So we tried the iPads, and although I was concerned about room service because I thought the clientele, at the Hotel Bel-Air in particular, would want to have personal contact and physical menus, the sales improved. It needed a huge restoration investment, which has now been completed and, for that matter, very well received. With an exceptional employee satisfaction rate of 90%, we continue to look for ways to improve the Dorchester Collection experience for our people – and our guests. We don’t have a formal, print directory anymore because I challenged our teams and asked them to find out who actually went to our directories to get room service or international dialing codes. If you’re doing things right, customers are keen to tell you how well they’ve been received. ET: In terms of customer feedback, what are you hearing from today’s modern, luxury traveler? I think that is the salient difference between us and most major hotel companies today. ET: A lot of major luxury hotel brands have instituted loyalty programs recently. The ‘wow’ moment is different for everyone, but one thing is for sure – you’ll find it here in our spacious suites. Christopher Cowdray: Most of our competitors are looking for rapid brand growth, looking to put hotels wherever they can put a flag, and I think that doesn’t always benefit those companies. Meanwhile, Roy, who has been in jail for five months on charges of defaulting Rs. We’ll be honoured to take care of you. At the Hotel Plaza Athénée we are adding more meeting rooms to the pre-existing two. In tomorrow’s treasured memories, you’ll feel the reassuring warmth of our team. Brunei, which gained independence from the UK in 1984, is headed by the Sultan of Brunei and through its investment agency, the Dorchester Collection, owns The Dorchester and 45 … By closing this message, you consent to our cookies on this device in accordance with our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. George Clooney has called for a boycott of The Dorchester in London and other luxury hotels owned by Brunei after the tiny oil-rich nation announced new laws making homosexual acts and adultery punishable by death. Le Richemond is going to have the beautiful Royal Armleder suite right on the roof when it’s done. What is Dorchester Collection’s philosophy on such programs? The Dorchester Collection is the successor to the Dorchester Group, originally established in 1996 to manage a portfolio of … “Cancelled in nick of time: discovered [Coworth Park] that I was booked into is part of the ‘Dorchester Collection’,” he tweeted. Others long for a private, soothing space in which to find some therapeutic calm. Find out more, The Telegraph values your comments but kindly requests all posts are on topic, constructive and respectful. Our main focus now is to ensure you the safety, security, care – and delight – you expect from Dorchester Collection. Enclose phrases in quotes. It date backs to the 1600s and differs from what we have at 45 Park Lane, which is a rooftop view of London in a more modern, contemporary environment where you just feel like you’re floating. What to do in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles, Enjoy a heads-up on our Dorchester Collection news and exclusive offers. The second part of our focus is service. 10,000 crore to get out on bail. They’re going through, seeing the menu, ordering straight off that and it has become been a great success. It allows our most engaged readers to debate the big issues, share their own experiences, discuss real-world solutions, and more. Use a + to require a term in results and - to Each with a unique story to tell, they represent their cities’ past and present, substance and style, and most importantly – their people. Reproduction in whole or part is prohibited. At Le Meurice we have Spa Valmont, run by a French brand, which we just redid in order to make it relevant to Paris. Management. Some want to pop in for a moment of luxury, to enjoy a treatment and get on with their day. Each one looks totally different. At the end of the day everything has to be highly efficient and delivered with enthusiasm and a smile but because of younger clientele’s expectations changing on the technology front, we also need to play to that as well. Be it in exclusive gardens, a romantic country house, the majestic ballroom or on an intimate roof terrace, Dorchester Collection has the most wonderful wedding venues. We live in a very complex world now. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Christopher Cowdray, CEO, Dorchester Collection. “We continue to abide by the laws of the countries we operate in and do not tolerate any form of discrimination of any kind. 45 Park Lane, which is adjacent to The Dorchester, opened a year later, in November 2011. © 2020 Dorchester Services.All Rights Reserved. Start your Independent Premium subscription today. If you’re interested in learning more, we also have an iPad application that has all the suites for all our hotels. "Are we really going to help fund the murder of innocent citizens? Some we do by ourselves and some we do with other brands, such as Christian Dior at the Hotel Plaza Athénée, which is relevant there, and La Prairie in Los Angeles. But are we really going to help pay for these human rights violations? "Like all good intentions when the white heat of outrage moves on to the hundred other reasons to be outraged, the focus is down and slowly these hotels get back to the business of business", he said. She greets you like a movie star from the moment you pass the iconic signage, step onto the signature red carpet and enter the grand lobby. Whatever happens in the luxury market it is the engagement with the customer that is key. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Though we are looking at new builds as well, they are particular and have to be located in the right cities. One of our key values is summarized in the phrase “We care.” We put our people first and a lot of time is put into making sure our employees come to work highly motivated. Christopher Cowdray: Well, one thing we have in all nine hotels is magnificent suites. Hallmarks of good living, refined elegance and bespoke service, our hotels embody the destinations they’re in, taking you on a journey of discovery and adventure. Elite Traveler Editor-in-Chief Douglas Gollan recently paid a visit to Dorchester Collection CEO Christopher Cowdray in his London office to get an update. Basically it’s just about being comfortable. In yesterday’s rich heritage you’ll find our knowledge and experience. You have a lot of people who want to get onto the internet, and they don’t care if there are another 20 people trying to do the same – it is irrelevant. All of this is expensive, totaling thousands of dollars a month to provide what our customers are expecting for free. Allow our ultra-luxe destination guides and exclusive itineraries to inspire your next vacation. When the time feels right, we can’t wait to welcome you back to our hotels. This is an opportunity to enjoy your own country, its treasures and traditions, with the excitement of an international holiday but without the logistics, language barrier or lengthy travel.