Anyone can look this up now. And still kind of keep the curation on the outside of the different pieces I give to the world at the same time. After he signed 50, he eventually caught himself in the middle of a longstanding war of words (violent, sometimes) between his protege, 50 Cent, against Ja Rule and his Murder Inc. So these people have the power to shape what goes on in nations, and they use what’s known as Hegelian Dialectics or Hegelian Principles to get the results they want. Now, Cactus Jack serves as home to Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, and others. That’s where I’m at right now. The New York-bred MC launched a subscription service called The Center, which completely changed the way he operates. A record label is a brand in the music industry that works in the publishing and marketing of music videos and recordings. Yah be with you both. For rappers who do not wish to pursue careers as independent artists, music labels are an essential cornerstone of their music. The group released their debut, Aftermath-free album, Devil's Night, in 2001. but the way you posted this it feels like you’re attempting to paint the dems as “good” and running that reverse Candace Owens on us… that “take responsibility for yourselves and your broken homes garbage” as if the powers that be are just innocent bystanders. If you say you got the Spirit of truth, then truth should be all that matters, right? Then it’s like, what are you? The Republicans are no better…. It’s all about what’s actually beneficial, what’s actually equitable and what actually makes sense. 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It was not always perfect at times, but I never had to sacrifice any of my core values really, and even in parting ways, they were super amicable and just want to see me win. Look out for more of HipHopDX’s interview with Marlon Craft. Below are some of the famous record labels owned by rappers; Maybach Music Group-Rick Ross Maybach Music … God said these folks would pity us not! The baseline of leverage is being able to walk away and be good. If you decide to stay away just be safe out here. Truth be told we and our forefathers are responsible for ALL that has happened to our community as is evidenced in multiple places in scripture. You’re someone that is constantly dropping knowledge. In the mean time…we have the power to vote. Democrats have NOTHING to offer black people at all and especially not black men. If you’re gonna praise Biden for prison reform… first point out that he is a big part of the reason we need prison reform in the first place. Marlon Craft Found A Fan-Funded Alternative After Leaving Sony Music. I hate to see you go. "So, whatchu wanna call that bull****?," fictional Suge Knight asks Dr. Dre on NWA's 2015 biopic Straight Outta Compton movie. I believe God made us all volitional beings with the power of choice, and I believe He said He set before us good and evil but for us to choose good. When you do a major thing, you get a bigger advance, but still, man, the advance just dries up. If you are still on the Democrat plantation… I’ll pray for you… but most of us here are not. Never has there been a time in Israel where they did not exist to try to mislead us… hell I guarantee you it’s a bunch of them snakes on this site right now typing posts and making comments. Then, in 2002, Eminem signed 50 Cent under a joint deal with Dr. Dre and formed him into a megastar he is today with over 16 million album sales worldwide. I personally have ZERO intentions on building anything with black Democrats. First of all, shout out to them because they helped me build a lot of shit. All I want is for our people to genuinely unite behind The Most High at the end of the day regardless of what this world is doing or what we need to do to get by. Things changed when Eminem signed to Aftermath in 1998, followed by 50 Cent in 2003 and Kendrick Lamar in 2012. Who asked for Drug Courts for drug offenders, and who opposed instead asking for tougher prison sentences? Record labels are always on the lookout for new singers, rappers, bands, producers and in general, artists. Talk is cheap… let’s talk about what the Crime Bill did to the black community. It was the Conservatives who wanted it tougher than the Liberals. Yes we do… but we always have. When you read their statements they say in no uncertain terms that there will be a new world order whether we want it or not, and since they control these Central Banks, they can do it because its within their power. I’m still looking at situations for the album, but I’m feeling good about where I’m at and I’m a prudent cat. Once you know what the deal is, you want what’s fair or that you might be comfortable with or where you’re actually coming out on top. Kanye West’s public dispute with his record label made rappers pay attention to their contracts, inspiring young artists like NLE Choppa to embrace independence. Without rap I wouldn’t be here today. The democrats are slick but they still knife ya the same way… republicans will do it in the open democrats will coax you down the alley. The Word helps me filter. One person who’s already done that is Marlon Craft, who left Same Plate Entertainment (a joint venture with Sony Music) to be an independent artist again. Later, he called it G-Unit Records and signed his childhood friends and fellow original G-Unit members (Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, Tony Yayo) both as a group and solo artists. What was important to them? Darren you post a lot of good info and Yah knows you’re right about us being a stiff necked people. He will do the rest. Music. I chew the meat and spit the bones… still to this day with everything I take in. What made you explore launching a subscription service? He later expanded GOOD Music by discovering Detroit rapper Big Sean in 2007, Kid Cudi in 2008, and Mos Def & Pusha T in 2010. I’m sorry but this isn’t about me pushing a weak leftist agenda, or being on the Democrat plantation, its all about CHOICE. In 2003, T.I teamed up with a fellow businessman, Jason Geter, to form Grand Hustle Records. Find answers, ask questions, and connect with the Israelite community all around the world. Next: 15 Sweet Facts About How Beyoncé And Jay-Z Got Together. I was looking at people with Patreon and things like that and I’m like, “Man, when we’re trying to set up a baseline.”. Artists like Nas, Black Thought, Jay Electronica, Reasonable Doubt Jay Z, Lauryn Hill, Tupac, Ice Cube, Cormega and others helped me avoid a lot of traps in the system on my way to Yah bringing me back into the fold and I’m forever grateful that some of the truths they shared were able to reach me when the rest of society wasn’t speaking on what I was seeing and experiencing. Why did Ice Cube, Lil Wayne, Fiddy, and others oppose Biden? I’m sitting here like, “Man, I don’t need that much to live.” I don’t. As we are awakening… so too are the serpents seed. It goes through a long list of processes including scouting talents from… It was the Conservatives opposing the leniency in that bill sir. They released their debut compilation album, We Are Young Money, on December 21, 2009, and debuted atop the US Rap Chart & peaked at number nine at the overall US Billboard 200 chart. Ok. I don’t want to make a million Craft-styles or whatever all the time and oversaturate the market with things on the outside. Unlike the traditional hip-hop label Roc-A-Fella, Roc Nation is more of an entertainment agency, and more diverse in genre. From Eminem's Shady Records in Detroit to Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella family, the following list features 10 rappers who have their own labels. He gets ZERO credit for fixing something he had a part in breaking. They keep on searching for new talents to be able … Look this information up for yourself. Anyone can look this up now. For decades rap music fans have been kept in the dark while these record labels cranked out music that promoted criminal activity thru their urban music to fill up their private prisons.