Forbes Asia. One of Korea’s most beloved Buddhist temples, Haeinsa Temple, sits on a slope in the Gayasan mountain range. Like Liyuan Library, this two-storey structure uses wood and glass to perfection. Many of the Nawab family’s royal properties have since been ravaged by time, but the Raza Library, once part of a palace, is one of 145 monuments that are protected by the government. Temple stays can also be arranged. 6 Reasons Why Taiwan Should Be Your Next Destination, 8 OMG Hotel Services That Are Way Over The Top, 6 Awe-Inspiring Asian Monuments Built In Tribute To Love, 9 Non-Travel Travel Experiences You Should Try At Least Once, Holiday Horrors: Scary Travel Stories For The Chill Of It. The structure is intended to integrate the three aspects of Buddha and his teachings: the physical represented by statues and paintings, the speech represented by books and printing blocks, and the heart represented by the eight small bowls found on the shrine on the first floor. Constructed using ancient Akita-prefecture methods, the roof is made with local cedar wood, and fans out in a gorgeous dome-like configuration. Sometimes, the packaging is just as good as what's inside. St.Peter Burg’s library is named as the 2nd largest library of the whole Russia which is also included in the most significant libraries of the world. And with good reason. BY Jill Harness. Its three rooms – which contain 70,000 older volumes stacked over two stories – are divided by elaborate archways, while the hard oak used for the shelving inside should keep it free from insect infestation. Saint Gallen, Switzerland. Aside from the Tripitaka Koreana and picturesque mountain views, visitors can view 15 public treasures including the Iljumun, the first gate which humankind must pass in order to attain Buddhahood, and 200 private treasures such as religious paintings, sculptures and stone pagodas. He boasts a five-tier atrium, with a black and white marble floor, ornamental cast-iron balconies and golden columns. While many of the royal family’s other properties have been left to crumble, the library is still protected by the Indian government—another one of the country’s few protected monuments. Okay, this one’s a little wonky, because the most recent official information I could find is from 2014, when 1.44 million people visited the Royal Library in Copenhagen. Libraries are treasure troves for those who seek knowledge and ideas, enlightenment and escape. Zoe's dream destinations are Atlantis, Middle-Earth, and Narnia but since you can't fly there, she’ll settle for Tibet, Mongolia, and Morocco. The library holds over 35 million items, including 35,000 pieces of scripted shells and a large collection of foreign language works. The best part: most of these libraries are open for visits, so you can check them out if you are on holidays in any of the countries these libraries are located. This Neo-Baroque design might not be something you’d immediately associate with Japan, but the 1904 Nakanoshima Library actually fits in quite well in Osaka, as the area has quite a few other stone-walled buildings with similar architecture. The building was the first to achieve a diamond rating under the government’s new eco-friendliness rating system. Discover the world's most stunning libraries, from a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the mountains of South Korea to the modern incarnation of ancient Alexandria's legendary library. Some wander for the sights, others travel for the architecture. It’s a collection of over 80,000 Buddhist scriptures carved onto ancient wooden blocks that dates back to the 13th century. The 12 Most Beautiful Libraries in the US By Lisa Kaylor updated on 09/14/2017 Signup for our newsletter and receive Travel Ideas directly to your inbox The gem of Egyptian public libraries is the Bibliotheca Alexandrina which is a beautiful space in which to study but also houses a growing and diverse collection. For the last couple years, Jill Harness has been rounding up the world's most beautiful libraries by continent. The unique design, by Japanese architects Kazumi Kudo and Hiroshi Horiba, filters sunlight into the reading room, gifting the atmosphere with a sense of tranquility. The Study House was completed 1982 in honor of Kim Il-Sung’s 70th birthday and features an amazing 600 rooms with capacity for 30 million books. One of the best libraries in the world, and certainly one of the most distinctive and an architectural feat in its own right, the National Library of Belarus is shaped like a Rhombicuboctahedron (or this, for our fellow non-mathematicians). If you're looking for real traditional Chinese architecture, you’ll need to leave Beijing and head over to Ningbo City—home to the oldest private library in Asia. Included in their collection are 17,000 rare manuscripts, 205 hand-written palm leaves and 5000 miniature paintings. It is the library which was started with the books of almost 20 million which were later reduced because of the fire incident occurred in it which has damaged a large number of books. As you might expect, the collection is rather impressive: 300,000 ancient books, including a number of woodcut and handwritten titles. The unique 22-story building was opened in 2006, although the library has been in operation since 1922. Top Pakistan Libraries: See reviews and photos of libraries in Pakistan, Asia on Tripadvisor. These Are 13 of the Most Beautiful Libraries in the World ... ASIA National Library of Sejong City – Sejong City, South Korea. One of its most famous features is the beautiful garden in the back—a rare sight in the commercial area in which it is located.The library and reading room were originally intended to be an entire institute dedicated to mechanics, science and technology, but funding ran short. Images courtesy of Flickr users bookchen and Carol Mitchell. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Free Issue of Forbes. These are our top 10. Explore seven of the world's best and most beautiful libraries. Inside, cedar compound boards function as bookshelves and as large steps that readers may also use as seats. There are several libraries around the world that would have enough items to keep you reading for a lifetime and beyond. The slanted roof collects moisture from humidity and rain, and then recycles it for the restrooms and gardens. If you’re a student or a freelancer in Paris, libraries offer an ideal place to spend a productive afternoon away from the noisiness of cafés.Many older ones are closed to the public, many of these offer guided tours, which are almost always free. The Tama Art University Library in Tokyo, Japan consists of two academic libraries on two campuses, but it is the newer Hachioji Library that has caught most attention for its architecture. Latest. Completed in 1870, the David Sassoon Library is one of only 145 monuments protected by India’s government, and the oldest library in Mumbai. The Beitou Library has also been fitted with solar panels and deep-set and latticed windows to reduce energy use. Now it’s time to head to Asia to see what the East has to offer. The Tama Art University Library in Tokyo, Japan consists of two academic libraries on two campuses, but it is the newer Hachioji Library that has caught most attention for its architecture. Images courtesy of Flickr user JAQ's PhotoStorage. Its white surface would be overly stark if not for the 6,000 round windows punctuating its façade. Library of Parliament is the main information repository and research resource for the Parliament of ... [+] Canada. Founded by the Qing government in 1909, the original library’s extensive collection outgrew the confines of its home at Guanghua Temple (now called the NLC Ancient Books Library).