The special crossover series pitted Marvel Comics superheroes against their DC counterparts in battle. At the moment, though, in the Marvel vs. DC stakes, Marvel is the clear front-runner. The Next DC/Marvel Crossover Teased as 'SECRET CRISIS' A true crossover event between Marvel and DC Comics may seem impossible, so why is Geoff Johns teasing exactly that in Doomsday Clock? The next crop of contenders—including Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Joker, and Wonder Woman 1984—mean that fans of big-screen skirmishes between good and evil have a lot to look forward to over the next few years. (Scores accurate as of 3pm on 11/15/17.). Captain Marvel earned that spot in California, where actress Brie Larson was born, and the Aloha State weighed in behind Native Hawaiian Jason Momoa’s character Aquaman. But who comes out on top? New on Amazon Prime Video in December 2020, Small Axe Stars Letitia Wright, Shaun Parkes, And More On the Power of Steve McQueen’s Vision. Superman soared in the showdown of superheroes, landing at the top of the list for eight states. When will be released, what will be seen in the trailer, when the good print will come out, there will always be anxiety. 1. A true crossover event between Marvel and DC Comics may seem impossible, so why is Geoff Johns teasing exactly that in Doomsday Clock? and/or its affiliate(s). Marvel vs. DC by Felix Richter, ... but Marvel has a whole gang of superheroes fighting to secure the box office crown. ... X-Men: Dark Phoenix 2019 Captain Marvel 2019 Avengers End Game 2019 Batman Can’t Stop Making Iron Man's MCU Mistake, The Next DC/Marvel Crossover Teased as 'SECRET CRISIS', Doomsday Clock Ends With a Twist NOBODY Saw Coming, how Dr. Manhattan interfered with the DC Universe, future Crisis events coming to DC's Universe, the past battles between the Justice League and Avengers, DC throws jabs (or shade) at the competition. By Andrew Dyce Dec 22, 2019. , but this smashing green rage monster crushed the competition in seven states despite being widely reviled. In the final chapter delivered with Doomsday Clock #12, Manhattan sees the persistence of Superman echo through history, and thanks to his perception of time, through the future as well. Thirty-two states named DC their most popular comic book universe, and fourteen chose Marvel. In the spirit of friendly competition, we broke down the data for all the DC and Marvel movies, television shows, and direct-to-DVD offerings that have earned a Tomatometer score (130 total) to see where they stood in relation to each other. Fans have their theories about why he’s one of the. All rights reserved. The series is inspired by Reed Tucker’s book Slugfest: Inside the Epic, 50-year Battle Between Marvel and DC.The competition between the publishers actually dates … Marvel vs. DC: Which Comic Book Universe Is Your State’s Favorite? The question should be about WB & Disney as DC & MARVEL are not self independent companies but we will talk in their perspective. According to this tease, 2030 brings a threat or invasion that sees the Man of Steel test Thor's hammer, and the Incredible Hulk sacrifice himself to save Superman. And looking into the future, an event that would always take place -- even if Marvel's heroes collided with DC's Universe, leading to yet another massive reboot. But Superman was voted Missouri’s favorite hero even though Star-Lord, Marvel’s sassy star of Guardians of the Galaxy, calls the Show-Me State home. This may come as a surprise to some, considering Marvel’s current run of Certified Fresh hits like Thor: Ragnarok, Spiderman: Homecoming, Logan, and Deadpool. Even if its big-screen efforts have earned spotty reviews, DC’s animated films on home video have been wildly successful and attracted a loyal audience. Requires credit qualification, 2-year commitment with early termination fee and eAutoPay. Do you disagree with your state’s choices? While the first instinct may be to brush off the reference as a joke, or a wink to the fans, it's not the usual way that DC throws jabs (or shade) at the competition. Hopper upgrade fee may apply. There’s no stopping the juggernaut of comic book–inspired movies taking over the country’s silver screens, and it looks to be another year of pitched battles between Marvel and DC. The Marvel branding began in 1961, the year that the company launched The Fantastic Four and other … DC has the highest rated trilogy, courtesy of Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman (88.3%), and the number one critic/audience rated film overall with The Dark Knight (94% Tomatometer score, 94% Audience score). Manhattan learned that Superman was the heart of DC's reality. Screen Rant Editor Andrew Dyce was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Captain America held onto his fans in the Beehive State, but Utahns also love Iron Man despite Steve and Tony’s epic civil war. 5202 W. Douglas Corrigan Way, Ste 300, Salt Lake City, UT 84116. DISH, DISH Network and DISH Network logos are trademarks, registered trademarks and/or service marks of DISH Network L.L.C. The event known only as... Secret Crisis: No matter how many times Superman's existence is attacked, he will survive. Twenty-nine of the top heroes also came from DC comics, while twenty-two came from Marvel. Lastly — and this was the biggest factor — DC had 25 direct-to-DVD titles with an average Tomatometer score of 79%. Has It Been Too Long For Doomsday Clock's Ending To Matter? help you decide which universe truly is the strongest? If nothing else, it’s notable that neither Marvel nor DC really dominates any one category, as Marvel tends to have more entries, but DC is always at the top. All Disney Animated Movies Ranked by Tomatometer, The 24 Worst Christmas Movies Ever: The Rottenest Holiday Films Of All Time, The Best Movies of 2020 (So Far) – Best New Films of the Year, 25 Modern Christmas Classics to Add to Your Holiday Movie List, Best Netflix Series and Shows To Watch Right Now (November 2020). All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. DC has also released more films with female leads (Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Supergirl) than Marvel has (Elektra), though until Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman came along, none of them had scored any higher than 10% on the Tomatometer. That includes Illinois, home to Metropolis and a fifteen-foot-tall, two-ton Man of Steel statue. With 40 Fresh titles and an average 67.7% Tomatometer score, DC manages a narrow victory over Marvel (40 titles and 64.1%). Mortal Kombat Team Wants to Make a Marvel vs. DC Game Ed Boon, custodian of the Mortal Kombat and Injustice franchises, "would love to" tackle Marvel's roster... By Rob Leane | April 4, 2019 | All Rights Reserved. Kansas decided against hometown boy Superman for top superhero and sided with Green Lantern. Share your thoughts or share on social media and keep the discussion going. One Avengers: Endgame Line Was Hugely Controversial In The Comics. Alexa, Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. Only four of the eighteen most popular superheroes on our list were women. And when someone as instrumental as Johns has been in guiding the vision for DC's future events gives a name and date, fans would be wise to take note. globally—they didn’t conquer the competition. But Superman was voted Missouri’s favorite hero even though Star-Lord, Marvel’s sassy star of, Just because no one likes you doesn’t mean you can’t be popular, which seems to be the case for The Hulk. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that we live in an unprecedented era of great entertainment for comics fans — whether you’re loyal to DC or Marvel — and that’s a win for everyone. In two cases, the actors behind the capes may have won their state’s support and captured the “Most Popular” title.