[N 120] When P.I.X.A.L. Due to the popularity of the pilot episodes, the first season was launched from December 2011 – April 2012 alongside a new line of sets marketed as "Rise of the Snakes". Ghosts have the ability to transform and possess objects and organisms. Long before the series, the first Elemental Masters served as the guardians of the First Spinjitzu Master and passed their powers down through the generations. Kies DHL Express aub. It was created to coincide with the Lego Ninjago line of construction toys, many of which are based on elements of the series. LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin is a video game released in spring 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, Android, and iOS. Meanwhile, Nya and Kai try to lead the Munce and the Geckles to a peace meeting, but are ambushed by the newly resurrected undead dragon, Grief-Bringer and the Awakened Warriors, who force the two tribes to flee into a Strong-Cave. United States The Ninja visit the Temple of Airjitzu which is said to be haunted by the ghost of Master Yang, who was the original creator of Airjitzu. [16], A Halloween special titled "Day of the Departed" was released on October 29, 2016, featuring the return of many of the series' past villains. Criticism was drawn to the love triangle involving Jay, Cole and Nya, as well as the inconsistent release schedule of the season. In Denmark, where the series' original production companies are located, Ninjago premiered on Nickelodeon. finds Dyer, he reveals that Scott was a test player and when he asked the game (Unagami) to give Scott an intense gaming experience, Scott became trapped inside the game. They manage to restore the timeline by using the Golden Weapons of the past to blast the Mega Weapon into space. They then discover a scroll that foretells the Prophecy of the Green Ninja and wonder which of them will be the Chosen One. After finding the first two Fangblades, the Serpentine attempt to retrieve the third Fangblade at the Fire Temple, but are forced to fight the Ninja, with Lloyd becoming trapped on a rock in the lava. [N 112] The other Ninja soon find out that the creator of Prime Empire, Milton Dyer, has disappeared as well and nobody has seen him for many years. The Colossus crashes into a building and kills Harumi who is standing on the rooftop. Unagami agrees to release all of the players, including the Ninja, who are trapped inside the game and also allows the NPCs to leave of their own free will. [N 103], The Ninja arrive in the Never-Realm and are brought to a village called Great Lake, where they reveal their agenda to the village elder, Sorla and help the locals fend off the Blizzard Samurai, led by the mysterious Ice Emperor and his right-hand man Vex. This frees Yang’s students, who are able to cross through the Rift and become human again. When they are discovered, they are forced to battle the growing army of ghosts. Season 7: The Hands of Time has also received mixed-to-negative reception, and is often seen as one of the series' weakest seasons. In Season 8, they successfully acquire three Oni masks which are the keys to performing the ritual that can resurrect Garmadon from the Departed Realm. The Ninja transform back into their normal selves, but Lloyd is rapidly aged up to an adolescent. The intros for Seasons 1-7 and 11-13 feature "The Weekend Whip," performed by The Fold, as the show's theme song. Forty years before the beginning of Season 7, the Hands of Time are supposedly lost in the time vortex, but reappear at the start of the season. Now reunited, the Ninja decide to crash the wedding. Vania is crowned Queen of Shintaro, allowing the Ninja to set off on a new adventure. Using their Spinjitzu abilities, players can unleash their Ninja’s elemental power to fight enemies and solve puzzles, and can team up and create multi-elemental builds using the Tornado of Creation. arrive at the tower and Dyer apologises to Unagami, who forgives him. Day of the Departed was a TV special that takes place after the events of Season 6 and prior to Season 7. Misako pilots the Destiny's Bounty to save them, but it is brought to the ground by the police officers’ grappling hooks. Praise was aimed towards the establishment of both the world of Ninjago itself and the introduction of the series' main characters, with the soundtrack and overall impact of the newly-introduced theme also receiving praise. Overall, the show has been well received by critics and fans and has become one of the most beloved Lego television shows. To save them, Wu promises to lead Iron Baron to the Dragon Armour. After winning the trial, Kai and Zane notice Gleck is wearing Cole’s necklace. The example I always come back to is when Cole questions if he is really important to the team, would the team still exist if he wasn’t there? [N 70], One year after the disappearance of Master Wu, Ninjago City is being terrorised by a biker gang called the Sons of Garmadon. The Resistance infiltrates Borg Tower and Lloyd broadcasts a message to the people of Ninjago, asking them to rise up and stand against Garmadon’s oppressive rule. The four Time Blades were banished into the time vortex, but the twins jumped into the vortex after them and were supposedly lost in time. The season as a whole is beloved for its balancing of the two main storylines, as well as the continued darker tone and overarching storyline from the previous season. Meanwhile, Vania decides to go after Cole with her pet dragon Chompy and saves him from the dungeon when he is attacked by giant spiders.