Finally, each deity should have a Symbol, this can be anything really, but simpler is easier to remember. ”. The Alignment is important thematically so your players can quickly get an idea of your deity’s disposition. The spider queen has a ton of history in D&D and even more spiders, sacrifices, and slaves. You are using an out of date browser. Gnome prankster god, but genuinely funny and not mean spirited. Previously, I simply wanted it. Now that you have lore, there’s only a few little details you’ll need to nail down for your players to work with: you should already have, but if you’re listing it out for your players, you’ll want their full title. Big lizardman who’s almost stupidly neutral, he only mildly prefers that the lizardmen live rather than die. I can't decide if I'm disappointed or happy that WotC hasn't done more to build the M:TG "colors" into the M:TG spinoff settings. I think we’ve all rolled up a cleric at one time or another and just picked a god that matched the domain you want, there’s no shame in it. Just like the gods of Greek myth, the gods of Theros are active … The sourcebook details the gods, places, and monsters of Theros, along with several new subclasses and multiple new mechanics. What does this deity care about? Skoraeus Stonebones, God of Stone Giants and Art. Akmon, Hammer of Purphoros Does it say nothing at all? Orcish motivation for a lot of orc ways, especially hating elves. This is a big question, but let’s shrink it down a bit by assuming 5th edition D&D, counting out the real world pantheons like the Norse and Greek pantheons, and assuming the, setting. Upright black right hand, with thumb and fingers together. Goddess whose moods change with the phases of the moon, particularly honored by sailors. (source: Section 5). He is thought to take the form of a centaur, though his lower half is that of a bull. Blueshift Nine, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to or,,, or , this can be anything really, but simpler is easier to remember. Earlier this week, Dungeons & Dragons released Mythic Odysseys of Theros, a sourcebook detailing the Magic: The Gathering world of Theros. Thinking about other classes? I wonder if it addresses the cosmology at all, and how it fits (or does not) into the the D&D Multiverse. I realise one was created for DnD beyond but after checking the Wizards website, DM's Guild and generally over the internet I could find any sheets that I would be able to download and print for an irl campaign. Gods in 5e aren’t unkillable, but throughout most of the lore gods are typically only killed by other gods or occasionally demon lords. Theros for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition or F&%$@ Y*% WotC Sometime in the last two months Wizards of the Coast announced the release of the Wildemont setting book for DnD by Matt Mercer. is important thematically so your players can quickly get an idea of your deity’s disposition. Pacifist lake goddess of healing, good choice for healers and druids. Sehanine Moonbow, Elf Goddess of the Moon. Thinking about other classes? However, we just had our first session of a Theros game and I'm finding myself having a blast playing a Centaur cleric of Karamentra (Civilization/Agriculture - I suppose similiar to Demeter). Does it give us a primer on the M:tG cosmology and say that's how it works? Lord of being generically evil, think black knights and big evil churches. It’s not nearly as important as it was in earlier editions, but still make sure to include an alignment for your deity. Sounds like it's a mixture of both. Blood for the blood god, murder for the murder god. Earlier editions of D&D have given actual stat blocks and abilities to deities, but at least currently they’re still in an amorphous weight class simply labeled “ stronger than you ”. The mask fragments are powerful artifacts as well that grow in power as the players level up and offer distinctive powers to the players that wield them. Big centaur who’s all about keeping the balance and keeping nature communities safe. The Domains are probably the most important mechanical part. Nerdier and weaker brother of Oghma, good for the nerdy underdog characters. Think Jinx from “Teen Titans” elevated to godhood, loves bad luck and assassins. New to find a D&D Group? The short answer is you can’t unless that’s the story’s plot. If your adventure seems to be leading up to a fight against a deity, expect for there to be some extenuating circumstances or a mcguffin of deity slaying, because otherwise any deity should be able to wipe the floor with even level 20 adventurers. Upright skeletal arm holding balanced scales. A lot of deities have only one domain, but 2 or even 3 domains are acceptable if your deity really sits between multiple domains. There are a number of deities in Theros, but I want to focus on the five “major” gods: Heliod, God of the Sun; Thassa, God of the Sea; Erebos, God of the Dead; Purphoros, God of the Forge; and Nylea, God of the Hunt. The information contained on website (the "Service") is for general information purposes only. Gods in 5e aren’t unkillable, but throughout most of the lore gods are typically only killed by other gods or occasionally demon lords. A green flaming eye for example is easier to work with and remember than 9 emerald eyes surrounded by rainbow flames with a leaping two-headed liger. Still waiting for a call from my FLGS to say it’s arrived and I can come pick it up. Upright coin with Waukeen’s profile facing left. Some of the links are "affiliate links", a link with a special tracking code. Yondalla, Halfling Goddess of Fertility and Protection. If your edgelord rogue became a god he’d become Mask, and he’s a genuinely still a good pick for edgelord rogues. Crystal ball containing many kinds of eyes. This affiliate disclosure details the affiliate relationships of Blueshift Nine, LLC with other companies and products. Loves making people sick and die, only right for characters who want to spread some plague. are probably the most important mechanical part. Basically, just a gigantic magical shark, he loves seeing the bloodlust in his little sahuagin minions though. All rights reserved. Your group will love these, New to find a D&D Group? Firstly, don’t worry about making stats for your god. Fun bard pick. ” and nobody should be expecting to duke it out with a deity. Called the bitch queen for a reason, spiteful sea witch perfect for both evil and sea themed characters. Circle of seven stars, or nine stars encircling a flowing red mist, or a single star. Big aloof ice giant who only respects strength and doesn’t give a damn. Great big stone giant who believes that all stone belongs to the giants, which naturally causes some conflicts. However, while the new sourcebook contains details on how players can build their own Theros campaign and even provides building blocks for creating a campaign focused on one of Theros's many Greek-inspired gods, the sourcebook doesn't contain a traditional D&D adventure to play through. Does it give us a primer on it and say how it fits into the D&D Multiverse? Three lightning bolts radiating from a central point. Think Artemis or any other “Huntress goddess” and you’re right on the money, good for rangers. Unlike 3E, 5E seems to handle unusual races fairly well and while my character feels different, so far it has neither overshadowed or felt overly nerfed - I'm just one of the gang. Blueshift Nine, LLC reserves the right to make additions, deletions, or modification to the contents on the Service at any time without prior notice. Lots of human sacrifices on icy altars, for, Deities 5e FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), The short answer is you can’t unless that’s the story’s plot. God for bards who are about spreading stories and information rather than mischief. It's also a great introduction to Theros and gives players an idea of how the world differs from campaign settings like the Forgotten Realms. With the prevalence of homebrew pantheons and all the numerous worlds you might end up in, this dnd gods list is in no way comprehensive.