Its versatile features make this knife capable of accomplishing a wide variety of tasks. Here are the differences as Illustrated in the image included. I just pulled two random knives that I had near my desk. I got one of the Japan versions with the codora sheath(I think it's cadora, not kydex). I bought a SOG Seal Pup about 9 years ago primarily for backpacking, and just bought the Seal Strike Tactical Knife for hiking in preparation for backpacking. One SEAL Pup and one Pup Elite. It has the revised handle, thicker steel stock, and AUS-8 stainless steel. ). 50. In operation since 1998, has led the industry since Day 1. The cutting edge is about 1/2" longer. In order to meet increasing demand for the SEAL Pup knife we have started dual sourcing that model from both Japan and Taiwan. SOG Seal Team vs. Seal Pup and Elite vs. Non-Elite Hello - I have been trouble finding these knives to compare side by side before I place an order on-line.,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Try on these new military carry sheaths that are standard issue with the SEAL Pup, SEAL Pup Elite, and the Pentagon. I havnt used the Strike but am not really a fan of the design. 2,181 . need more suggestions please sog seal pup or sog seal strike!! 1,704. ). Note: I am not connected with SOG,the company, in any way except for being an owner and user of their knives. 2. Sol I looked at the strike and the elite in the past few years and the price for what it is just didn't do it for me as an upgrade from the pup, for that price you can get a really good used KaBar, which I'm not a huge fan of, but I think are better than modern day SOG, for the price. I would like to be clear on the difference which model has the thicker stock in AUS8 steel and does that come in the tiger stripe? May 20, 2015 #14. goondasmani. Sep 11, 2014. KenHash. ). In operation since 1998, has led the industry since Day 1. Discussion in 'SOG Specialty Knives' started by goondasmani, May 6, 2015. First off for the SOG Seal Pup Review we will go over the overall dimensions. The overall blade length is … Thanks....of all the knives I own the only SOG I have is a twitch II I got at Blade last year which is a very nice little knife and has worked well so far. The Seal Pup remains one of … SOG SEAL Strike Fixed Blade Serrated Seal Pup Gray Knife Molded Sheath SS1001CP. KenHash. 2,181. The length of the blade itself is 4.75” and is a powder coated Aus 8 steel. The 4 7/8″ blade of the SEAL Strike is made of Aus-8 steel. And a proven design that's been widely used. The SEAL Strike may be at home on the battlefield, but it has no problem accomplishing your daily tasks with ease. That said I love my pup and have no reason to upgrade it to a bigger size. Discussion in 'SOG Specialty Knives' started by Fixall, Mar 13, 2019. I haven't been able to find a SOG Seal Team to see how I actually feel about it in my hand. It is a fixed bladed knife and from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle is an even 9”. Loves it. The Seal Pup Elite was never made in Japan. In terms of blade material it is the same steel and the differences primarily reside in the coatings and style of blade, i.e. I go with what I know. Both versions of the knife have the same lifetime warranty and are produced to the highest standards of SOG and the elite Special Forces community. Discussion in 'SOG Specialty Knives' started by Inazone, Jul 25, 2016. The SOG Seal Pup was introduced in 1995 as a smaller version of the SOG Seal2000 which SOG submitted to the US Navy for testing. Simply click the button below to find this deal. May 19, 2015 #13. Mar 13, 2019 #1. There really isnt anything the Strike can do that a Pup Elite cannot in my opinion. Does anyone know if the Seal Pup Elite is made with a non-serrated blade and tigerstriped? Paid Subscribers don't see ads! The SOG SEAL Strike is a well-rounded combat knife. With a good knife you could craft almost any sort of tool you would need. Mar 26, 2018. I have owned many other major and minor branded knives but when I need a knife for anything, I always reach for the SOG. The powder coating along with the already corrosion resistant Aus 8 stainless steel makes care for the blade very easy and minimal. Seal Pup Elite in whatever edge and color you want is in my eyes up there with the Ka Bar Mk1 as all time all around best smaller fixed blades. I know it's not designed to be an outdoors knive but it's what I had at the time and it earned it's place, it sharpens up easy and holds an edge well. But how often does one … if you're referring to the one on top (Seal Pup) then I think the newer ones have the finger grooves on the guard... (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Discussion in 'SOG Specialty Knives' started by ChrisF, Jan 18, 2008. It was always made in Taiwan. Sep 11, 2014. In operation since 1998, has led the industry since Day 1. My wife loves the SOG Field Pup. The SEAL Pup vs Pup Elite sizes. Both versions of the knife have the same lifetime warranty and are produced to the highest standards of SOG and the elite Special Forces community. That or for 30-50 bucks more get a Benchmade tactical knife. SOG Field Pup differences. non-serrated blades and different coating options. Manufactured by Kinryu of Seki in highly corrosion resistant Aus6, the Seal Pup became one of the knives issued during BUDS (USN Seals training). Actually the secondary sourced SEAL Pup is very similar to a SEAL Pup Elite with out the spine rasp. Seal Pup. The Seal strike looks down right uncomfortable to use with the ridiculous jimping. SOG’s MSRP on the SEAL Strike is $134.00, but we found it for $76.99. Both the Seal2000 and Seal Pup are on display at the US Navy SEALS Museum. Fixall Gold Member Gold Member. I've used a seal pup out in the woods for the past 6 years as my belt knife and done everything from feather sticks to skinning, I've even thrown it into a tree a few times. Feb 25, 2015. ken the seal pup doesnt have pommel like team or strike May 20, 2015 #15. These ballistic nylon sheaths are designed for all weather cover to protect their cargo from sand, dust, moisture, and do it quietly. Can't do that if your thumb is bleeding from jimping. The SOG SEAL Strike is the newest knife in the SEAL series. There is the SOG Seal Pup elite series that offers different blade finishes as well as the option of a blade devoid of any serrations if you like just a clean blade the entire length of the knife. I would worry more about my knife being a functional knife before a hammer for crushing shells. The secondary pouch on the front allows you to complete your gear with a SOG multi-tool or folder. Yes you are right. I have a SEAL Pup and another SOG fixed blade with the TiNi finish, and love them, but SOG hit a home run with the SOG SEAL Strike Fixed Blade.. Before we even get into the specs, I want to talk about the other features that make this a great blade for all around use. SOG has taken everything they’ve learned from real-world deployments, combat situations, and veteran feedback to produce a well-rounded combat knife. 1. Listing as used because I do not the box knife is in excellent condition and spent most of its time in my gun safe. The SOG SEAL Strike, for all intents and purposes, is probably one of my favorite all-around survival knives. ken the seal pup doesnt have pommel like team or strike, Did any one use sog seal strike is it good to buy that knife or simply go for seal pup, can you give me other options bk17 is out of range for me and some say it rusts, (You must log in or sign up to reply here.