Selection … If the Defending team successfully tackle the raider and prevent him from going back, it gives them. This game is evolved from our ancient game called Kushti. 3. Wrist-catch: It is grabing the wrist and pulling the raider closer. Failure to do this, even for just a moment means that the rider must return to their own side of the court without points and the opposite team is awarded a point for a successful defense play. Hu-Tu-Tu: It is an another name of kabaddi. 3. Touch – The touch means the contact by or with any part of the body of a raider or defender. 4. Red Card – Any player who repeats misconduct or behaves during a match or otherwise commits a major violation of these rules shall be liable for disqualification for the rest of the match/tournament at the discretion of the Umpire AND THE ONTARIO FEDERATION. If the raider fails to make a tag in this time, a point will be awarded to the defending team. Really interested in playing kabaddi . To win a point when raiding, the raider must take a breath and run into the opposition’s half and tag one or more members of the opposing team and then return to their own half of the pitch before inhaling again. A few months ago we have published an article on Kabaddi Ground Measurement Map. Kabaddi Rules October 14, 2013 May 27, 2020 Jaideep Gill Read All Rules and Regulation of Kabaddi in 4th Kabaddi World Cup 2013. 5. The defender has many options to out the raider. Each team has some raiders when the raid starts raiders have to go in opponents section to touch him and come back on his court. ( Log Out /  5. The opponent player also try to catch hold of the raider so that he cannot go back to his side kabbadi rules. Mule-kick: It is a deceiving kick by and showing back to opponent. […] Rules Of Kabaddi ▷ Rules And Regulations Of Kabaddi [Indian Sport] […]. Required fields are marked *. (This is the court style used in Pro Kabaddi League, size may vary slightly for international or local matches). It was launched in 2014 and it is broadcast on Star Sports. Each side gets alternating turns to send any one player to the opponent’s side. 4. Successful Raid – A successful raid shall be one when a raider, after touching any of defender reaches his court or home safely within 30 seconds. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. One player get chance to ‘raid’ in opponent side, by speaking ‘kabaddi-kabaddi’. But in this sport, some other rules are also present which are known as Technical Point. Raid – When a raider goes from his court into the court of the opposing team, it is called a raid. In rural areas, it is played on clayey or muddy surface. An empty raid occurs when a raider cannot score any points (or loses points) during a raid. What are the fantastic betting sites in India? Cant: cant is a repeated clear sound of the word ‘kabaddi-kabaddi’ in one single breath during raid by the raider. But both the game is so aggressive, that is why it becomes so popular all around the world. ( Log Out /  It shall be called a “hold” by the defender. Kabaddi is also a physical game but this game is not very different from Kushti. 10 Jun. Change ). The size of the court is about 13m x 10m. However, the raider must start repeatedly saying “Kabaddi” before he crosses the mid line and cannot stop repeating this word until he crosses back over to his team’s side. General Rules of kabaddi Each team can play 12 players in a game but can’t field more than 7 players at once. 6. Firstly, I want to inform everyone that kabaddi is a local Indian sports game that is funded by India. If he will succeed in touching his opponent, and after that, he will come in his court then, then the player of opponents team will be out until his team takes a touchpoint and revive him.