The idea is to boost the height of your computer screens and mixing monitors to match the level of your eyes and ears as you're seated comfortably. He has also mixed, mastered, & recorded for countless independent artists. The moment you sit aboard you know you’ve never felt like this before. We also found the Creation Station ideal for anyone for whom recording isn’t the sole use of the desk. The downside is that humidity and liquid can create bubbling and uneven surfaces, so you need to know that you're using it in a controlled environment. Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. For those who prefer something with a little more style and elegance…. Platform streamlines cable management so your studio will be set up in style with unsightly cables hidden from view and cleanly organized. But then you can customize your desk and save some money doing it. Many of you may be working away in your bedroom or spare room, and music production gear is squeezed in along with other bedroom furniture, this can make for a pretty cramped studio space. You may not want such a big desk like the one above, but still value a good bit of rack space to keep your essential gear close. Just knowing that DesignDesk is a reallife working studio with real in-house designers makes us feel so much more comfortable knowing we’ll get exactly what we need when we want it. The best studio desk for sit-standing sessions, Price: $249 | Features: Adjustable height | Dimensions: 31.5x4-19x24.2”. This works well with audio interfaces, compressors, equalizers, and anything else that requires constant tweaking. Omnirax Presto. The problem is, since recording studio desk makers don’t usually make corner desks…they’re hard to find. It's not strictly a studio desk but it is such an affordable and well built option I wanted to draw attention to it. This next desk almost certainly will be: the Studio RTA Producer Station. The Studio RTA Producer Station is still one of the best studio desks around for the non-pro market. I'm going to downgrade from three 24 inch screens to one 34 inch ultrawide monitor soon for this very reason. It is most certainly better to overkill here than to end up with a desk that cramps your style. You’ll need a bit of woodworking skill, some tools, and able to get your hands a little dirty. BA1 1UA. High-end digital tools with the wow factor, Price: $1,499/£1,329/€1,549 | Features: Optional Dual DAW and software controllers | Dimensions: 56wx42x32”. You will likely want to stain the wood to achieve the color you prefer, as well as seal it with polyurethane to protect it from liquids, scratches, and humidity. Therefore it’s advisable to buy the biggest studio desk you can afford or find space for – it's not something you want to be replacing all that regularly. Technically, if you follow most of the ideas above and pictured, you won't have much of a cable management problem. Our studio furniture can be found in most prestigious studios in the world. Either way, a studio desk is a crucial part of almost any recording equation, and somewhere you can neatly lay out your studio monitors, a laptop (or a monitor if you’re using a PC), plus your audio interface, MIDI keyboard and any other hardware you use. He has released 4 independent albums and merchandise to global sales. But here’s one you’ll absolutely love: the Walker Edison 3 Piece Contemporary Desk. Beyond that, you're on your own! He acts as owner, editor, lead author, and web designer of LedgerNote, as well as co-author on all articles. A great desk will help hugely, so let's take a look at some great options... Price: $499/£359/€438 | Features: Slide-out keyboard shelf, dual rack spaces, pull out upper shelf | Dimensions: 72wx41x30”. As one of the bigger names in studio furniture, Studio RTA has naturally thought of the small details here too. If you use an articulating computer monitor arm you may enjoy the look of a floating screen that you can pull closer or move to the side mixing. Higher up the price ladder you’ll discover studio desks with superior construction quality, ergonomic design and space for bespoke equipment that can be installed directly into the unit. Now, that doesn't mean yours needs to be at 29 inches, but that that height is the one-size-fits-all solution for large manufacturers that helps them save money by not allowing for customization. Please refresh the page and try again. The solution to this problem is to choose a desk WITHOUT the upper shelf: such as the Z-Line Claremont. Thank you for signing up to Musicradar. Slate Media Technology Raven MTi Core Station, 3. If you can weasel yourself into that situation, you can have a great time with this kind of project and end up with a desk that you appreciate because you created it. Something to consider is that the industry standard for desk height is 29 inches. Compared to other similar desks in this category, the WS7500 tops the list in both sales and positive reviews. Click to see current price – Up next… 5. Here are 3 custom desk makers I recommend you check out: Contact one of these guys and they can make you virtually anything you want. It has all the same features of the WS7500, with 2 notable additions: For those wondering where glass desks are suitable for recording, here’s your answer: This desk uses special material known as “tempered glass” which is 4-5x stronger than normal, making it ideal for studio use. We particularly like the sheer amount of space on offer, which is particularly useful if you have a dual screen setup. Then the next most used equipment should go in the top of the rack space installed in place of cabinets and legs. Microphone Basics: The Beginner's Guide Stuff You Need to Know, Microphone Pickup Patterns: Understanding & Using Directionality. The only problem is that you're lacking any rack space here but the truth of the matter is a ton of the new generation mixes entirely in-the-box with plugins, so this might be a cost-effective option for the younger engineers coming up in the game.