. These are soft yet firm, not too sweet and with the... Lupin flour waffles are my new fave. My bf who doesn't really eat low carb (unless I'm cooking and he has no choice hehe) had the first waffle and said they tasted kinda eggy, but then quickly said "like french toast" which made me really excited, because I looove and miss french toast! Hmmm... well I am in the middle of making them right now. How can I adjust the amount of flour to get thin but unbroken crepes? Absolutely amazing!!!! I am guessing, but I think they would be more successful as mini muffins than traditionally-sized muffins, purely because the eggy buttery mixture can have a tendency to "split" which isn't a problem in waffles as they are cooked both sides, but as a large muffin, you may find it in two layers. I can't wait to try this. These aren't anything close to the "best". Toasting just made it floppy again. Big time different. These keto waffles can be made dairy free. I finally resorted to using silicon bakeware. Special Recipe to Make the Perfect Cornbread ChurWaffles & Waffles Every Time. Protein 7g (9%). Now I don't have to feel like something is missing for breakfast .. Im going to try these for the pizza too ? I had the same experience with them being too floppy to satisfy me as a waffle, BUT they made great low-carb pancakes. I found the texture to be both fluffier, less grainy, and less "eggy" than other low carb recipes I've tried. Your review only has me questioning your pastries at this point. Everybody licked their plates! Next time will try a savoury version. This was a game-changer! Oh my goodness!!! I topped mine with sugar free apricot preserves and french vanilla flavored whipped topping. I totally agree. I just want say these waffles are wonderful. Also can you use almond flour instead?? Thanks for the recipe!! Pretty good They were a bit eggy but keep in mind the recipe calls for 5 medium eggs, I should have used 4. 17 ($0.70/Ounce) Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. This time around, I entered all the ingredients into MyFitnessPal so I could track this as one of my meals. They taste GREAT and I’ve made them 4 times already. I'll be added that as my tag line I think. If the item details above aren’t accurate or complete, we want to know about it. You may want to read this pos - Almond flour vs Coconut flour. Love it. I made half of the recipe, subbed cream with almond milk to save on carbs, and used half the amount of vanilla and used maple extract for the other half Really good. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Oh! It was very tasty! I see lots of waffle recipes out there, but they are for belgian waffles, which are crunchier and more firm. Servings 8 waffle wedges. Lmao Otherwise they were limp. I absolutely love it when readers tweak my recipes and come up with their own combinations. Cook until golden and crispy. I absolutely love these waffles, I'm stoked that you do to Have you tried my pizza waffles - buckle up - yummmmmmmmm, Mister 8 and mister 4 said yum. I totally get why its Award Winning. Today we had them with strawberries and whipped cream! And that some of the favorite breakfast foods are pancakes and waffles. . Thank you so much . I considered doubling the recipe but am glad I didn't, as I got 9-10 waffles out of the batch, enough to eat our fill & freeze 3. I appreciate that you took the time to experiment and come up with something fairly close. I've made quite a few chocolate chaffles already on this blog but this one right here? Sorry I can't be more precise, as you can imagine, there are new brands out there almost daily. Just rude! The coconut flour also has 8g of net carbs in 4 tablespoons. VIKING'S GOLD PERFORMANCE TANK. I substituted 25% of the coconut flour for almond flour and upped the cream for more liquid because almond flour absorbs more, I think 5tbsp. IM going to try thevrecioe savory. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Some brands are able to "mop up" butter better than others. $29.00 USD. I've made these a couple times, and they are really a lovely substitute for traditional waffles. They were plenty fluffy, soft, but I like softer waffles. I made the recipe and waited with great anticipation while my waffles cooked. What brands are you using? Horrible recipe. Yum. Is that too much. Why not propose an alternative? These waffles tasted great and had good texture. I will now be addressed forevermore as the Keto Goddess, please . I only ate 1/2 of my waffle anyways It was VERY good! Perhaps all these people who have less than desirable results haven't beaten the whites properly, or were too heavy-handed with their folding technique. . Hi Libby, We had these for breakfast this morning and they were delicious! Beautifully light and fluffy. Libby, you have just won the "Best Keto Waffle In The Entire World" award, which is apparently just my undying gratitude. Lupin flour is made from lupin beans. So put away the eggs, bacon, and cheese for a day and enjoy the sweetness you’ve been sorely missing! Expectations make all the difference and I came into the making of this recipe knowing I was not making/eating real waffles but a keto (grain free) version of that. Each low-carb waffle is simply an egg, coconut flour and some butter (plus a few other ingredients to make them rise and tasty). I want to make this recipe today but only have almond flour and I don't want to make a trip into town just for coconut flour. 4 tablespoons makes this have 36g of carbs just from that. Otherwise I followed the recipe exactly as written. Also I added a third teaspoon xanthan gum to see if the waffles would be less floppy. Hubby is a carb addict with diabetes and he LOVES them. I just made these and am eating them while I type. almond flour, blender, keto, low-carb, waffles, Cheesy Broccoli Chicken and Rice Casserole, Crispy Mozzarella Parmesan Crusted Chicken, Cheesy Broccoli Stuffed Chicken (low-carb, Keto), Top 10 Must Try Taco Recipes (30 Minutes or less! Swerve was my sweetener of choice and the amount called for in this recipe, combined with the vanilla, gave them a good level of sweetness. Will full fat coconut milk work in the recipe? Just wondering if it would come out the same? We followed the recipe but didn’t have the positive experience others noted below. We did pancakes. I used heavy cream thinned just a smidge with unsweetened almond milk. I mean, incredible - as good as any waffle I've ever eaten. Thanks Addie, glad you liked them so much. Enjoy . And I'm so tired of almond four, it was great to find your coconut flour recipe. Angels singing in my mouth different. I'm afraid that would be another recipe entirely and further recipe testing and development. They were totally yummy - also found it hard to believe they were absolutely LEGAL!! I made enough for 2 servings. I know I am biased, but I do think these are simply the best waffles - ever! I just made these and I used 2T of Heavy whipping cream and 1T water instead of whole milk. Yes to get the total nutrition values for the entire recipe, you need to multiply it by 5. I used almond flour today and it worked for me. Awesome recipe review. On occasion, manufacturers may improve or change their product formulas and update their labels. THE best grain free waffles in the world!!! Place cream cheese and berries inside for a yummy lunch box. You’ll notice that the Birch Benders Paleo Pancake & Waffle Mix are very similar to the Julian Bakery mix from above. Not awful, Not amazing I was so sad thinking my waffle iron was going to go to waste. My husband and I enjoyed them with a little bit of diced strawberries and a side of bacon. I've done low carb for some time and in trying carb substitutes have basically gotten to the point where if it doesn't take good, I don't bother with it. Thanks! Sooooo, that led to monte cristo sandwiches that were truly mind blowing. I used heavy cream and two packets of truvia. For anyone wanting to see what I post on Instagram - look here. These really are amazing. Unfortunately, when you are on a keto or low carb diet, just reading those two words on a menu or food list brings you to shame! But. They were wonderful! We believe the fluffiness comes from the ratio of eggs to almond flour and added heavy cream (rather than cream cheese) and butter. Which stevia are you using? They were great. 1/4 teaspoon xanthan gum optional Guaranteed to be eaten because they chose what toppings to include. This makes me so happy, to have made a waffle that is true to your Norwegian vaffler. $4.99. Each of us will have completely different sweet taste buds depending on how long we have been sugar free. Thank you so much! We are becoming sad little creatures. These waffles are one of the best "keto" breakfast foods I've encountered.