EGI BCBS OF NORTH CAROLINA FRO EXCELLUS BCBS MHF Florida RJH EXCELLUS BCBS HLE EXCELLUS BCBS MWX BCBS OF AL American National Standard Institute (ANSI) 270. ILT BCBS OF IL SMN PREMERA DHA New York (Excellus/Utica) DRG PREMERA XQQ Iowa (Wellmark) MJW 800.677.6669 PQQ HMO LAR BCBS OF IL CPV New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) XSB BCBS OF KANSAS KPH PREMERA TEU Alabama EWZ BCBS OF OHIO XFN HMO UBJ BCBS OF MN TDE REGENCE BS WA CJI New York (Excellus) MAE EXCELLUS BCBS LVI WESTERN NY In addition to the prefix, member ID cards may also have: A blank suitcase logo on a member ID card means that the patient has one of the following benefits delivered through BlueCard: Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). SMF BCBS OF AL DRP New York (Excellus) ZGM Texas – Medicare supplemental plan only [Thanks MaryBeth!] XVH BCBS OF MAINE Use this step-by-step guideline to complete the Get And Sign Premera Blue Cross & The Regence Group Three Character Prefixes Form promptly and with ideal precision. SDX EMPIRE BCBS KCM Pennsylvania (Highmark) HUO New York (Excellus) MJJ Michigan LEN NASCO DNH Wisconsin CGH New York (Empire) Please look for instructions or a phone number on the back of the member ID card. VZZ (Lumenos) IUE EXCELLUS BCBS RLM Ohio TGY BCBS OF NC RYC EXCELLUS BCBS PLZ BCBS OF AR o Western/Eastern WA and AK providers submit to Premera. KSE Kansas CIE EXCELLUS BCBS PFR BCBS OF NJ TON BCBS OF AL PHU Pennsylvania (Capital) CBB EXCELLUS BCBS WEK PREMERA DPU Michigan KCT REGENCE BS WA GEN BCBS OF AL SAA EXCELLUS BCBS AFB South Carolina GEA Pennsylvania (Independence) KCE BCBS OF GA ELC New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) prefix in the first three positions of the member’s ID number. ZRF (BC/BS of Wisconsin) EDJ PREMERA BVD Pennsylvania (Capital) FTQ NASCO IPB EMPIRE BCBS DUV Florida DCH NASCO BJA BCBS OF TX AJL Texas XNZ Idaho (Regence) NNS BCBS OF VA HHT BCBS OF WISCONSIN CQX Pennsylvania YJA New York (Western) KDS for Capital BCBS of PA 866-688-2242. YOU New York (Excellus/Utica) CZF Rhode Island XUA Louisiana [Thanks Stacy!] YLR New York (Empire) Double check all the fillable fields to ensure complete accuracy. AVW New York (Empire) KBR REGENCE BS WA GML Minnesota KCL BCBS OF GA DBD 866.261.0880 NWM 866.253.6066 XUP BCBS OF LOUISIANA CPB BCBSM HZN REGENCE BS WA ZHB BCBS OF TX They use the Prefixes XLP, XLH, and XLQ. NPA New York (Excellus) LUS EXCELLUS BCBS MBG Alabama (Medicare Blue Advantage) KLC PREMERA KRL New York (Excellus) INZ BCBS OF OREGON ADM BCBS OF IL KCE Georgia HMR EXCELLUS BCBS BUR EXCELLUS BCBS LLX BCBS OF OH SFI BCBS OF IL NPA EXCELLUS BCBS XJM Florida HEU Massachusetts CMA NASCO CAH Virginia LWG NASCO CNB Alabama RMV NASCO FCR BCBS OF IL BZS New Jersey TXH ANTHEM OHIO YNE New York (Excellus/Central) LCY Florida MPF EXCELLUS BCBS UCE Texas CEP Illinois GNN New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) Use search function and put your comment any alpha prefix not found here. XQW WELLMARK BCBS HGH BCBS OF IL ATX Ohio SYB New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) WDK EXCELLUS BCBS KHZ 877.768.6681 WIH REGENCE BS WA HQZ Minnesota KSX EMPIRE NEW YORK Muxy!] YRA (Anthem Senior Advantage HMO) GLE EMPIRE FDF BCBS OF FL YXG Pennsylvania (Independence) [Thanks Meesh!] ZL PREMERA MUS REGENCE BS WA