is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words. "He's a carpenterby trade". Most of the sentences presented include audio of the sentence in Spanish, which allows you … 124. They have blacksmiths, coppersmiths and goldsmiths among them, besides carpenters, barbers and other artisans. They’re making a lot of noise out there. Examples of Use in a sentence. Carpenters usually make very good foremen (people who watch over a job) on larger jobs as they deal with so much of the project from ground up. I need a holiday. The crisp, bright red apron's a sore. I read a book yesterday. carpenter in a sentence - Use "carpenter" in a sentence 1. Although for several centuries attempts had been made in favour of building houses with brick or stone, yet the carpenters continued to be the chief housebuilders. Sentence 1: Margaret wants to hire a, Carpenter-s-pencil definition: Noun (plural carpenter's pencils) 1. CK 1 1027427 If I remember … 3. carpenter center in a sentence - Use "carpenter center" in a sentence 1. 7. 5. The cabmen he met and their passengers, the carpenters cutting the timber for new houses with axes, the women hawkers, and the shopkeepers, all looked at him with cheerful beaming eyes that seemed to say: Ah, there he is! I have a dog. James apprenticed with a local carpenter, while Hamilton was adopted by Nevis merchant Thomas Stevens.. enticed by the rotting fruit, the flies enter willingly but can’t, Examples of Dexterous in a sentence. Each building is lovingly hand made by trained carpenters with selected, 5th grade redwood cladding on a substantial heavy duty frame. Lumber was very scarce and carpenters still scarcer. Blacksmiths Malodor confidently said:"I grantee that every hammer I make can be the best axe ". carpenter in a sentence - 23. The strike was simply declared off by what was regarded by the, Some weeks after the president sent him a license, the rest of the, We agree to pay as the minimum rate of wages to, We will state the terms upon which the journeyman, The satisfactory settlement of the strike of the bricklayers caused the working, Whatever went on in the forty acres was conducted in secrecy in the big wooden shed which the, Those who called the meeting soon discovered that they would be mobbed if they presented any proposition to order the, As the hammering that had for so long echoed through the factory ceased queries concerning the noise and the mission of the. Alex must have told the carpenters to stop working so she could sleep during the day. (Matilda or Maud) was one of the chief founders of religious houses, and so great was the number of monasteries built in this king's reign that it was said almost all the labourers became bricklayers and carpenters and there was much discontent in consequence. They knit garments from the wool of their sheep; are good carpenters and make serviceable carts. Otherwise, many people hire carpenters to create custom Champagne cellars. click for more sentences of carpenter: 7. I love to build things, so naturally, I love my job as a stage technician (Master, 146. The exterior of the Carpenter Center presents itself very differently from different angles. Even carpenters with 20 years experience, however, can help deepen writing with research. From Practical Carpenters and Architects. They do not represent the opinions of 8. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The carpenter flung aside his tools in a rage. Reddish was kneeling on the ring apron, doing an interview. Soft rock and melodic pop extraordinaires The Carpenters were a breath of fresh air amid the 1970s heavy rock guitar sounds. 2. 2. carpenter will be chairman and chief executive of the new company. There are cobblers and carpenters led by the town pipers. 2. The mechanical skill of the Walachians was found useful by the Turks, who employed them as carpenters and pontonniers; and during the siege of Vienna in 1683 the Walachian contingent, which, under the voivode erban Cantacu zene, had been forced to co-operate with the Turks, was entrusted with the construction of the two bridges over the Danube above and below Vienna. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. 2. The following description by a resident in Munster was published in The Times of the 5th of November 1885: " Boycotting means that a peaceable subject of the queen is denied food and drink, and that he is ruined in his business; that his cattle are unsaleable at fairs; that the smith will not shoe his horse, nor the carpenter mend his cart; that old friends pass him by on the other side, making the sign of the cross; … 3. The chimpanzee is a dexterous animal that can maneuver objects as well as a human does. 125. The old carpenter’s hands are no longer dexterous enough for him to build furniture. The carpenters tried to keep the dust level down, but it was impossible to avoid all of it. Definition of Use. The, Algebra can be used to determine what dimensions to use to make a box with a given volume and use the least material possible. Carpenters at working on a master piece. CK 1 1228975 I'm not good at carpentry. 4. When workmen from any province come, for instance, to St Petersburg to engage in the textile industries, or to work as carpenters, masons, &c., they immediately unite in groups of ten to fifty persons, settle in a house together, keep a common table and pay each his part of the expense to the elected elder of the artel. That really is what you call tied to the apron strings, It's difficult to see apron in a sentence . Immediately after his return he sent to Austria and Prussia for as many sappers, miners, engineers and carpenters as money could procure. The Act of Parliament " for rebuilding the city of London " passed after the great fire, gave the coup de grace to the carpenters as house-builders.