The King in Black Just Rewrote Marvel History, After a Decade, Cyborg Finally Rejoins DC's Titans, The Original Swamp Thing Has Been Killed in DC Comics, Thanos Fights The Eternals In New Trailer For Eternals #1, Juggernaut Is Still Paying For His First Battle With Spider-Man, One Avengers: Endgame Line Was Hugely Controversial In The Comics, Aquaman Assembles A Massive Army (And It’s Not Just Fish), An Old West Marvel Hero is Responsible for Creating Iron Man, The Avengers' Secret Way To Keep Civilians Safe During Their Battles, Marvel is Assembling Their Weirdest Team Ever, Marvel's Heroes And Villains Buy Their Costumes From The Same Person. Hyperion has no compunction about taking lives when he deems it necessary, like when he decapitated Namor and destroyed the entire city of Atlantis. He's used to dealing with monstrous villains bent on destruction who use their immense in inventively destructive ways. He outs no limits on his actions; if he has to kill to meet his goals not only will he kill, but he'll do it gleefully. I've already told you, his universe didn't blow up. History Talk (0) Comments Share. So, while someone as insane as King Hyperion would present a huge challenge to Superman, this is a guy who fights beings like Mongul, Darkseid, and Brainiac. These feats include a range from the silver age of comics (where superman was a complete powerhouse when it came to comparing him with other heroes.) Superman vs One-Punch Man: Who Would Win? Beyond that example, Superman has made a specialty of stopping genocidal madmen of all stripes. And just to discount any notion of The Black Racer causing that, he himself clearly notes that "Your inability to accept these truths has forever scarred the face of this satellite." By the end of the issue, Martian Manhunter pops out to check on Superman and tell him that he still could have knocked the moon out of orbit with 15 more minutes of hitting. I'll just be lazy and Copy a post Lvenger made for this one. He has also slowed down a rogue planet moving 500,000 mph so take it as you will, Destruction of Universes >>>>>>>>>>> Supernova. Wait, this isn't the original Squadron Supreme Hyperion, right? Hyperion est le nom d'un super-héros évoluant dans l'univers Marvel de la maison d'édition Marvel Comics et dont il existe plusieurs versions notables. And Pre New 52 Superman hits way harder than Hyperion does. Superman isn't going down in the fight. At the power levels that the two of them have, their power set makes them near-insurmountable threats. While^ that is impressive, Pre-52 Superman lifting wise was nothing to either of these two. Also, that Superman mullet.. ugh. But unlike the Man of Steel he's not truly an alien. Homelander aswell would be a landslide. Superman wins because Hyperion is a sun based fighter, seriously, he uses and emits solar energy. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. In a physical brawl Hyperion would win though despite not having many speed showings. & 9 Other Things You Didn't Know About DC's Speedsters, The Boys: 10 Worst Things The Supes Have Done (That We Haven't Seen On The Show), Marvel: Every Character Who's Alive In The Comics (But Dead In The MCU). He was even able to destroy Galactus, which is a huge feat. How is this possible? Calling himself King Hyperion, there was nothing that could stop him- not even a nuclear holocaust, leaving him the last man on Earth. This 81,100,000,000,000,000,000 tons x 500, 000= 4.055e+25. Those are still worse than New 52 Supermans feats. On the bright side of the moon. Unless you want to use the logic that all those attacks were equal to planetary/universal force, I think we can agree Hyperion can be hurt by less and thus doesn't have enough impressive feats to combat either version of Superman. On one of those worlds, Hyperion goes mad and ends up slaughtering every superbeing he comes into contact with. So 1 x 81= 81 x 95= 7695 for Saturn compared to the moon. Superman vs One-Punch Man: Who Would Win? Given all they have in common, it seems this contest cannot be settled by comparing Superman and Hyperion’s abilities, but rather how they use them in a fight. I can prove this to you with scans and reviews with detailed synopses if you want but for now, take my word. Donno who Hyperion and Sentry are, but Homelander has no weaknesses, while Superman does, so he wins. Hold up: did Blue Marvel defeat King Hyperion? I'm not trying to lowball, I'm pointing out that as of right now Hyperion is nowhere near as powerful as Superman. When Thor Fought Marvel's Version of Superman, Who Won? Superboy Is Becoming DC's Future Superman, Captain America Says He Doesn’t Fight For His Country. RELATED: Supergirl Vs. Superman: Who Is Stronger? Of course, there are also darker, evil versions of Superman that would be more willing to go for the kill, like the one from Injustice, but then the Man of Steel is just trading in the hindrance of restrictive morals for mental instability, so Hyperion could still win by keeping a level head. Is there a scan of that? There were characters on this team, the Squadron Sinister (and later the Squadron Supreme) that looked an awful lot like Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. Superman by far. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Still, Superman has beaten the odds plenty of times in the past, so this fight could truly go either way. It could easily be much more or much less than superman's world bench, depending on the assumptions you make. I have proved you wrong, you are clearly showing a sign of fanb*yi*sm, and are not backing up your claims or are even attempting to other than saying he is superior; which has been proved wrong. Death Battle Results. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Eddie is a recent graduate of Skidmore College. Superman is the best. King Hyperion was able to do something that is pretty unprecedented in any superhero universe- he single-handedly killed every single hero and villain on the face of planet. Superman has had plenty of copycats over the years; from Fawcett Comics’ Captain Marvel (now DC's Shazam) to the infamous Homelander from The Boys, it seems every universe has their own take on the Man of Steel, so it’s only natural that DC’s biggest rival would have one, too. One day, he simply decided that he should rule the world and started killing superheroes, taking away the biggest threat to him before setting his sights on the military forces of the world. These aren't the decisions of a rational man and this madness makes him a hard villain to fight, willing to do anything to meet his goals. No it's not. The Black Racer comes to take Steel away and Superman attacks The Black Racer to try and stop him. If you allow statements from WW admitting she will die from 3 hits from Superman, then understand this; that King Hyperion managed to kill alternate Galactus's, and even a weaker/starving Galactus would stomp Superman. 712 Hyperion's feat of stalemating Gladiator, and Gladiator admitting they are physical equal in every way, who had planet busting feats is enough to show that King Hyperion who was overpowering 712 Hyperion and another Hyperion would beat Superman. In the Supreme Power series by J. Michael Straczynski, Hyperion’s spaceship was found by the US government, which raised him to become a covert operative. He didn't survive a "universe attack" with his durability. They would all end up fighting each other. Call me when they're one-shotting moons or shaking planets with punches. And King Hyperion is too strong. Pre-52 Superman was able to accelerate and was knocked out by his collision with it, which is a striking feat; which is different from a lifting feat. Sure. He survived the destruction of the universe, which is way more impressive than anything New-52 Superman has survived to date. Either from team 2 are stronger than fighters from team 1.