Green onion, salad onion, onion stick, green shallot, table onion, baby onion, yard onion, precious onion, gibbon, long onion, syboe, or scally onion are some of these names. Leeks look like very large scallions but they are constructed differently. Featuring a mild onion-like taste, the light green and the white base of the leek is used for many cooking purposes. They are larger than scallions, plus in addition, they possess a gentle onion-like taste. The lower portion of the leek consists of bundled sheaths. Summer is the ideal time to get scallions, in fact, as it is their summit season. Leeks can be defined as a vegetable that belongs to the genus Allium, the same family as garlic and onion, but in the sub-family Allioideae of family Amaryllidaceae. However, as both belong to the Allium species, it is very easy to confuse one with the other. Copyright © 2019 Her Campus Media LLC. Once established, leeks are hardy plants that are known for their ability to survive any weather. The term "vegetables" is such a broad category, and within that category, there's so many different kinds of vegetables and some of them are surprisingly related/ in the same species. Mostly it is used for adding flavour to stock while it is also used boiled, fried or raw, in salads. • Scallions are more bulbous in nature. It does not form a bulb-like onions, but rather forms a long cylinder of sheathed leaves that emerge out of the soil. Scallions are also popularly used in soups, seafood and noodle dishes, stir-fries, curries or in sandwiches. Leeks VS scallions comparison is as follows; Leek is a type of vegetables bearing a close relation to onions, scallions, garlic and shallots. For example, did you know there was an onion species? Scallions (also known as green onions or spring onions or sibies) are vegetables derived from various species in the genus Allium. You can even add it in soups, or grill it. It also has a slightly garlicky flavor, but when you cook it, that garlicky flavor mellows out. If you watched this film above and instantly thought”that is green berry”, you are right; scallions and green candies are the identical matter. • Leeks respond well to braising, sautéing, etc. There's so many vegetables out there that we get confused between. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All of us know there is yellow, white, and red onion, however, really scallions and leeks are all in this class also. Instead, buy them when they're in season, aka in October. They are used as a spice in soups and salads. They have the milder … • Leeks, although is similar in flavour to onions, have a much milder flavour than scallions. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2010-2018 Difference Between. That email doesn't look right. The edible part of the leek is the leaf sheath that is sometimes mistaken for a stem. • Scallions are more bulbous in nature. Green Onions Nutrition Info and How to Store it. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: Legal. As an instance, did you realize there was a mint species? All these vegetables which are known as Chives, Scallions, Shallots and Leeks have a very similar shape with little difference in size. As some may be easily mistaken with another, a good cook must always make it a point to carefully go through one’s list of ingredients prior to getting started on a dish. However, don't go buying leeks now because they might be expensive. Leeks have leaves that aren't typically used because they tend to be tougher. I've only had it in salads and as a garnish, but a little goes a long way because of its strong flavor (unless you're cooking it, then you could add more). Scallions are mostly used for garnishing purposes and as a flavouring agent. I really like scallions, but not alone since I can not deal with that powerful taste, but a few may. For vegetables that are in the same species, it would make it harder for us to differentiate between them, especially scallions and leeks because they almost have a similar taste and appearance, just like how it's so hard to tell the difference between cilantro versus parsley because they look alike. Summer is the best season to have scallions, actually, because it's their peak season. Just remember, if you replace leek with scallion in a recipe, it probably won't turn out as good because as you've just read, they're don't really taste the same. Though it has a milder taste than your regular white or yellow onion. • Leeks are a vegetable and can stand alone by themselves. If you need some more help with how you can cook scallions and leeks, check this out. whereas scallions have a tendency to turn slimy in such situations. Scallions have a milder taste than most onions. 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