I however have seen the true benefits to protecting the young birds immune system so that they can focus on growth and development. Night fright (also common in some parrot species) can be very deadly. Larger cages of at least 18” height, 18” width and 2ft in length are more ideal. Once you find a male you will need to select a female. Since the flight is divided and the opposite sex cannot see each other it makes pairing birds much easier as they do not select their own mates beforehand. For more amazing products for your pet birds just click aviariesdepot.com.au. You may have heard the term 'sitting tight' if you have spent much time talking to breeders. They should start producing eggs within two weeks. This can help take some of the pressure off of all the parent birds who may be preparing for another round of chicks. If they are on opposite sides of the cage then that clearly indicates they are not compatible. It means that whichever bird is currently incubating the eggs will not come off them even of you walk by the cage and peek in. © 2019 Aviaries Depot. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Keeping it in the family is not a deal breaker for Gouldian finches who are looking to choose a mate. Once the pair has met, the male will often go into his song and dance routine to impress his female. This is believed to be because the hen isn’t quite in full breeding condition. His feathering should be radiant, perfect and smooth. With an aviary you only need to supply one fresh water and replace/check/top up one lot bird food a day. Checking anymore than this can cause the birds to abandon their eggs or toss the chicks when they hatch. If they are not managed properly during this time many often do not survive. After a female accepts a male, they build a nest in a tree hollow. The egg food I use is produced by CeDe it is very high quality and room temperature safe. Smaller clutches will often grow faster than larger clutches because there is less competition for food. New birds are paired up with mates of my choosing and then I watch and observe. Sometimes it works well to introduce two hens into a cage with a male that has had about a week to acquaint himself with the cage and the partially stuffed nest box. Each cage will need attention when it comes to cleaning otherwise bacteria and moulds will soon become rife.Birds relish an environment with more room and things to explore. Especially if you have multiple pairs at the same stage of breeding. In the wild, Gouldian finches eat various grasses along with sorghum seeds. Both sexes will begin calling out more to mark their territory and to attract a mate. For more selection of birds cages you may visit online stores like: aviariesdepot.com.au. The Longtailed Finch began to moult during its breeding season (usually early February-October). To your finch, you are the predator. For this reason, I don't like to have to intrude inside their enclosure for any housekeeping chores, especially during the breeding season. Timing when you have young birds and warm temperatures are vital to a quick molt. Perhaps one of the most rewarding parts of bird keeping is witnessing the birth of new life. The cock bird should be a good size, not small or underdeveloped. Fighting can happen over best nesting sites. Females should have all the characteristics of the male except of course the color of her feathers naturally will be more muted. Breeding Gouldian Finches is not always easy. There are four basic stimuli your finch will react to; Predator, Mate, Dominance, Territory/Food (Territory and food go hand in hand because territories are picked because of their security and food supply). This collection is for the birds! Good parent birds who feed their young often and spend more time in the nest keeping the chicks warm will help speed up the chick’s development. Learn More, Why is my Gouldian BALD? First you must be honest with yourself and determine if you have the space and ability to raise and find good homes for the birds your going to be producing. If a pair produces what you want and are highly compatible, don’t ruin a good thing. Young finches are not as quick to react to danger as the older more experienced birds. Once you match together a compatible pair. The hen the male most favors will be the one he courts the most and sleeps next to. Egg are laid once a day and clutches can vary in size from 3 to 7. Built using KlueLess.io Static App Generator. Without a proper nest the parents will often tolerate the young staying in their territory (cage). You can also use Endocox instead of Trimethoprim, both work very effectively from my experience. Some species simply do not handle the stress of seeing people walk in front of the cage. Female birds metabolize calcium from their bones and so the calcium she eats today is not necessarily the calcium she uses to coat her eggs tomorrow. Make sure you provide a calcium supplement along with the egg shells that contain vitamin D3. I also make sure I supply a good mineral and vitamin supplement in the water throughout this period. Common Names - Gouldian Finch, Rainbow Finch, Lady Gouldian Finch, Gould's Finch. Once incubation is underway you can expect the eggs to hatch from anywhere between 14-16 days later. Over time the finches will grow accustom to your presence and if you stick to a regular feeding schedule this will help the finch adjust to you quickly. If his feathers appear dull and uneven then he either may not be done with his molt or is a poor specimen. Keeping the young caged with their parents is possible but you must remove the icon which stimulates them to breed again; the nest. Again do not peek too often, just enough to make sure they are being fed. always happy to help! Inbreeding can become can issue if too many related birds are kept. announcements! Gouldian Finch head coloring . sales promotions, Don't try to hold a finch unless it's an emergency, as birds of this species find it very stressful. Also at night I will peak in and look to see if the pair is sleeping next to each other. Another factor in determining how long it will take chicks to fledge is the size of the clutch. Stress is deadly for these fragile birds. All rights reserved. Pairs should be selected weighing in several factors. Our friendly Clutch size had no influence on egg survival. Once the eggs hatch, both adults take care of their young. They love live meal worms, if you want to provide them with a special treat. This involves the male pointing his beak toward the ground and shaking his head rapidly from side to side before dancing up and down on the perch whilst singing to the hen. Don’t panic if this happens. This makes it easier for the parent birds to find their mouths inside dark nests. They have bright green backs and wings, purple chests, bright yellow bellies and light blue tails. When I was a child I was taught to cover the birds cage at night, and I really didn't have a clue why until years later. Many species will also call out a simple alarm call to warn other members of the flock of the potential danger.