Might grab another. It puts a nice "edge" on just about every tone i use this thing just has something special about it. Now is the perfect time to get the gear you want with simple, promotional financing. I used this as just a clean boost after my OD on the mid setting to give my rig a little solo boost. Can't say anything bad about it and the price is reasonable. Sustain and OD but without the fuzz. Great for adding girth to single coils or un-muddying a humbucker. I now have 4 pedals on my board and they are all TC Electronic. The 3 modes are great, I use it in front of my tube amp to spice things up and works great!! I can tweak the bass and treble, add some grit, and boost or compress the tone by rasing or lowering the volume on the pedal. "Mid" mode probably works great with "scooped" fender amps, but My EL-84 tube amp is already "mid heavy" so I don't use this setting. Tried it with 4 guitars (humbuckers, split coils, and mini-humbuckers), and the transparent breakup sounds just right with all guitars on every clean patch. The Spark changes the dynamics of my pedal board and gives more punch to overdrive and distortion. Permanent fixture on my pedalboard now. Please refresh the page and try again. At first glance the TC Electronic Spark Booster looks like it may function as a very vanilla clean boost pedal. It's a clean boost. Now I am in the process of adding things back that I need. Phone Hours | Great pedal. You can get a lot of different low gain sounds from this. It's definitely worth checking out. Great booster with true by pass!!! I recently did a huge pedal shootout with a Keeley Katana, Spark Mini Booster, Fulltone OCD, Wampler Euphoria, Fulltone Fat Boost, Pigtronix Class A Boost and a JHS Double Barrel. A Sweetwater Sales Engineer will get back to you shortly. Sweetwater Sound The "mid" mode also works great as a less compressed and more versatile substitute for throwing a TubeScreamer in front of a driven amp. I'm very excited that the spark booster is around its exactly what i needed on my board. U will love it. This pedal is a great addition to my pedalsm and is surprisingly inexpensive for what you get. Fortunately TC put some bells and whistles into this pedal that make it really fun to … Harmonics pop and your tone from your amp just gets louder and juicier. All uncolored. The gain knob controls the character of the boost between clean and pushed, and when it gets up really high, it starts to add a soulful character similar to TC… I love this thing. You can leave the EQ flat or use it to tweak your guitar signal. Check this out. I was looking for a pedal to give a big mid-range boost for my guitars, especially strats, instead of buying one guitar that had the mid-range boost built in. I play through a Mesa Mark 5. Definitely would recommend to a friend. The Spark Booster just makes the amp shine even more than it already does. Bass and treble fine-tune the frequencies, and the toggle switch in the middle can be set to Clean, Fat or Mid to boost different bands of frequencies. If you aren't a big fan of your normal tubescreamer type pedals for a boost this one will make you happy! Construction seems good but I did not open up the board, and only time will tell how it holds up. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. It boosts, it allows for some selective tone tweaking, and I'm keeping it. What a great pedal. It is worth the price and more and built like a tank so you only need one and this is the only boost I will ever need. To me they are all just buzz boxes. It was exactly what I was looking for. Have been using this with my bass rig (MTD into Traynor YBA300 tube head) for over a year and have to say that this is a must have piece of gear. You can use a clean amp, select Fat, dime the gain and bump the signal a bit and you have an awesome blues tone on a Strat. it boost my solos, and boosts my melodies. Most boosts don't work well for a clean channel. Adding grit, which is not a great deal but I would say just right even when dimed, is a really cool feature of this pedal. Tops! The crunch channel just sounds more pleasing to my ear. This pedal not only doesn't do that, but allows me to further tailor the reduced volume with tone controls. © The Spark Booster works as both a coloured and a clean boost, with the level knob alone offering up to 26dB of clean boost. Very transparent, but it's also super versatile! The fact that I'm taking time out to write a review tells you something because I never have before. But it. I have tried a lot of the big names in drive pedals. I keep it on all the time and just drive the amp a little harder. I bought this pedal to boost my leads. Everything just sounded fake, even the ts9. Thank you for your request. This pedal blew me away when I tried a friends out. Cant imagine my pedal board without it. The 'FAT' mode gives you slight compression and does just that, fattens up your tone. You won't regret it. I bought the pedal with the intent to use it as a volume boost for solos. I have tried countless so called transparent OD's, amp simulations, Tube this and thats. The 'CLEAN' mode is just that, very Little Wing-ish and completely transparent! Bath I got this as a promotion by buying 2 other pedals - the Mojomojo and the Corona Chorus. As with all the TC Electronic pedals I've had in the past, this one is pretty quiet in the chain.