407k: v. 1 : Jun 22, 2010, 2:01 AM: Teach It: Ċ: S3-DiverityandMulticulturalism.pdf View Download: This unit of work has been created by Jason Milner. To assist teachers to assess the value and appropriateness of new resources before using these as part of a teaching program, the Department has developed the Teacher Resource Flowchart. Whilst implementation of the syllabus across these cohorts is not mandatory before 2020, designing a clear path for content and skill development can ensure the sequential development of effective teaching and learning programs over the next two years. $15.00. The new syllabus strands: Health, Wellbeing and Relationships; Movement Skill and Performance and Healthy, Safe and Active Lifestyles, reinforce the importance of lifelong physical activity and positive health habits, equipping students with the skills to manage their health in an informed and purposeful manner. Floating on a sea of talk: Language and learning in Kindergarten. A table to help you keep track of the PDHPE NSW Syllabus codes you have taught each term. Early Stage One. Implementing a Daily English Block using the English K-6 Syllabus, Leading a School Choir in Primary Schools – As Embedded in the NSW Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus, Leading Improvement in Literacy Years K-6, Leading the Lifting of Achievement in Years 7-12, Learning Through Projects and Assessment for Technology 7-12, Learning through song: embedding the K-6 music concepts and achieving syllabus outcomes through group singing - online, Performance and Development for Educational Leaders in Schools, Primary Conference - Your First Years of Teaching, Revisiting the Common Module in HSC English: consolidating what we know and building for 2021 - online, Secondary English Conference "...speak out loud and bold..." The Artistry and Vision of Teaching HSC English, Statistics for Mathematics and Science Teachers – Stage 6, Teacher Librarian K-6 Conference - Connection through Stories, Teaching English and Literacy Creatively in Primary Classrooms, Teaching Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary for the NSW English K-6 Syllabus, Teaching Students with Special Needs in Mainstream Classes, Tell me your story: Supporting EAL/D students in the primary years - online, Understanding the Role of Phonics in the Literacy Journey K-6: What the Research Tells Us, Exploring Problem Solving and Working Mathematically K-6, Improving your Pedagogy with Assessment in English K – 6, Stage Three Conference - Fostering academic growth and social capability, Teaching Reading, Comprehension and Critical Thinking K-6 using the English Syllabus, The Essentials of Teaching Mathematics K-6, Michelle Maher - For Your Staffroom - A Guide to the PDHPE Syllabus.pdf. A strong focus on the ethical use of technology and the development of strategies to manage online conflict will allow students to interact with relevant content and develop necessary skills to navigate their changing world. This module is designed to lead into the ‘Unpacking the PDHPE K-10 syllabus propositions (RG04325) online course and the 'Unpacking the PDHPE K-10 syllabus workshop (RG02979). The most important thing for teachers moving towards implementation is to engage in the wide range of face-to-face and online professional learning experiences on offer. The Centre for Professional Learning also offers courses to support syllabus implementation. PDHPE K-10 Syllabus (2018) Catholic Teaching on Life and Bioethical Issues Cybersafety K-6 Scope K-6 Introduction to PDHPE PPT Overview of suggested focus questions Sample Scope and Sequence for PDHPE Towards Wholeness Websites K-6. digital. The unit has been designed for Stage 2 (year 3 and 4). All topics in Stages 4 and 5 are mandatory and schools have the freedom to decide on the degree of focus on each dot point in line with the needs and interests of their students. As students progress to Stage 5, the syllabus introduces more “real-life” experiences such as: create and evaluate health campaigns, programs or mobile applications that aim to promote fitness or participation in a lifetime of physical activity. Digital Download . Each strand must be addressed each year, but schools have the autonomy to manage course delivery in the way that best suits their students and the resources that are available to them to address the syllabus outcomes.