I usually put a Mason jar on the scale empty and tether it to zero.I add the nut butter and get total grams.I the divide the amount of total sugar into the grams if three nut buttet then multiply by 2 Tablespoons. Very simple! You don’t need to, it just makes a firmer almond “cheese”. Mine looks more like a paste. Thanks so much for the lovely review and for sharing your modifications, Bianca! QUESTION: Macadamia nuts and/or Flax seeds? We’ve bought “pea” butter from The store but now it’s difficult to find. Thank you for the cool site, going to make butter using home-grown sunflower seeds and Canna-coconut butter to knock out my tumor, I’ll be using most raw nuts I can buy along with spices. I agree you have to have a certain amount in there and blend while still warm. Used it on fruit loaf toast with some honey, was delicious! Straight forward and easy to follow, as all your recipes and why I ❤️ them all. The almonds are sprouted and their skins are left on before blending into a smooth paste. You can find those in our shop! Hi Alison, it should thicken a little in the fridge. Blue Mountain Organics is a premier provider of certified organic, raw, and sprouted nuts, nut butters, flours, grains, dried fruits, and superfoods. I will never buy cashew butter again! Bummer. If adding spices, as long as you don’t add too many it should be fine. The almonds are sprouted and their skins are left on before blending into a smooth paste. Could I sub golden peas in the recipe? It has been my experience in the past when making nut butter that you have to stop often and stir and bring the bottom part of the mixture up. You say to use chocolate. Can they be used? There’s plenty of great raw nut butters. The mixture was too dry even after 1/2 hr and my motor hot, so I put the almond goop crumb aside and did a batch of macadamia’s. Soaked Nut Butter, Almond Ingredients:Soaked and dried organic almonds, organic coconut oil, raw honey, sea salt. You have to have a powerful blender for this to work especially if you use pumpkin seeds. Thanks so much! If your processor is stressing definitely stop. Why do you have to dry the nuts rather than just blend after soaking? Hand-made and sliced for convenience. As you say even if it says raw on the packet that doesn’t mean anything, Californian almonds are always pasteurised even if they say raw. Walnuts, Sprouted, Organic . Even my vita mix wouldn’t make buyer just sludge with so much oil. Add ½ tsp of salt on the final blend for salted almond butter. I have a Blendec. It’s best to refrigerate because the oils can become rancid and spoiled when left at room temperature for weeks. An easy and delicious way to save money, create your own blends, and enjoy nut butter at home! This is general information for educational purposes only. This product is temporarily out of stock. Thanks again . This makes the nuts easy to digest and remove some of the compounds that prevent optimal absorption of vitamins and minerals. I added some flax seeds and sunflower seeds to try to thicken it but to no avail. Thanks for sharing, Robin! So was wondering if they would even be able to be used? I’m using a quite inexpensive ninja for this and it does the job but you’re right you needs something powerful, especially if not high temperature roasted. Thanks for sharing, Stephanie! Frozen, with dry ice (continental USA only). So many nuts to choose from! I have a mass of almond goop trying to make its way into butter right now. 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