As chefs and eaters, we have the opportunity (and maybe the responsibility?) It is served with paratha and classic sides of onion and lemons – and that is it. In Kashmir, having just finished my book about cooking in the Islamic world, I had an incredible lamb and yogurt dish called yakhni. To get into PDT you enter a hotdog joint that has a phone booth in it, pick up the phone and if you are lucky and they have space, the wall opens and you step into a cozy, darkly lit bar. An Australian chef just saved the universe by baking a pizza pie that features nearly one hundred varieties of cheese. Actually, probably the best thing I ate this year is something I drank. It was my first trip to south Asia and the food was unlike anything I was used to. But when I went in the summer, it was just stunning. I’ll never forget that. Foie gras pate on toast. ... H-100's Tater Tots. I’ve had quite a few good things this year but one that really sticks in my mind is brain at Clown Bar in Paris. Before dinner there were always home-made crisps. Absolutely delicious. Recommendation: H-100'S TATER TOTS If you ask chef Beau what her favorite food truck meal is based out of Cali, then this without questions is it. If I say that the best thing I ate all year was some crisps, you’ll think me ridiculous. No one. But in the end it had to be the thing that gave me the purest jolt of sheer, physical pleasure – and it was one of the simplest. The Lebanese dish is made in a very similar way, even down to the dried mint (though we sometimes use fresh coriander), but the taste was completely different and I loved it. Bear with me. Leave a comment below. decadent Trouble in Paradise dish. Being fed at St John Bread & Wine, LondonGary Usher: Wreckfish Bistro, Liverpool. 672 South La Brea Ave.Los Angeles, CA 90036, 2128 Hillhurst Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027, 8401 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90069, 1534 N McCadden PlaceLos Angeles, CA 90028, Azul, Verde, Naranja and RojaLos Angeles, CA 90048, 6627 Hollywood Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90028, 5233 W. Sunset Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90027, 3330 West Olympic BoulevardLos Angeles, CA 90019, 1850 Industrial St., Ste. The meat is cut into strips and marinated with raw papaya, which works as a tenderiser. She cooked it on charcoal, in the courtyard of my parents’ home, and that smell reminded me of my childhood. All rights reserved.We are NOT affiliated with the Food Network. In 2013, as every year, the Bon Appétit staff chewed and tasted our way around the nation—nay, the world! Crank up the tunes and tuck into one of these delicious dishes! Nadiya’s Bake Me a Festive Story (illustrations by Clair Rossiter), £14.99 Hodder Children’s Books. These bread pudding recipes make enough for a celebratory crowd or can be a sweet treat for the whole weekend for you and your sweetie. The food is quite minimal: it’s all about the produce. Try the H-100'S TATER TOTS from the Grill 'Em All Truck's Menu. They wrapped the pork in banana leaves, with a bit of coconut milk through it, and baked it underground. Because everything tastes better when it's served in a handy little jar. It's time you went cold turkey and gave the poultry a break. The tater tots smelled so good, I first tried one all by itself. Paprika Steaks with Maple-Worcestershire Shallots, homemade potato tots and buttermilk ranch dressing, gravy-and-cheese-curd-topped Canadian french fries, Heavenly Sauteed String Beans with Garlic, Roasted Baby Potatoes with Rosemary and Garlic. However, there was one that just blew me away with the simplicity of the idea and the complexity of its flavour profile: a smoked black pudding from Hugh Maguire butchers in Co Meath, which ended up as this year’s supreme champion. When he's not writing about the latest blockbuster or talking much too glowingly about "Piranha 3D," Matt can probably be found watching literally any sport (minus cricket) or working at - get this - a local movie theater. He is so young, but so clever. Cucumber curry was a revelation: slices of peeled, deseeded cucumber in a thick coconut milk that was golden from turmeric, with garlic, curry leaves and red onion. We all talk about fresh food but when the journey from boat, to boiling water, to mouth is so short you really can tell the difference. Not long ago, Michael showed us the next generation of the honeynut, which the cooks and I have helped co-select for flavour. A comforting hug of lemongrass and catfish with garlic, banana stem and fish sauce, shot through with vermicelli. Very simple but really very delicious. In early August, when the first porcini mushrooms came, we roasted them whole at my cousin Ernesto Bartolini’s house in Tuscany and ate them with fresh borlotti beans, which were also in season. So, probably the nicest thing I put in my mouth in 2017 was in August when cooking duo the Rangoon Sisters beckoned me into their house and fed me a bowl of Burmese mohinga soup, a fishy, noodly, sweet, sour broth. He makes the best butter chicken I have ever had. It’s joyous. Justine Simmons makes her own Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy. On a new episode of "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" Monday night themed on "culinary revolutions," Conant shined his spotlight on Chef Mitchell Ciohon and the tots with caviar … Nadiya Hussain embarks on a culinary road trip around Britain. When I was growing up it was beef. It's all about food on a stick. Time travel isn't a thing yet, but you can transport yourself back to childhood with a big bowl of Tater Tots. Yakhni in Srinigar, IndiaAnissa Helou: food writer. He made lots of small dishes – a lamb sweetbread curry, some sea purslane onion bhajis, a lobster biryani – but it was the spicy, meaty pheasant curry that really stood out for me.