never say, “you must have a lot of time on your hands.”. PHOTOS & SHOW REVIEW: ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS LI... IMAGINARY MOVIE SCENE: DAVID BOWIE & ME #3, VIDEO: THE PERFORMA-CHORDS' "SUPERMARKET BREAKDOWN". “How long did it take you to paint that?” LOL! The nicest compliment you can give a creative artist, whether a dancer, writer, musician, painter, actor, director, choreographer, photographer, sculptor, or designer is that he or she through their art made you feel something that resonated within you. It's a very effective program (does horizontals and other things as well) - even cropping, although the cropping function is restricted to the format (horizontal or vertical) of the original shot. - one prominent restaurant critic in the state where I live enjoys making sarcastic comments about the restaurants he reviews, which puts me off reading his reviews anyway. Point out something at the picture that you like; Compliment the colors in the photo; If you are complimenting on friends you can opt to make a joke; Say something nice about the photo. View some of my artwork: Click the image below to check out my galleries! I've always appreciated handwritten notes. /r/photography is a place to politely discuss the tools, technique and culture of photography. A former Facebook executive (Sean Parker) even admits the harm of tapping into human psychology and getting people hooked. How to make them understand? I need to get up and back to what I love most. Yet, the person was very relevant to introduce the context of a sequence which is now quite unclear and weaker. If you have any experiences–good or bad, please share in the comments. *No matter who it is*, their critique will be based on a subjective point of view. Do I trust this person’s taste and judgment? ", Ko Melina, The Dirtbombs, SIRIUS XM Underground Garage DJ (September 6, 2012, via Twitter): "Awesome #Bumbershoot photos of the @DirtbombsBand by @mariannesp...". Their situation can prove quite precarious. They are inherently incapable of being either "right" OR "wrong". Its value and lasting effect means far more than any award or check you could ever receive. Learn how your comment data is processed. I consider it quite an honor that you chose Illinois Jacquet to represent me not that I would compare my playing to his in any way, but Jacquet was a real soul-cat. A nice note as others mentioned is also always appreciated. When complementing a photo, always pick something that you like about that person and use it to compliment the person. Again, it can encourage the photographer to pursue the praise and go forward in the wrong direction. In other news, if you want very high quality and strict critique on your photos, is your friend ( or foe if you don't have thick skin :D ). I've recently hired a photographer to do some product shots for a Café I work at and I loved his pictures. I think it's quite damaging to constantly crave approval and praise. Your Rude Suggestion For What To Make For Dinner Tonight, THE NICEST COMPLIMENT YOU CAN GIVE A CREATIVE ARTIST. And most couples/family/friends will always say good things about photos. In this case, there was no communication up front. If they have a website or online reviews are noted somewhere posting nice things is also good. Leave me a comment and let me know: What’s the best/worst thing you’ve heard or said about someone’s art? Personally I would shorten the last point to 'Is this person capable of delivering the truth to me'. Hopefully some of these suggestions will give you ideas on how to talk to an artist about his/her work. A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Smooth Skin Using Lightroom, 5 Unproductive Mindsets That Keep You From Becoming a Better Landscape Photographer. Painting with my heart and soul! My friend asked me to do a photo shoot with him in front of one of our historic buildings. The issue is when we are continually receiving approval, we no longer strive to do better work. Please leave a reply. Critics often don't. SCIENCE! I am in Seattle-ish. Was chatting to a creative director from a huge London ad agency recently. I absolutely cherish it and (although a bit egotistical), it was really cool to open an envelope, and see my photo there in print ! Say that you like the subject matter. Gear Guide: Every Type of Camera Lens Explained. Expressing your emotional atachment to the artistry of the photographers work . I decided to give you, my readers, the inside skinny on some swoon-worthy words to lay on your Artist buddies. I was just talking with another artist friend last night and guess what the conversation was about? Photographers are almost always working on a deadline – their images are expected quickly, and by a certain time and date. Thank you so much for your kind words! Haha, this was great! Use some of the inquisitive questions above.