However, if the company bought back 200,000 shares and recorded the same profit in the next quarter, the EPS would increase to .19 cents per share ($150,000 / 800,000). Sazed had been Taako’s best friend. “Tell you what,” Taako decided, drawing himself up to his full height to strut down the left hallway. As Taako didn’t reply, he added, “I mean, if that’s ok?” So, a 20% jump in sales could simply be due to a new financing program with easier terms rather than a real increase in customer purchases. Finally it's time to make a cake. The remix was made by Mastgrr, and a video he uploaded shows the process of making the meme. “Release me, fiend!” Taako cried, pulling his arm back. Ugh, he felt passionately, then made himself think about it seriously. “Yes, of course!” Angus beamed, positively bouncing at the counter. Taako hummed and picked up a bag of flour, rolling it in his hands. With all the craziness that was the worm and the prophecies and the freaking goddess they became all buddy-buddy with, not to mention that they kept dying, though somehow that was the least weird thing that went down? (I don't care what anyone says: you can use an iron to make grilled cheese! They had turned out a bit bigger than he realized- he was probably unused to the pans- but otherwise, from their bake to the patterns he had laid the surface vegetables in, they were perfect. He kept up a steady stream of banter and jokes, and this time they were met with delighted responses from the peanut gallery, a single voice encouraging him on from a distance that he was comfortable with. Angus leapt to it, plopping down and pulling his knees up to his chest. If you do the cooking by the book Then you'll have a cake We gotta have it made You know that I love cake Finally it's time to make a cake Making food is just like science With tools that blend and baste And every fun appliance gives the food a different taste It's a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake If you're way is hazy You gotta do the cooking by the book You know you can't be lazy And for what? Companies can falsify their AR by claiming that they made a sale and record the accounts receivable on the balance sheet. But soon the carrots were the least of his terrible problems. (What do you mean you shouldn't put eggs in the microwave? Hm. When he went back to check the recipe again after washing the celery, he left the stalks too close to the stovetop and turned to find they had been charred. A company's quality of earnings is revealed by dismissing anomalies, accounting tricks, or one-time events that may skew the numbers on real performance. “Y’know, some people say that you need a spiralizer or somethin’ to pizzaz up your veggies, but they’ve clearly never seen the magic I can do with a potato peeler, pun absolutely intended…” He switched it to the other setting, even though it would give him tiny, weird little potato wafers, and who wanted to find something in their stew that had the texture of a wet tissue, and then pushed too hard at the wrong angle and broke the support legs. Rub that shit it's yours, bitch! Dedue Molinaro | Fire Emblem Three Houses, Wolke Brinneck | Werewolf: The Apocalypse | ota, crosscanon welcome, Magnus Burnsides | The Adventure Zone: Balance, 1 — Dinner time! There were no serving dishes, only a set of seven plates, and for some reason, six bowls, an observation for which he paused his running commentary to give the audience time to laugh. Was that how it worked? He dug a fork into Angus’ slice, ignoring the boy’s little protest, and took a taste. He didn’t know what to think about a lot of the stuff that had happened in Refuge, but as things stopped happening for a second or two, the thing that stood out in Taako’s memory was, well, the memory. You gotta do the cookin' by the book! However, some companies buy back stock for a different reason: to disguise a decline in earnings per share (EPS), and they often borrow money to do so. To be expected, though. A famous upload by YouTuber emt1287 has gotten over 31 million views. ), 3 — Lesson! [Outro: Stephanie from Lazy Town] Fire had always been kind to him, but scraping the charcoal off the bottom of a pot with nothing but a bristle brush and your fingertips really gets the message across that your days as tight with fire are gone, and that you now suck. The colors and textures clashed horribly with his classic lilac button-up and soft mauve pants, and the embroidery was frying along the ties, but he pulled it on without hesitation, humming a nonsensical tune he had no memory of learning. [Verse 2: Lil Jon] Copyright © 2009-2020 Dreamwidth Studios, LLC. Forty people, and who knows if they were all innocent or not, but there had been kids and grandparents and people who had come to see him and they still all died.