You must log in or register to reply here. Living Tribunal vs. White Phoenix of the Crown. It doesn’t matter were this battle starts or if there bloodlusted they are the most powerful being in marvel comics. There is no one other than the unknown superior he has that is more powerful. The Phoenix force's power comes from TOAA, so does the Heart of the Universe, Living Tribunal's powers, Thanos' powers, Galactus' powers. this is one battle i can route for a guy who i haven't seen fight. While the abstracts are reflections of the universe and their roles can be usurped and re-allocated at any time during the creation cycle Phoenix … However, don't let his funny exterior fool you. And F. R. at full potential = unlimited potential to alter reality. We bet that there are even more characters that we missed who could defeat Dark Phoenix! I was just typing a reply then i read this and scrapped it lol. The Living Tribunal Vs. The Phoenix Force. A one-stop shop for all things video games. and one book, 100 Things X-Men Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die, from Triumph Books. He was present at the Big Bang! This is a guy who just has the Ultimate Nullifier lying around in his ship. What kind of battle would it be? that means he's governing 616, Earth-X, Ultimate Universe, What IF, etc etc. The One above all, being a representation of the writer, creator, and even the fans of the comic, is unbeatable. Basically anybody above Dormammu could do it. During Final Crisis, the ultimate bad guy at the heart of the story was Mandrakk, the evil Monitor who went crazy (perhaps due to the darkness of the worlds that he was monitoring) and became a sort of vampire-like being, with the "blood" that he was sucking being the very existence of the DC Universe. 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The Living Tribunal vs White Phoenix of the Crown # The Living Tribunal This battle is close to mismatch since LT is nigh omnipotent omniscient omnipresence and wpotc is just a … There is a reason that the story of the Dark Phoenix is being adapted for the second time this century with the upcoming film, X-Men: Dark Phoenix. You cant devise scenarios like "well spiderman would sling his web and throw sabertooth around" or "wolverine would slice through catwoman like a knife through hot butter". The One-Above-All is a catchall metaphor for the Biblical version … GalacticStorm does a good job explaining PF feats, power, and its role in th MU. Well, Dr. There should be a rule against even uttering TOAA's name in this sub. All the others are either lesser Celestial beings or created by the OAA. The other Monitors built a robot that could defeat him, but it took the energies of two different Superman-level beings to power the Thought Robot, which was piloted by Superman. and don't you ever call God a wimp. Its just a question of "well the LT is 2nd in rank and PF is say... 5th so LT wins!". she'll make him feel bad about what hes done and he'll turn himself in to the NYPD, in all honesty, you can be scared of someone who isnt as much of a threat as you think. The writer is inherently the be all and end all, no matter how powerful Dr. Manhattan is, it is not possible for him to pose a threat to Alan Moore. Even IG Thanos is less than LT. Raw power doesn't even come into question. There can be only one left standing. LT has limits to its power as well. When you can alter reality itself, you most likely will have a good shot at taking down Dark Phoenix. Yes, it actually does mean there can't be a winner. None of us can ever hope to realize what his responsibility is so don't make fun. These kind of fights are near impossible to determine. Luckily, Adam Warlock was able to get the Gauntlet from Thanos and then split up the gems so that the Gauntlet could not be used again (that, of course, didn't stop future writers from putting the Gauntlet back together a number of times). what difference does that make =/, It would be like Superman fighting 'The Presence'. Since the One Above All is either Lee or Kirby (there is some debate as It's taken the form of both men in the comics), and also the creator of all existence in the Marvel multiverses, I'd have to put my faith (ahem) in It.