Your transport packaging is the perfect place to display this information. Its whole purpose is to sa… Packaging also refers to the process of design, evaluation and production of packages. And to ensure, that your products are safe in their journey, packaging of the goods play a vital role. This distribution processing example packages products into sets for sale, such as gift boxes for wine lovers that include chocolate, cheese, and olives. 6. The aspects mentioned before – and a few others – can summarize the packaging system into three primary functions that interact with each other in supply chain management: market, flow, and environment. Wooden frame packaging is optimal for products that will be stored for a long time after transport and products that require ventilation. Logistics demands for packages that can be easily handled throughout all processes and for the consumers. Harnessing Blockchain in the SCM & Logistics Space, Things To Understand While Shipping Pharma Products, 9 trends in the delivery of Last Mile logistics. How to get a best freight quote from Logistics companies? A good logistics packaging keeps products safe, and ensure that your product arrives at their address in the perfect form and free from any damage. In here we are discussing the importance of packaging in logistics. 3 PACKAGING LOGISTICS. The world best materials in the world will be worthless if they are not able to reach their destination and not only reaching their respective location is sufficient, but they must also be reached without getting damaged. All Rights Reserved. Give vital information to the customers With packaging, damage can be prevented due to vibrations and falls and decreases in quality can also be prevented due to mold and rot from humidity. A lot of different things can be printed on your boxes. Copyrights © 2019. DLI-1662, our portfolio includes Air Freight, Marine Freight, Transportation, Warehousing, 3PL, Global Logistics and more! The customer is happy if this time-consuming processing is completed at the delivery stage, and the logistics operator can differentiate themselves and provide added value. Products with a difficult shape to carry can be easier to stack on a cart and transport if put in a cardboard box. A good packaging … Volume and product inspections are performed to ensure that the contents of the product follow standards. Broken or marked items can upset customers and retailers, souring relationships and giving your company a bad reputation. Goods that are damaged upon arrival can cause major problems. Packaging contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs, and sells. This distribution processing example packages products, such as boxes of candy, toothpaste, and CD packages, with a thin film to maintain the appearance of the product and protect safety and hygiene. This guide introduces logistics system basics and improvement points that can be used to improve efficiency at any worksite. The best products in the world will be useless if you can’t get them where they need to be. A distributor requires a lot of information about the product. Packaging is a coordinated systemof preparing goods for safe, secure, efficient and effective handling, transport, distribution, storage, retailing, consumption and recovery, reuse or disposal combined with maximizing consumer value, … Examples of Distribution Processing and Packaging, BT-A700 Series Handheld Mobile Computer Catalog, Transportation, Delivery, and Truck Freight, Role of Logistics Equipment (Material Handling Devices), Eliminating the 3Ms (Muri (Overburden), Muda (Waste), and Mura (Unevenness)), Case Studies to Increase Efficiency for Logistics, Laser Marking Systems / Continuous Inkjet Printers. Packaging is also effective for maintaining quality during storage. Product packaging can even help you in increasing your sales figures A suitable packaging allows to store products easily. 1. This function considers the following aspects: a. Products may be damaged and quality may decrease if shipped as is. In the case of smaller products, packaging allows you to deliver large quantities in a convenient way. The right transport packaging makes it possible for you to get your products out into the world. By choosing logistics packaging that features your brand colours, product details, and other relevant sales information, you increase your chances of catching the eye of your target market. Packaging is what prevents this. If you want logistics packaging that keeps your product safe, displays key information, and assists with storage, get in touch with us today. Sending something out for delivery, or supplying to retailers, involves far more than simply ‘sticking it in a box’. Started in 1963, IRC (India) Limited is India's oldest and the most reputed innovative logistics solutions provider. 2. There are advantages for both the customer and logistics operator. A distributor requires a lot of information about the product. Copyright (C) 2020 KEYENCE CORPORATION. The market functionis fundamental to the packaging system and takes into account things like layout, design, communication, and ergonomic aspects that add to the product and brand’s value. There can be a lot of important information that distributors need to know about your product. Logistics packaging keeps all your items safe, so they arrive at their destination in perfect condition. You can also specify more detailed handling instructions, such as a particular temperature range your products need to be stored at. Volume efficiency: this is a function of packaging design and product shape. Getting the right packaging makes a big difference to your products. Products Are Protected Approved by the Indian Banks Association (IBA) with Code No. Whatever the size of your business or the size of your packaging requirements, we would love to be your packaging supplier of choice. In recent years, demand has been increasing due to costs because it is cheaper to perform distribution processing at a logistics center. Packaging and logistics refer to the packing and transportation of goods throughout the world. Conveys Important Information. Your transport packaging is the perfect place to … 4. All Rights Reserved. This section describes the logistics functions of distribution processing and packaging. Transport packaging makes all kinds of products easy to store. One can also give detailed handling guidance, for example, an appropriate temperature range for the products which is getting delivered. To meet our customers’ requirement to fulfil their business needs in terms of; packaging requirements, budgetary controls and environmental responsibility, Kimberley Watson PackagingOakbank Industrial Estate7 Oakbank Park PlaceLivingstonEH53 0TN. It will not only cost you the value of the damaged product and shipping cost but, there is also a possibility you also need to send replacements. Products are naked when they are produced. These are just few examples. The goal is to increase the added value of the product. Products Are Protected Packaging can in some ways be invisible – everyone uses it, but do we really give it enough thought? This section describes the concepts of distribution processing and packaging, basic knowledge about the two, and their differences. Distribution processing refers to all of the processing that is performed at the warehouse or logistics center when shipping products. Products that get damaged in the transportation process can create significant difficulties. Not only do you lose the cost of the original item and shipping it in the first place, you may also have to send replacements at additional cost. Packaging can be described as a coordinated system of preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale and end use. 3. Compared to cardboard, wooden crates are stronger and more resistance to rain and dust. Damaged goods upset clients, and gives the company a poor name. With regard to packaging logistics, the use of an appropriate packaging system (in terms of functions, materials, size and shape) can improve the management of operations : Facilitate goods handling. Importance Of Packaging In Logistics 1. What is Distribution Processing and Packaging?