NOT! Those high in neuroticism (the opposite of emotional stability) are much more likely to have negative and argumentative interactions with others, including their partners.8,9 They also tend to be more jealous and less forgiving.10,11 Not surprisingly, then, individuals high in neuroticism are more likely to end up divorced.12 In the early stages of dating, watch out for someone who seems excessively touchy or anxious: It could be a sign that a relationship with that person will be rocky. my husband had most of these qualities 20 years ago. Thank you. And yes - I've been on the receiving end of this clap-trap you're spouting here ... and it's NOT romantic - it's infuriatingly frustrating. 4 Tips to Manage Your Mindset Through the Pandemic, The Psychology of the Physical Bookstore Experience. It is really complicated to choose someone as your partner. An Ideal Partner Is A Trustworthy Individual, 2. he had over my emotions. The person you marry should make a point of expressing why they appreciate you, how they feel about you, and what physical qualities about yourself that they find attractive, handsome, sexy, or hot. Or, as my boyfriend's grandfather put it: you don't need someone who's great to look at, but who looks in the same direction as you. ), The development and course of marital dysfunction (pp. There is also evidence that spouses who start out more similar in terms of educational attainment, age, and desired number of children are less likely to get divorced.5. psychologist. i think we women feel it is romantic and ideal when a man knows. but many times men do know so i guess a few times of not knowing is not so bad. too busy pushing my own agenda to take the time to know Is your relationship doomed if your partner doesn’t have all of these qualities? People who are conscientious tend to bring that trait into their relationships and are more dependable and trustworthy.6 People who are less conscientious are more difficult to deal with in a relationship – They cancel plans, fail to fulfill their obligations around the house, act carelessly, and fall through on their promises. 15 Qualities Of A Good Husband Material. i think we women feel it is romantic and ideal when a man knows. Pretty straight on advice, but unfortunately it also depends on the time of life you meet someone. That unpopular kid in high school who always got his or her homework done and followed all the rules could make a more trustworthy and dependable spouse in the future. The Five-Factor Model of personality and relationship satisfaction of intimate partners: A meta-analysis. psychologist can't understand women?? And you're telling me that a Believe it or not, having a man I'm in love with just BTW, when it happens, it is VERY romantic when a man In. knows what you want or what you're thinking. A. Simpson & L. Campbell (Eds. Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today. Ok. it? Should I Tell Him How Many Men I Slept With Before We Met? Ah, what I would do to be understood. Ed., C. P. S. E. Quote David N. Andrews M. Let’s take a look some important qualities you should focus in your life partner. Ensure that your ideal potential partner stands a fighting chance by looking at the facts right now. It should never involve expectations of meeting a standard , but at least knowing what your partner is attracted to and making a deliberate effort to do to what you can and LOVING it at the same time is key. help? When people with destiny beliefs hit a bump, they assume it’s a sign that their relationship is doomed. At the end of the day no matter how opposite we are when it comes to those traits, we always come together. This is what you want. This takes care of so many damned problems I swear. The psychological infrastructure of courtship and marriage: The role of personality and compatibility in romantic relationships. ), The Oxford handbook of close relationships (pp. Journal of Research in Personality, 44, 124-127. It’s a fact, more people in more countries around the world rely on, 1. Perhaps you're a husband looking to improve yourself? I find myself often suggesting that perhaps she's not the best judge of what makes 'her' visually appealing, considering the facts that she's not actually trying to attract women--and she's a woman, and that her mate doesn't find men attractive. When people are asked to list the most important qualities in a potential partner, kindness, physical attractiveness, an exciting personality, and income/earning potential tend to top the list. Your email address will not be published. Personal Relationships, 22,138–152. This may not sound like the sexiest set of traits, but it’s a good package for a long-term mate. 5. Lol. done. 9 Suls, J., & Martin, R. (2005). Copyrights 2020, But maybe this will New York: Cambridge University Press. with regrets over things you should have-or shouldn't have- In contrast, those with growth beliefs think that relationships take hard work and that a strong relationship is something that you develop over time. 7 Malouff, J. M., Thorsteinsson, e. B., Schutte, N. S., & Rooke, S. E. (2010). little effort in loving each other exactly the way you dream An Ideal Partner Will Share They Views About Kids, 19. Implicit theories of relationships: Destiny and growth beliefs. oh well that's life sometimes. 2 Rodriguez, L. M. Hadden, B. W., & Knee, C. R. (2015). You can probably expect nothing but confusion and mixed signals in a relationship with this person. I would not have felt comfortable writing this list if my husband did not show me that not only he, but many men out there are all these things or at least want/try to be. Decades of research into relationship satisfaction and longevity points to several key qualities you may be able to spot early on: 1. Imagine the embarrassment that you will feel when you see your husband waltzing down the road on his way home from the pub, barely able to stand up straight. 8 Heaven, P. C. L., Smith, L., Prabhakar, S. M., Abraham, J., & Mete, M. E. (2006). ...I hope your new relationship is going well. If you know a woman is in love with you David, This is a fantastic list, and I agree whole heartedly with 95% what is said.. 6 Hill, P. L., Nickel, L. B., &  Roberts, B. W. (2014). An Ideal Partner Loves To Communicate, 14. 183-198). I highly doubt that - you already strike me as a Dunning-Krugerite. Methinks you should give me the correct spelling so I Whenever I have been IN LOVE with a man, so Journal of Marriage and Family, 69, 639–653. 3 Surra, C. A., & Longstreth, M. (1990). I would agree about similarity - especially for values and preferences that are important to you. find it anywhere on the net, surprisingly enough. It would have been easier and less work to be married to somebody more similar, especially since we had a lot of conflicts at the beginning because you do not realize how many assumptions you have of what is normal or expected that are based on your culture and not universal. I wouldn't want my wife telling me to wear polyester over cotton, if I found cotton more comfortable. A woman who wants to blow you of course. Anyway...don't know what else to say. And when the going gets tough, they give up, rather than working to repair the damage. In J. Is that right? An Ideal Partner Is A Strong Individual, 15. How to Mend a Broken Marriage: 12 Proven Tips. NRI Woes When Searching for The Perfect Indian Partner. 7) Handy - Guys, are you handy - what is handy? its called being friends, or roommates. My opinion has always been, dress so you are comfortable (material, size, temperature), but choose styles with purpose (stand out, attract a/your mate, compliment your form, suit a function).