All rights reserved. Tinning is one of the most common ways to preserve fish and seafood in Spain and, far from the bad reputation it has in some places in the world, tinned produce in Spain is regarded as a delicacy. Of course, that have had a huge impact in the lifestyle of the people in the country and it has also affected the Spanish cuisine. The finest variety, jamón Iberico de bellota, is prepared using specially raised pigs, fed on acorns in the later stages of their life to give the meat a distinctive nutty flavour. Copyright © 2015 HolaFoodie. Spanish Appetizers | Spanish Soups | Spanish Salads | Spanish Vegetarian | Spanish Meat Dishes | Spanish Snacks | Spanish Desserts. This productive region is where chilindrones, everyday preparations of chicken or lamb braised in a mixture of peppers, tomatoes, jamon, onion, and garlic, are among the most popular recipes. Either one can be used for this quick but elegant beef dish. The fat plays an important part in giving the meat its flavour and should always be savoured. So-called because they are traditionally accompanied with a spicy tomato sauce only palatable to the hardiest of eaters, patatas bravas are Spain’s answer to chips. This simple Murcian style clam recipe is best if you can buy fresh clams at the market as you would in Spain. In Spain, we love a good piece of meat and that clearly shows in our gastronomy. Don’t be put off by the slightly burnt rice that appears around the edges of the dish: it’s called the socarrat and is considered by many to the best part. Many people think that cooking Spanish food must take a lot of time because they've been to Spain and had delicious three-, four- or five-course meals. Found on tapas menus across Spain, the Russian Salad is usually composed of tinned tuna, egg, potato, mayonnaise and a vegetable. Not so much a dish in its own right, but an essential accompaniment to any dish eaten during a meal, pan con tomate is a staple of the Catalan diet. Tortilla de patatas. And naturally, with good stock comes great recipes. Chanfaina is usually served on Sundays as a tapa at the city's bustling bars, where parents go with their children for a little snack before returning home for lunch. You can serve the chops with potatoes, either mashed or roasted, as the Spanish do. Don’t put up with ketchup and mayonnaise; look for a home-made aioli and a fiery tomato relish to appreciate the dish at its best. Sausages are an important part of the meat dishes in the Spanish cuisine. This large, mountainous area is a haven for hunters, who come for the partridges, among other game. They are rings of squid which, like much of the fish and seafood in Andalusia, is battered and deep-fried. Another classic tapas dish, croquetas are deep-fried, bread-crumbed balls stuffed with a mixture of a thick Béchamel-like sauce and meat, cheese or vegetables. It is a simplified version of the traditional escabeche, and the process couldn't be easier. Give the gift of a full tapas party in a box! Mussels, clams, cockles… nearly every type of seafood can be found in tinned form, either in oil, brine or an escabeche sauce. Paella Valenciana. Adding seafood to a meaty pot might sound like a bizarre idea. It literally refers to…, One of the oldest Spanish food preservation techniques makes a glorious comeback to become the ultimate tupperware recipe. In Spain, we love a good piece of meat and that clearly shows in our gastronomy. Regardless of whether it contains the allium or not, the best kind of tortilla is thick and moist – verging on the slightly uncooked at its very heart. Pork, beef, lamb and game are … Find out about our food and how we produce it. Update Notice: This post was originally published on December 14, 2015 and was updated with new photos and text on November 9, 2020.. Christmas in Spain is celebrated, above all else, at the table. While the city itself needs no introduction, this ancient and unusual dish does. The advent of refrigeration has made orzas nearly obsolete, but the wonderful flavor of this dish will make you want to return to the past. So, if you are unable to buy a suckling lamb through your local butcher, purchase a leg of lamb (bone-in). Perdiz escabechada: As you leave behind the famous plains of Castilla-La Mancha and head south, you reach the Sierra Morena, which leads into neighbouring Andalusia. Explore our selection of Spanish meat and poultry recipes and as always, keep coming back to discover our ever-growing collection. DURING THE HOT summer months, Spaniards look forward to their cuisine’s rich array of cold soups and salads. A classic yet sophisticated Spanish recipe that borrows the best from the ‘escabeche’ technique to create a super…, Despite having become a classic recipe over the years, this is still a bit of an unusual one. It's also the land of bread, and this recipe is a way to use leftover day-old bread. Most people serve it on festive occasions, but I don't wait for a special day, since it is both easy to prepare and delicious, especially wedges of fried bread served alongside. High quality meat is to be found all over Spain, and many of the rich cuisines of the north rely heavily on meat as a key ingredient for filling main courses. And just like the chip, they vary widely in quality. One of the easiest ways to make croquetas is to freeze them before frying them and this isn’t frowned upon, so long as the chef gets the timing right and the centre is cooked through. Today, modern chefs have invented contemporary takes featuring prime tuna or fish eggs. Some versions also include green bell peppers; others eliminate the peppers altogether. They’re traditionally served with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, although it has become common, probably as a result of the influence of tourists, to serve them with mayonnaise or tartar sauce. The black ones are the kind you might find on a pizza, and are generally very salty. The humble tortilla de patatas is one of the staples of the Spanish diet and this … Meat Dishes. Full-on flavour with delicate hues for an easy-to-do yet gorgeous recipe…. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with…, Discover this succulent old chicken pepitoria recipe, cooked in a flavoursome almond, egg yolk and saffron sauce to die for. These are commonly found stuffed inside olives or served in salads for an intense burst of flavour. Gazpacho Andaluz is tasty, refreshing and very healthy since it is made from nothing but fresh vegetables and a bit of oil and vinegar. It's green due to parsley, although some variations add other green vegetables, in this case, there are also green peppers. But the classic version comes as a large dollop on a plate topped with a few small breadsticks known as picos, and nearly always tastes better. From the incredible iberico pork breed to Galician cows, Asturian chickens or Castilian lambs, our land is blessed with some of the highest-quality meat you can shop around. Cordero asado - Roasted Lamb: This recipe serves 8-10 people with one half of a lamb, weighing 9-11 pounds. A green salad is almost always on the table for a Spanish meal. Having said this, the good news are that making chorizo at home is much easier…, This is the classic way meatballs have been made at my home for generations. Mainly because a couple of anomalies…, Let’s get things straight from the beginning… ‘Cojonudo’ is a Spanish word that comes from the term ‘cojones’ (bollocks, testicles). Solomillo de Cerdo Mudéjar: The term mudéjar is used for Muslims— and for their culture— who converted to Christendom during the Reconquista.