We will do our utmost to try and keep the duration of this process as short as possible, allowing us to at least discuss our hobby and interests again thereafter. /r/fountainpens - A community for fountain pen enthusiasts, from the novice to the collector. Therefore: It is possible for a pen with a medium nib to be similar to another brand labelled B or F. Many steel nibs have a finer point than the equivalent gold nib. The Medium I owned had a noticeable lump of tipping like a little block. Since most fountain pen nibs protrude, it's easy to tell when the nib is positioned correctly on paper. That looks like an EF more than a Medium to me. Therefore: It is possible for a pen with a medium nib to be similar to another brand labelled B or F. Many steel nibs have a finer point than the equivalent gold nib. We now have found ways to fix our database, but off-line that will take another 6 days or thereabout to do, and will require a lot of manual work. Guide To Nib Tipping Sizes "Tipping Size" is a term that refers to the actual writing surface provided by any given nib--the size of the part of the nib that actually comes into contact with the paper. Powered by Invision Community. The LAMY 2000 has been writing design history since 1966. Not surprisingly, nibs on the finer side of the spectrum have the smallest tipping sizes, while broads, stubs, and the like offer the largest--but that still isn't the whole I dont know if I should go for an EF or an F. Ive looked at the Goulet nib nook tool but I really cant see any difference between EF,F,M. you can disassemble it and look at the size stamped on the nib but Lamy nibs tend to be thicc and juicy. Lamy 2000 Nib Sizes Comparison - Please Help! Below, I am posting a photo of the nib as well as a writing sample - along with a Kaweco Sport Brass extra fine nib for reference -- which has a dramatically thinner line. Generally, Lamy runs a bit thicker than most other German pens. Registration of new members can be automated once again. Configuration still going on, hopefully new Classifieds tomorrow (later today :)), last website upgrade, and database upgrades to newer versions, still to be done, the latter once we are sure everything works just fine. I've read all(or most) of the review that I can find in this forum and I have a problem selecting the nib size. The idea always was to have a calm, step-by-step transformation, as the new software does not support our old add-ons, like the themes/skins we were using, and neither does it support , f.e., the old Classifieds In the mean time, the new server has been ordered, and is provisioned, i.e., set up and made ready for use. The Fountain Pen Network database is currently offline for conversion and upgrades. Nib size-wise depends on what you are comparing it to. Well I made a dupe searching for the link. Database software and PHP downgraded to the correct versions. We will move everything across to a newly provisioned server, which thanks to Black Friday deals will cost us a little less than our current server, even though it is newer, better and faster. Close. I just received my Lamy 2000 (new), which I ordered with an "extra fine" nib. Gold nib – LAMY 2000 Striking shape, 14 carat gold and a silver coloured platinum finish: the nib of the LAMY 2000 is as unique as the pen itself. Unfortunately, that is not possible any longer. I'd love to hear peoples' experience with Lamy 2000 medium and fine size nibs on any of the following: Leuchtturm 1917 journal paper This specialist nib is only suitable for the LAMY 2000 series. Especially gold nibs. I'm about to pull the trigger on a Lamy 2000 after waiting and saving for some time. 5. 30 minutes ago. 1 final website to be upgraded, configuration is going well. It’s a good standard nib size for everyday writing, and Lamy nibs are smooth, with good flow. Unfortunately there is no symbol printed into the nib in the visible part (I'd need to extract the nib, but I wouldn't really know how to). I believe their ef is supposed to be equivalent to Kaweco f. Though there will be variation, here's a link to a useful chart https://www.penchalet.com/nib_tipping_sizes.aspx. My reference point is the old US Parker nibs 1960s and 70s. See you later! The nib size samples above were written with Noodler’s Burma Road Brown. I was surprised to find it to write like a medium nob... My hunch (worry) is that I was in fact sent a medium nib rather than an extra fine nib. As we have been in contact with Hosting Support for our server during all of this time, we actually have come up with a better solution. It's not supposed to be as fine as Kaweco, https://www.penchalet.com/nib_tipping_sizes.aspx, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the fountainpens community. What we now envisage is to do the upgrade, forcing us to be offline for the period it takes. I got my L2k broad ground to an italic & now I love it way more. The nib nook shows the L2k EF is about the same thickness ratio to Kaweco Sport EF as in your photo. Update 2020-11-05 17:00 GMT / 2020-11-05 12:00 EST to  2020-11-18 15:35 GMT / 2020-11-18 10:35 EST: This tipping looks much like the EF I had. That's what you bought. Lamy nibs are wider than other European nibs. Ink: LAMY T 51 or T 52. This is certainly true for Pelikan, Lamy (except the Lamy 2000 fountain pen), Edison and Bexley. Fortunately we will not lose any content in the process with the current version of the software, like we did when attempting to upgrade to earlier versions of the new software. Dearest Members and Visitors of the Fountain Pen Nuthouse. The kinds of paper I use varies a little. Fountain Pen Ballpoint Pen. Pens and Tea YouTube channel has a video on this, as do I. This is certainly true for Pelikan, Lamy (except the Lamy 2000 fountain pen), Edison and Bexley. We expect this to last another 1 to 1.5 days, so the end is in sight. Yes, it is a long voyage, but we reckon it is worth it, even though we travel the path in the inverse way of what we had planned. Separation of donation options specifically with regard to the division between no advertising and other options is no longer necessary. Server migration, IP migration, issues due to migration fixed. Als zeitloser Klassiker ist er noch heute eines der modernsten Schreibgeräte. Can anybody be so kind to post some writing samples of Lamy 2000 with different nibs? Update 2020-11-18 15:35 GMT / 2020-11-18 10:35 EST to  2020-11-26 23:00 GMT / 2020-11-26 18:00 EST: I am really going crazy about which nib size to pick.