I wanted to see those goodies. I think, at least, that you have stated you are not claiming that Magneto wins FOR SURE; thank goodness for that small concession. Prime standard Magneto.Random encounter.Magneto has basic knowledge of WW.Standard gear.In character. If WW's bracers are made of a magnetic metal, Magneto stomps 10/10. This fight would totally depend on the distance of these two and reaction speed. Magneto is formidable. Here's a hint: The other shows proofs (irrefutable scans) and facts, the other is saying his opinion to the death. Dude can tank Captain Universe and the Phoenix, pebbles ain't shit next to that. Pre/New-52 Wonder Woman. I have scans showing Wonder Woman doesn't even have to think cause it's all muscle memory and trainings. Arthur and Diane are both clad in armor I don’t see why Magneto couldn’t just toss them both into the stratosphere and be done with them. Magneto has instant control over his powers so the only way to speed blitz him would be for him to not know the attack is coming which is not the case here,, he knows he is fighting. Wonder Woman gets pink misted 10/10. Their speed might be equalised, but throwing a pebble really hard has nothing to do with how fast you are. They'd have options still, but he'd have defenses as well, and his multitasking is no joke. It doesn't matter ww reactions are better than supes if mags can control it at an instant clip, Magneto has instant control over his powers so the only way to speed blitz him would be for him to not know the attack is coming which is not the case here,, he knows he is fighting. How long would it take for Magneto to defend himself from her melee attacks by using a variety of methods for defense? I said that ww doesn't win on speed.. She can however win with strength if mags can't hold her and due to equipment if she can break his shields so she can use her lasso. 8 Beat: Emma Frost. I will tell you that franklin Richards is the most powerful non cosmic character so there... @newecho: didn't pre-52 Wally beat a dude in a race from the far end of the universe back to Earth in less time than it took for him to instantly teleport? N52 only was not(and had even a few piercing durability feats), just if we add Rebirth. Definitely not N52. Throwing shit really hard at Magneto's shield isn't going to accomplish much of anything. That was a while ago. So if you could site the specifics one that are relevant... What you explained was completely inaccurate to the point where it doesn't even make sense.. Location: Apocalypse vs X-Men Fight Location (X-Men Apocalypse 2016 Movie). Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Do you think he's the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe? Battles must include at least one specific combatant and include the series/version of the character(s) in the title or post body (For example; Thor vs. Wonder Woman must be titled like "Thor (Marvel 616) vs. Wonder Woman (DC Post-Crisis)"). If he wanted he could totally crib a play from Misaka"s playbook and use particulate iron "sand" that would allow him to levitate them in a way they couldn't resist. Edited the OP. But her bracers have been consistently made of metal though and he can control those. After you rejected scans of Wonder Woman moving faster than thought and Flash moving faster than instantaneous travel, you have lost a lot of credibility for me. If Magneto can rebuild a Celestial AND act as it's nervous system... Then WW's biology should be easy to manipulate. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 1 Could Defeat: The Flash Connected to the … If they aren't, WW has the advantage here. Once he's up he's immobilized and then all it will take will a full punch from either one of them and he's dead. But it's growing tedious for you to-apparently-imply that Diana has NO CHANCE WHATSOVER of reaching Magneto before he can react; in light of all her speed feats that have been presented, I believe that premise completely defies logic. If he miraculously got a shield up in time (when he barely got it up in time to block Cyclops who is as slow as a snail compared to the Amazon) there's nothing stopping her from using her FTL speed to instantaneously go through the floorboards and come up on him on the other side of his shield---then chop him to cat meat before he's realized it happened. DC's version of magneto can do it. Round one is 9/10, with WW gruesomely impaled on some I-beams or car parts. I accept the truthness of the scans. Magneto in his prime... AND speed equalized? @allcreation: dude you ramble saying the same thing over and over, I thought you were asking who is the most powerful in marvel.. Magneto would win this. @newecho: Franklin Richards is a high tier reality warper... Is that the lowest tier character that you think could beat Magneto? With the way you're describing this instantaneous shield, blood bend combo, It's like you have it in your head that only high tier Reality Warpers can deal with Magneto. No BFR. But I guess you will ignore them too. Magneto can just crush em. And as I said before, it's doubtful that a woman that, among many strength feats is strong enough to lift part of the infinite weight of the Spectre, pull Martian Manhunter out of a black hole, and survive a black hole HERSELF is going to be held down by anything Erik does. I don't remember her having that weakness in N52. Magneto & Puma vs Wonder Woman # Wonder Woman The master of magnetism Magneto an incredibly powerful Mutant and a very good character is fighting together with the mercenary and Mutate Puma. This will be a long hard battle Mageto defending himself with a powerful force field and Puma using his … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Diana can withstand the centre of the earth and take punches from Superman but she is susceptible to piercieng damage. but Quick Silver was in No way time traveling in that scene. Either WW blitzes Mags, or Mags rips her apart. If they know the attack is coming, you can't speed blitz them because their powers are instant. And I've read the things you've written; are you really arguing that Magneto's thought process is faster than Amazo's super computer brain-backed up by Superman and Diana's speed reaction time? ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Versus The Demigodes Wonder Woman doughter of Zeus the sky father and ruler of Olympos. Years later, that incredible display of skill and speed was surpassed by Diana-after withstanding THREE CONSECUTIVE IMPS-lassoing Zoom which is a remarkable thing since, at the time she was BLIND. The only round where she maybe wins is round 2. Scans show the truth. Magneto. I'm moving on to my CAV. I could see wonder woman winning with her lasso and her speed. But they’re also super durable and strong. When have we ever seen any piece of here equipment effected by magnetism? Back in the day, when I was young playing make believe on the playground or where ever, there was always those kids who, because they were so invested in "winning", would take denial to OUTLANDISH levels. So Magneto probably can, WW really needs to abuse her speed. I wonder who among you two is all talk and no substance and who's less talk but pure substance? Depowered Wonder Woman VS Batman (Rebirth) Who wins in a fight between Batman and Wonder Woman after Diana loses her powers and is put into a normal human body? Press J to jump to the feed. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. There are plenty people more powerful than mags and prethera of ways to beat him, I just disagree that speed is one of those ways... @allcreation: OK I am going to try this one more time... You are confused because you look at marvel and dc as the same,, you think thought process is relative to how fast physically a person is which is not the case. The literal definition of the word instant is "A very short space of time" if time is completely frozen then you are Not Time Traveling but you Are moving faster than Instant... Also Magneto has actually been speed blitzed on more than one occasion so I'm sure why you're implying he can't be. More posts from the whowouldwin community. Magneto stomps since both of them rely heavily on metal. Even if we pretend he cheats and activates his shield before the fight starts... against some one as strong as the Earth, maintaining it would require every drop of power he has, and even then it eventually it breaks... No way in Hell he's stopping a thousand plus Super Strength Punches a second And and Blood Bending at the same man... Let me just ask... Who in your opinion would beat Magneto then?