Maybe there's something different in her blood due to the cure effecting both her parents, then the union of 2 blood creating one special bloodline that could possibly making her into a new specie. This is my story...". #salvatore If she is a direct copy of katherine, with her genetics then that means Elena shares Katherines traveller gene. Stefanie is the daughter of Elena and Damon. Still, she was intrigued by him and decided to get to know him, posing as a new student at Mystic Falls High School. It is obvious that Stefanie is not a supernatural being, that’s why it’s difficult for her to appear in the Salvatore school because she is not Super Natural. Stefan was also close to his mother, Mary, before she had died when he was 10 years old. Hunters are not blood, they are random. Stefanie and Ethan begin to bond and slowly start to develop a romantic relationship. Some people think she is a traveler because of Katherine and Silas, but it's been over 500+ years. Right now she’s much younger than our heroes (Hope and the twins) so it would hard to fit in a kid character. Two things that bothered Stefanie Salvatore growing up—what The Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted actually is, and what she is. Stefanie is the only known vampire that seems to be able to live completely off of an animal blood diet. Although she managed to save Ethan's life, she could not save Ethan's parents in time. Stefanie is the narrator of the series. That she did not want to be alone because she just wanted her sister by her side forever. So, logically, a child of theirs would be human. Ich wusste, dass es irgendwann soweit kommen würde und habe nichts unternommen, jetzt ist unser Mitschüler tot“, dachte sie sich. #legacies Stefanie has a strong respect for humans and strong regard for human life. He was also seen as athletic, dutiful, respectful, intelligent, scholarly, noble, chivalrous, and even-tempered. Ohne  ihn um Erlaubnis zu bitten, trat sie ein und fragte ihn ohne vorwurfsvoll zu klingen: „Du hast jemanden umgebracht, stimmt's?“Erik stand völlig überfordert und stumm da.„Erik, rede mit mir! PS5 UK Stock, Malcolm and Marie: Zendaya’s New Netflix Movie, Fortnite is getting an in-game Video-Chat feature, Ian Somerhalder as GodSpeed For The CW Flash Series, Samsung Galaxy S21 Specs, Price, and Release Date, Wonder Girl TV Series in Development at CW. That would make her 12 as of 2x16 (March 2031). She is the kind of person who tries to protect and save everyone at the same time. Ich kümmere mich um Erik“, erläuterte Jeremy.Sie stimmten dem Vorgehen zu und packten Liams Leiche in einen Müllsack. So maybe she is still traveling and will join the cast later. How, exactly, we're not quite sure yet, but at least a brief cameo, if not an addition as a series regular, would help fill the hole Vampire Diaries left in our hearts. TV Shows Legacies. Das war das erste richtige Mal, dass sie ihren Gefühlen freien Lauf ließ. Wir bringen dich wieder in Ordnung, versprochen“, sagte sie, während sie ihr Handy raus holte. Du hälst mich jetzt sicher für einen verrückten Mörder.“„Nein, hör mir zu, du gehst jetzt nach oben, wäschst das Blut ab und ziehst dich um. There’s also the chance that since Damon has the Cure in his blood, his children might be born with the Cure in their blood like the way Hope was born with vampire blood. She and Klaudia are the only characters to have permanently killed a main character (Vincent and Jake respectively). However, in the novels, Stefanie is of full Italian descent. More The Vampire Diaries Genderbender Wiki. In the season four finale, although Stefanie was heartbroken at Ethan's choice, she admitted that was happy for Danielle. She was definitely seen as the 'Golden Girl' and she had the admiration and respect of the entire town of Mystic Falls and most of all, of her father Giuseppe. In the novels, Stefanie is born in Italy and is foreign with an Italian accent at the beginning of the series. Ethan fatefully and unexpectedly meets Stefanie for the first time at the beginning of the new school year outside of the girl's washroom. Only Katherine activated her traveller gene after 500 years of her vampirism was cured, before turning into a vampire she and elena didn’t have any powers, but don’t forget that Bonnie also went through a period of her life where her magic was untapped. If they do show her it should be like Josie and Lizzie are babysitter or with Jeremy. Sie konnten nicht riskieren, dass noch jemand von ihrer Gruppe wusste und sie aufdecken könnte, weshalb sie die Anzahl der Treffen eingeschränkt haben.Stefanie saß mit ihrer Familie im Garten, als Erik sie an diesem Tag anrief und sich alles für ihn änderte.„Stefanie, du musst sofort zu mir kommen. Just because Katherine was a traveller doesn't mean Elena was one. Tiny Pretty Things, Netflix is going to release a new thriller series this December. I don't think it's a good time to have Stefanie because we already have so many characters and I feel like if she showed up the writers would make it all about her and if she showed up then her parents would have to.