I totally agree with you, Karen, that sexual abuse is not about sex. Braver than I was. All right: “It doesn’t make sense that you kept coming back, why didn’t you resist or say something? I have known Karen as Karen Haberman and have practised close to her for around 10 or 11 months through 1996 and 1997 in KP Jois little Lakshmipuram studio. We need to tell our stories, however in telling our stories, it’s very precarious, because it can be re-traumatizing depending on how those stories are received. Select this result to view Karen S Haberman… So does Marissa Sullivan, who also gave testimony for The Walrus article. “He didn’t have an erection.”, Well I guess we could put it into first person: “I didn’t have an erection, so it wasn’t about sex for me.”, Okay, so “I adjusted men and women the same way.”, That’s going to hold up in court? When I first went to Mysore, I was innocent, I was hopeful, and I was trusting. Thank you for helping to free yoga from the clutches of patriarchy and misogyny. Okay. After years of healing my knees came good and I have a well-going daily Ashtanga practice 20 years on. I remember to this day her clarity and steely determination in her eyes when she looked straight at me and said with a smile, “Forget about it. I made a few attempts to discuss these things with senior teachers (I was a newie then and didn’t practise enough series to be taken seriously) but the response was usually along the lines of “Do your practice and all is coming” or “Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory”. I have forgiven Sharath long ago. Is there anything more that you’d like to say about how life unfolded after leaving Ashtanga Yoga in 2001? We all focussed on our drishti (focal point) and practised as if the devil was breathing down our necks, literally. I created this site to archive my testimony and writings about how Pattabhi Jois sexually and spiritually abused me. That must have been really scary to be the first person. And, to realize, the level of complicity when people are not going, wow, like, I need to step up and address this. But, I didn’t completely address the sexual abuse. So, it wasn’t necessarily sexual.”. I’ve heard that. It has to put you into a persona that you don’t have. The average Karen Haberman is around 59 years of age with around 73% falling in to the age group of 41-60. At that point I decided that I must have hallucinated or made things up or maybe it was my ego or deviant nature that projected my own problems on the guru. To my knowledge the title was actually conferred to him by a Western senior teacher. For a few moments he swung back and forth on my knees and it felt as if he was grinding them to dust. I mean if he really had a healing touch, why didn’t he tell us that? PS This post is only a fragment of what needs to be said but I hope to be addressing all that later down the track. And so it just did not occur to me, I mean, not being a victim of sexual assault, it’s so obvious to me now, like … But it literally didn’t occur to me that the photograph is a danger, it’s-, I feel really bad for actually the Harvey Weinstein victims as well, because his photograph-. I didn’t witness him kissing men on the lips, I didn’t witness him like massaging men’s buttocks when they said goodbye to him. The old shala held 12 mats and my spot was front row, left corner in the 4:30am time slot. Shortly thereafter I packed up and left. And then, Mary Taylor made her statement, I was like I can’t just leave that there without saying anything, and then all these other people started making statements, and I can’t leave those things there without saying anything. During my last stay in Mysuru in 1999 I shared all of my doubts with a friend. I lay in bed for a long time and reflected, a process that continued through the night and in half daze this morning when reading the rest. I didn’t discuss what was done to me, like you asked … Like I said something briefly like “Yeah it happened to me,” but, that’s basically where I went. That has nothing to do with blame. But I remember at some point I performed a twist, while KP Jois adjusted the girl next to me in drop backs. Karen Haberman नाम के लोगों की प्रोफ़ाइल देखें. 01:03:05: Addendum from Karen: “Something which has helped me immensely is friendship. No, I was like you can come if you want. So, when you were at the height of your practice, career, and your involvement with Ashtanga Yoga, you were like known as an elite practitioner, you were known for super human-. The support I get from people I haven’t met is also extremely helpful. But, breaking the silence, I’m facing this … I’m experiencing really great stuff, I’m experiencing support, and love, and all of that, and that’s wonderful. The top state of residence is California, followed by Florida. Let’s turn modern Ashtanga Yoga into a collective of equals where teachers are mere facilitators and servants of growth for students. I’m thinking of that, but also that they provided a kind of, the postures themselves provided a kind of triumph, that I don’t know, maybe made the rest of the interaction more tolerable, or-. So, like, because the way trauma is remembered is … It’s not necessarily a cohesive story, like I can’t remember all of it all at once. I also like survivor, but I want to reclaim the word victim as not something that is a stigma. He didn’t know that was wrong? And I’ve made a list, and maybe we can go through some of those and just put them to bed. If he did that to men, that’s assault, and again, it’s not about sex, it’s about power. Was there any particular I don’t know, push that I mean, it was a short, very concise statement. I’ve seen so many photos of him. I am not writing that with any resentment. So that’s one side of that. Which I didn’t actually look at until probably like the end of February, I sent it to a couple of people, and I thought I should probably look at this. Thank you so much Gregor Maehle for your beautiful, honest, insightful and heartfelt response to my interview. I was like “No, no one is interested in what I have to say.” And then over time, you got … I began to believe that you were actually interested in what I had to say. Is there a way for you or for anyone to speak to questions like that usefully without buying into-. It’s interesting because that question is. I also talk with my hands a lot. The reason why I’m writing this is because there is still an emperor with no clothes in Mysuru. This is the emotional maturity of a toddler. A long time ago, and I didn’t look at it. PS This post is only a fragment of what needs to be said but I hope to be addressing all that later down the track. Again, I am really sorry that all of this happened and that it damaged you and other women so much. Yeah, so that sucks, yeah. And part of that narrative of Ashtanga being my ticket to freedom was that Pattabhi Jois was this guru, enlightened being, and so when I saw things, and when things happened to me, that didn’t fit that narrative, I just couldn’t accept it. All part time. Yeah, I think it’s also something we don’t realize. Okay. View the profiles of people named Karen Haberman. So I wouldn’t even say there’s anything that helps the most, there are things that have helped a lot. For a few moments he swung back and forth on my knees and it felt as if he was grinding them to dust. I have come to believe the ideal Guru is just that: an ideal. Right. Right. I was trying through the night to remember how close your mat must have been to mine. I actually knew I was coming to Toronto, and I made sure I would be here for a Wednesday night, so I could go to her jam. Right. So, it’s just strategic, if someone says “No,” he’s like “Okay I can’t get away with it with this person, I’m not going to do it with this person,” and then he goes on to someone else, and does it to someone who doesn’t say no. This site hosts over 200 original posts on current affairs in modern global yoga and Buddhist culture. Karen Rain: 00:03:21. Okay. This would have placed your mat about 3 metres maximum from mine. Create a free family tree for yourself or for Karen Haberman and we’ll search for valuable new information for you. Like, we’re projecting guru status, or people are projecting guru status on this? Learn how your comment data is processed. I actually think in part it was the stress that helped me accomplish all that. Yeah there’s a certain, I think I wrote in a post, there is a certain strength and resilience that I feel in having spoken about this, and even spoken about how much it’s hurt me, even though like, the hurting me was what I really didn’t want to admit, I never wanted to admit how much it hurt me. I should have trusted in my intuition and pursued that until it would blow up in some form or another. Thanks to all of you who commented on my initial post of M. Remski’s article. I have not explored that link but after all that has happened I think we need to make modern Ashtanga Yoga a guru free zone. Lookup the home address and phone 8189917710 and other contact details for this person I personally, knowing the health issues that I’ve had, believe that there’s a correlation, but even if there’s not a correlation, how can someone say that they were healing her?