The needle on the ammeter varies directly with the amount of current through the shunt. Plug both wires into the connectors marked THROTTLE. If you get it all together Verify that battery (-) connects to the B- terminal of the controller. Converting a motorcycle to electric power isn't a project for beginners; it takes a strong background in fabrication, a more-than-basic understanding of electronics and a willingness to look at the big picture. [New Releases for 2017], Woljay Dual Sport Off-Road Motorcycle Open Face Helmet Review, Interphone F5MC Stereo Bluetooth Intercom Review. 48V is a common voltage for many solar panels and solar charge controllers. The batteries stuck out the sides a bit in a way I didn't like.Cut, Grind, Weld, Paint. You might find online communities helpful as well. Ideally, they should be kept as close to the center of the cycle for front/back balance, and as LOW as possible for best center of gravity. One is high and one is low. At this point, if I were building an electric motorcycle, I would go directly to lithium cells. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, The Lego Ducati Panigale V4 R's Transmission Works, Ford App Checks Out Ride-Share Cars for Bad Odors, The New BMW R 18 Cruiser Is Retro-Cool Gorgeous, The Cake Kalk Is An Exotic Electric Dirt Bike, This Electric Moped Is Also a Mobile Generator, The Honda CRF450L Is a Street-Legal Dirt Bike, Finding Inspiration on the 2019 Honda Gold Wing, The Most Fun You Can Have on Three Wheels, Rad Power Bikes Just Built An Electric Minibike. They’ve held their value well, but if you’re willing to accept the smaller range of the pre-2013 Zero, or a 2009-2013 Brammo Enertia, they’re out there from both private sellers and dealers for under $5,000. Make sure you post some photos when you are done. Below is a detail wiring guide, this is probably the most important part of this instructable and the part that gave me the most problems during the build. Certainly, accelerating and decelerating consumes a lot of energy, but at some places like the Isle of Man or on the freeway, where you're sustaining speeds, 90 percent of your energy is going to part the air. It is powered by four Optima Yellow Top sealed (AGM) lead-acid batteries, that drive a Briggs & Stratton Etek electric motor. If you just want a moped type vehicle for around town use, a 175 amp used golf cart controller will be fine. Then I moved up to four (for more range and higher top-speed.) You will want to make sure to get one that has a high enough amperage rating to make the cycle fun.Choosing a Controller The two most popular brands of motor controllers are Curtis and Alltrax. Your practical handbook to learning hands-on welding! All over these various components serve important roles. However, the faster your charger allows to charge, the larger and heavier it will get, and you might have to put it in the garage if it gets too big. It would also be a good place to mount the motor controller or a battery charger, as long as you make sure they have enough ventilation. One older technique was to mechanically switch the series/parallel connections of the batteries to the motor in such a way that that it might be 12/24/48 volts. Going Off the Grid: The How-To-Book of Simple Living and Happiness. The motor is only rated for 150 amps continuous, but can briefly take much more than that. TEST 3 Check the potbox circuitry The following procedure applies to the standard throttle input conguration for these controllers, which is a nominal 5k& pot connected as a two-wire rheostat (0 = full off, 5 k& = full on), and also to 5k&0 congurations. Even though we've been there three years, each time we go we get three laps per rider per year. No exhaust system, and particularly, no muffler. 3. You typically want to minimize current while cruising, so that you are "sipping" power from your batteries, and in turn have a long range per charge. Check both sides of the keyswitch. How to Build a 100 mph Electric Motorcycle The Isle of Man TT is a motorcycle race held each summer on a 37.7-mile loop of two-lane country roads on this British island. The new power inlet is a "twist-lock" connector. I mean you. Remember to choose good cables for your motorcycle. The converter already has mounting holes in it. On the other hand, if it was all brand-new parts, with a high-end motor and controller, and lithium batteries, the project could easily be $10,000. If it is not there, the trouble is in the battery pack, the cables to it, or the power fuse. OVERVIEW The finished project is a 1981 Kawasaki KZ440, converted to electric. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. on Introduction, old harleys only had a rear drum and no front brake. Please keep in mind that with Lithium, you need some sort of BMS (Battery Monitoring or Battery Management System,) and it needs to be charged appropriately. It easily installs just by sliding it on and then tightening a pair of screws to snug it onto the handlebar. No, not really. I have heard of people converting a small to medium sized motorcycle to electric and getting it titled as a moped. I recommend researching the physics involved and figuring out what requirements you will need to deal with your hills and then comparing with the specs of different motors on the market. It can be connected to other parameters. The Alltrax Document Depot is a great resource for all sorts of information on controllers, batteries, and motors. So, it's pretty easy to do some simple math to figure out the power of our motor. A silent motor, no shifting, cheap to run and sometimes quite fast — electric motorcycles do have a lot going for them. In the list of "odd things nobody ever tells you about....." I found a few quirks while working on this project.Rear Brake Spring Bracket When I was getting the cycle all back together and testing to make sure everything was working right, I had to hook the rear brake back up. Put in the battery disconnect, turn the key, and ride the cycle! Now that all the major components are more or less in place, you can add finishing touches by painting your bike. The second type is a deep cycle battery and this is what you need. Considering placing the motor in first. Both the On/Off Key and the Battery Disconnect are mounted on the left side of the motorcycle, not far from where the "Emergency Reserve" switch would be on a typical cycle's gas tank. Besides the electric motorcycle Livewire, it seems that Harley is shooting for those with less money in pockets too. It's not really that one or the other - series or parallel - connections are more efficient than each other. This is typically done with a box shape or angle iron. You can mount the motor at the place where you normally find the gas engine in a motorcycle. If it doesn’t suit your plan, then having it is of no use. This should cause the main contactor to operate with an audible click. Wouldn't it be great to in some other way make use of that? This is usually a matched set. Are we in the future, or what? A bolt cutter will work fine, but the best tool I have used is a Sears Robo-Cutter. 10 years ago There are also numerous importers of Chinese-built, low-quality electric scooters, motorcycles and bicycles. Again, that's with a bike that [hasn't had much track time]. Sometimes an inspection may require a matching number on the frame, engine, and transmission. I used a scrap aluminum plate to the mount the controller. They are mass-manufactured, DOT-approved, and affordable. Once I rounded off all the edges, I put the plate in the motorcycle, and ran threaded rods (3/8" and 5/16", which matched the holes in the frame) through the frame attachment points, through the plate, and through the matching attachment point. The battery gets recharged by the engine, through the alternator, and it is what really powers all the 12V electrical.