example, females use more affiliative language whereas males use more assertive language in conversations with both parents and peers (Tenenbaum, Ford, & Alkhedairy, 2011). Elaborating on the Influence of Gender on the Dimensions of Communication. I believe that gender does influence the dimension or the manner of communication. From our first days of living, we are taught a wide variety of linguistic practices that are specifically acceptable to each gender. Just follow your workday to spot the difference. It concentrates on the roles and responsibilities, expectations, and aptitude of men and women that are learned, and modified as a result of the interaction of culture, society and … Mothers and daughters tend to talk about "feminine-stereotyped activities, such as playing house, [and] are more likely to emphasize collaborative communication" (1998). We experience linguistic inequity in two ways; how we are taught to use language and how language is taught to use us. Gender has proven to have an influence on communication and also has sown to be a product of it.