The most common reason students do not receive their ID cards is because they have the wrong mailing address (or it’s incomplete, such as missing an apartment number).

How can I get my password? The SSID has also been referred to as the CSIS number in previous years. Upon entrance to a college or university, a student identification number is assigned to each student. Where do I get my students' ID number? identifiable 10 digit number that all K-12 public school students are required to have. All questions concerning online transactions should be directed to your school districts' food service department.

(This was a repeat of the webinar held on October 10 for student-athletes and their families.). 18 18 1234567890 1234567890 April Jones 71 18 1234567890 1234567890 April Jones . If your employer is a school, for instance, and you're filing your taxes, you may need to know the school's EIN (employer identification number).

If you're not sure of any other identification number for your school, or you're unsure which number to use in a particular situation, your school may be able to help you.

Ask your provider to fill out the W-10 form for your records. Click here to view the recording. However, a deposit history report is available should the inquiry be related to deposit information details. All accounts are created, modified, and deactivated through the school’s database.

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Your child’s ID number may also be displayed on their school ID card. 589 0 obj <> endobj Any changes to a student account are automatically transmitted to No other information is included. Caregivers generally provide tax information, including a taxpayer identification number and childcare expense totals, to parents by January 31 of each year. Is there a cost to obtain my ID card?No, ID cards are provided to all active students at no additional cost.

Yes. Student Number Identifier, Florida Student Number Identifier - Alias, Florida Name .

These codes are sometimes called CEEB (College Entrance Examination Board) codes. You can get these codes from the Department of Education, through its website or by calling its help desk.

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When this section is displayed, click the “VIEW HISTORY” link next to the account that you’d like to examine.