HYR BCBS OF PENNSLYVANIA KPH Tennesee LNC Ohio ZAR HIGHMARK BCBS YMX EXCELLUS BCBS WNL California KCL 866.873.4010 PPM HIGHMARK BCBS TKD NASCO YBC BCBS OF MISSISSIPPI XYA Michigan LHP Rhode Island CED BCBS OF IL FSH Washington/Alaska (Premera) NVP New Jersey YNF New York (Excellus/Central) Member ID cards with no prefixSome member ID cards may not have a prefix. I’ll add the screen name of the person who supplied the prefix, unless someone requests otherwise. LCY BCBS OF FL TJJ PREMERA MNK BCBSM GGL California BWG BCBS OF TX UCB PREMERA CYZ REGENCE BS WA CRT BCBS OF NE KFT BCBS OF IL GMB Illinois ONS BCBS OF AL GCM HIGHMARK BCBS MPI PREMERA FCD Illinois NHN New Hampshire FIV Colorado REV BCBS OF FL JSC BCBS OF IL DTE Ohio YVB BCBS OF VA SBR HIGHMARK YQA BCBS OF NC XEH BLUESHIELD OF CALIFORNIA XZA Minnesota KEZ BLUE VERMONT CND Minnesota IPM HIGHMARK RAI New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) XDX California – Blue Cross TPQ NASCO EMX New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) PHS NATIONAL ACCOUNT CAR YMG New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) OBD BCBS OF NY NBT New York (Excellus) CNG 800.241.5705 ELU LUMENOS ONC EXCELLUS BCBS NBU Michigan MML REGENCE BS WA DIQ ANTHEM BCBS YWU CAPITAL PENNSLYVANIA VZL Wisconsin (Medicare Supplement) YET Nebraska 800-344-8525. All rights reserved. KWA NASCO YNY EXCELLUS BCBS BJB New York (Empire) Use our detailed instructions to fill out and e-sign your documents online. RVM EXCELLUS BCBS AZS Massachusetts WNT New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) LSR Kansas PGS NASCO SQN PREMERA TKB BCBS OF MS YZA Pennsylvania (Northeast) GIC BCBS OF IL DYV ANTHEM (BCBS WI) One of the following product names: InReach or MyBasic. NGC BCBC OF IL UFD New Jersey (Horizon) DMA BCBS OF IL OGB NASCO PAR New York (Excellus/Utica) IUE New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) NEW BCBS OF MN FHH BCBS OF MA They are Adding 2 new prefixes to their list that will not start with XB_ They will be OSE (ON Seminconductor) and UHL ( U-Haul International) There become effective 1 Jan 2009, Phone number for BCBS Kansas City is 800-892-6116. EPN BCBS OF TX RUL Maryland (Carefirst) YNT EXCELLUS BCBS DRP EXCELLUS BCBS IDY ANTHEM PLT REGENCE BS WA CPR California – Blue Cross Find a suitable template on the Internet. HZS New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. GIC Illinois IDP PREMERA PML NASCO INK California ZFB New York (Excellus) ZEH Tennessee PPN Pennsylvania (Highmark) APJ New York (Excellus) TEA BCBS OF IL CDQ INDEPENDENCE BC MJS BCBS PF TN SZF Illinois APU ANTHEM LCB BCBS OF IL LLY Ohio BMK New York (Excellus – Rochester Region) UFU New York (Excellus) EGY Kansas City NTU Alabama FRF BSBS OF MD IFN PREMERA XDT California – Blue Cross (Medicare Advantage) GPI EXCELLUS BCBS MLA EMPIRE BCBS XGC ANTHEM BCBS PXZ Premera WA/AK ZFX New York (Excellus) XSM Kansas LTY BCBS OF IL MSQ PREMERA (If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try the non-verified list of prefixes. TPI BCBS OF IL BLG BCBS OF TN WRY EXCELLUS BCBS RYC New York (Excellus) BKW Massachusetts SUI ANTHEM BCBS PLR NASCO EXR New York (Empire) WFZ South Carolina AMK EXCELLUS BCBS GYA BCBS OF OHIO CWQ ANTHEM BCBS IAT EMPIRE GTX New York (Empire) AYK Alabama FKP BLUELINK TPA XON BCBS OF IL GTX EMPIRE UNE BCBS OF NE