This goes on to say that all religions express concern towards the environment and lay importance on its non-human constituents. You can easily find cheaper shirts from retail chains with looser standards, but plenty of customers are willing to pay more for the peace of mind that comes from buying something in tune with their own values. But even if you own or work at a much smaller company than the ones on that list, there’s still plenty you can do to have a positive impact on the environment. This field received impetus when it was first discussed in the academic journals in North America and Canada. Ecocentrism deems the whole ecosystem as important as opposed to anthropocentrism that believes humans to be the most important in the universe. An environmental analysis is an extremely important tool in understanding and decision­ making in all situation of the business. Who gave us the right to harm them for our convenience? This sounds simple enough, but it’s actually quite a radical reversal of centuries of anthropocentric thought. Business is in business for business. Respecting the existence of not just other humans but also the non-human entities, and recognizing their right to live is our primary duty. For example: Whereas the first item was about rethinking your business in terms of the big picture, this one is about small wins that can add up to significant savings. Less than 33% of respondents said their businesses are actually engaging with sustainable strategic planning. We talked about packaging already, but businesses use a lot of other resources. Or if you can’t reduce pollution, you could look into using offsets. 73% of Americans would stop purchasing from a company that doesn’t care about climate change. If information is not available, then ask for it. This is an environmental ethics issue. A step further from environmental ethics is radical ecology, which says that it may not be enough to extend ethics to non-human elements of the environment and that it is necessary to bring changes in the way we live and function. Can you buy office equipment made from recycled materials? It covers aspects such as ethical principles that guide our use of natural resources, our duty to take efforts towards environmental protection, and our moral responsibility towards animals. Business ethics can examine the actions of particular people within a business (for instance the CEO). Lungs at Work Toolkit: A toolkit to help improve air quality at work. Every individual can take steps to live and work more sustainably, but when it comes to improving sustainability in business, there are some people who are in a unique position to effect change. One study found that 78% of small businesses had no environmental management system. Whether it’s with upper management or your employees, it can be difficult to actually implement your sustainability initiatives when other people in your organization don’t support them, take them seriously, or care. A key figure in modern environmental ethics was Aldo Leopold, an American author, scientist, environmentalist, ecologist, forester, and conservationist. Ridefinders: A commuter portal for finding carpools and vanpools. By causing environmental degradation and depletion of resources, we are risking the lives of future generations. Leaders are perhaps the most important link in the chain. Simply put, if businesses don’t act responsibly as members of the global community, the majority of many species will not survive past the 21st century. Reputation management in business is about establishing a good image by aligning messages with actions. What you need to know, Teach Your Kids to Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce With These Tips, Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Everyday Plastic Bottles.