What batting would you recommend? Adding flannel to your quilts adds a layer of warmth, comfy textures, and a wintertime style that is hard to pass by. Oh my word. Yes, you can sew flannel to quilting cotton. Jelly Rolls and seam allowance. If you use cheap flannel, it may pill after a while. The vinyl/plastic tablecloth idea is a great idea to use when doing any machine quilting on a domestic machine. I’m getting ready to make my husband a quilt from a flannel layer cake. However, if you are able to lose a couple inches from each precut, prewashing flannel is a good idea. Can I do this? If you’ve met one, you have NOT met them all.​. By only advice is to baste your quilt sandwich really well and if you are machine quilting, use a walking foot and sew slowly. I was going to ask how to pre-wash all of those little pre-cut squares, but after reading your helpful article and comments, I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t do this flannel set I found. Maybe try sewing every 12″ and see if that’s enough for you? I know the feeling and it can be disappointing. I too am trying to make a memory quilt out of flannel shirts. Also wash it as infrequently as possible – once a year is not crazy. aahaahahahah please help or maybe it could be the spray adhesive i don’t know. Hello, I’m new to quilting but have wanted to make a flannel quilt for some time. Quick View. Does that make sense? Am I doomed. I’m thinking orange. How should I cut my flannel? Custom orders gladly accepted. But quilting a flannel backed quilt is way more difficult than a cotton or silk backing, so I’m pretty sure I won’t be quilting flannel again…:). I have only done stitch in the ditch so far but for this one I want to hand quilt it with a cute design. I hope you enjoy this collection of modern quilts! Very rarely will I respond to that question with a “No.” Can you do that? Just completed my first rag baby quilt, used flannel fabric, I must say it looks great, I washed the quilt but don’t have a dryer, but it still came out looking pretty good, one problem I have all these lose threads from the fraying, no matter how many times I shake the quilt, i keep getting more and more, concern is for the baby. Thanks! I plan to buy a high quality flannel layer cake to make a quilt. In this scenario, I think you could hold off on the starch and still be OK. There are two important steps in sewing any quilt, but especially a rag quilt. so what tips do you have for using flannel (2 layers) for batting of a baby quilt. Flannel is also not an easy fabric to free-motion. I wish I would have read this post before I started on my flannel quilt. And getting a better four-patch. Bay Window Quilt Shop has quilts, quilting fabrics, quilt patterns, notions, gifts, and machine quilting services. I also did not prewash the backing. See more ideas about flannel quilts, quilts, flannel. Your granddaughter is going to love it! Moda Bake Shop, Fat Quarter Bundle. Quilt Patterns Modern Fans Quilt Pattern (Download) Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 13.00 $ 9.10. Anything I need to do other than prewash the flannel? I have a BIG concern still re washing my rag quilt and getting the drain clogged up. But if you’re going to make a big commitment together, you know, like sewing a quilt, we’re going to need some honesty. Because you are using flannel instead of batting, you do not run the risk of batting bunching, shifting or collecting in lumps underneath your quilt sandwich. Great question! If things do get a little wrinkled, it’s not a bad idea to iron things out before sewing. I don’t quilt with flannel. I can’t match it up and am very frustrated. I made a ridiculously oversized jean patchwork quilt with flannel backing and no batting. Add to Wishlist. Find the perfect free bed quilt pattern for the perfect gift at free-quilting.com. I wanted to use 42″x90″ in the center, then cut a 42″ in piece in half(21″) and seam to the center piece on each side., to avoid a center seam. Use very mild detergent, and crank up your water temp so you can get all that shrinking out of the way before you start quilting with flannel. I also though about putting interfacing along the entire back of the pieced side of the quilt once it has been put together to help it all stay well. Quick View. The flannel is a sheet from Garnet Hill, so I’m hoping good-ish quality. Hi Donna, don’t fret! I did recently make a quilt using a flannel charm pack and found out just want you mean about flannel stretching! But listen. Because of all of that stretchiness, flannel can slide a bit, making it hard to sew. If you’re going to be ripping out some seams in preparation for quilting with flannel, rip with care… if that’s a thing? A Moda Basic. Required fields are marked *. More quilting = stiffer. That isn’t necessary for piecing the quilt top. It's the looser weave that produces all of that lint.