Healthy choices (D). Sapient Education - formerly Easy Lessons. In K-6. Students engage in activities that promote respect and appreciation of difference through increased understanding and empathy for others. Traffic related accidents are a leading cause of death and serious injury for young children (RTA, 1999). PDHPE K-10 Syllabus - Implementation. Professional Learning . A huge thank you to Tania Giustiniani and Megan Weir from Flinders Public School for sharing their hard work for Stage 2. PDHPE Early stage 1 Types of physical activity. There are visual literacy, visual art, drama, speaking and listening, P.E and health activities with worksheets, reflection sheets and teacher observation sheets. 2019: Continue teaching the current syllabus, optional implementation of new K-10 syllabus in K–6. PDF (2.52 MB) This unit of work is for a term. $15.00 . 2018: Continue teaching the current syllabus, familiarisation and planning for new K-10 syllabus. The plans have been put together by the teachers in the Glenmore Park Learning Alliance. It can be utilised as part of another Personal Development, Health and Physical Education unit of work. Activity context This activity may be used as part of the COGs unit . Stage 1 units of work. by . The PDHPE lessons within this unit of work include the overview of different types of foods and healthy eating. Students develop an understanding of how physical activity affects their body. Resources. PDHPE: Unit of Work Stage One . Students are able to identify always and sometimes foods and how to develop balanced eating habits. Early Stage 1 PDHPE outcomes mapping grid (docx 65.32 KB) Stage 1 PDHPE outcomes mapping grid (docx 75.52 KB) Stage 2 PDHPE outcomes mapping grid (docx 65.8 KB) Stage 3 PDHPE outcomes mapping grid (docx 66.84 KB) Page … 2020: Implementation of new K-10 syllabus in all stages. Digital Download. Online & Face to Face PL - click. The following three units of work for Stage 1 provide suggested activities to facilitate students’ understanding of diversity through an inquiry framework. 2 Kyra Dmello, S00046203; Ingrid Fizely, S00049474; Sherree Spargo, S00049891 Rationale Road Safety is a major concern in Australian society. Notebook File. This activity focuses on things students need for their body. NEW NSW Syllabus - PDHPE - STAGE 1 UNIT OF WORK - I AM UNIQUE. Early Stage 1 Unit of Work: EDPD402 Home Justification Lesson Plans > > > > > > References Teachers Handbook PDHPE Lessons Overview. It identifies where outcomes are not addressed in a stage of learning. digital. In this folder you will find weekly lessons plans for Stage 1. It is a working progress and some content has yet to be planned for, but this content has been identified. Sun Smart Units of Work learning intentions in classrooms Teaching Ideas PDHPE ~ Tania Giustiniani & Megan Weir. Please note that these pages contain a collection of links to activities to support and enhance classroom teaching and learning. 5. Implementation Overview . Identify and map the K-6 PDHPE outcomes to new and existing units of work.