Dodge dance wise, never spam your dodge. Like I'm having an issue in the forge where it's not showing some items i have, even though i know i have them. Should I just bite the bullet, accept to have a disproportionate fail rate on these careers in quickplay and just play more until it's done, or is there a way to make it work ? They are essentially blueprints for crafting in the forge. There's some great advice in the thread though. It is grey but it isn't the default trinket. Your defensive tool will be dodge/block/push. For example, when i am playing a range class or another squishy character i will go with kruber merc and ironbreaker. Watching strong players in youtube showed me how they play when shit hits the fan and they get separated.You need to be able to survive in legend alone a very long time, to be able to play cata, or cata twitch without relying on being carried by mates. It's one of my favorite things to do in game, I just find it fun to try to clutch bad situations. And most important, if you die it's totally your fault. Bounty hunter I would use billhook for ranged teams too, if you manage to get full elite stacks you can kind of take the role of a frontliner. Stamina covers two things: your block, and your push/push attack. What do you guys think ? I literally JUST got this sword and shield for Kruger. Stamina management is something got rarely mentioned but very important on high difficulty. I would say just work on dodging and not taking damage as much as possible, and if your chief concern is horde clearing when playing with a bunch of ranged, run weapons that do that best, IE dual hammers for bardin, tuskgor spear/sword mace on kruber, sword and dagger for kerillian, flame sword on sienna, rapier/axe/falch on saltz. Thanks for the guides and the recent cata videos, they're what prompted me to try out bots. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Salvaging allows a player to destroy equipment in exchange for materials. Added quick salvage button to gamepad UI. It's better to play with randoms and focus on self-reliance. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Salvage Items [edit | edit source] "Salvages any usable materials from items." Only equipment that is not equipped by any Hero or Career can be salvaged. After you know these concepts, in practice you need to combine them all. Here you can put in items and salvage their parts to be used for crafting other items. On huntsman spear is the best choice and functions pretty much as a shield with killing power, the only downside is kind of mediocre elite damage, though you could consider shield if you really wanted to. If you play on pc, you can use the mod that makes bots better. I'd leave bots only for moments in which it's impossible to find people because of the time, or day. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They are more stable than randoms. Bots should now replenish ammo from Ammo Boxes with much more consistency. Yeah you can't salvage or upgrade any weapon or trinket that is either: Base items (power level 5 and grey) cannot ever be salvaged. The tab allows for the salvaging of 9 items at once. Generally speaking, blocking is less effective than dodge since it doesn't provide damage window, but it is still a basic defence tool. You just have to build your team yourself. On lower difficulty (tbh including legend), you have a very high kill speed that it doesn't really matter. Don't rely on absorbing hit with thp or your damage reduction passive/talent. And depends on your weapon choice, some tools will be limited. Keep both your dodge/stamina at a healthy level, so when you run out one of them you can use another one to recover it. The way to restore your dodge is by stop dodging for around 1sec, which you can cover this gap with a lot of moves, e.g a high stagger/cleave attack, block, push. But on 2h hammer, your combo is chain heavy, and depends on your career/build/Swift Slaying trigger or not, you may not be able to dodge back when charge your attack → walk forward when releasing your attack, instead you can push once or twice first, and then dodge back → walk forward→release attack. Interesting, how do you tailor your bots to be efficient in dealing with long range specials ? If you feel like your dps is bit low & enemies are starting to surround you, push couple times & rotate so that all the enemies are still at your front. If you think you can't survive after your mates die, you could get frustrated or negative when they do.Now I try to think more as "this time it's my turn to rescue the mission, as many other times I have been rescued. Also, if you lose a run but were the last one to be killed, consider it a half-win. Things like dual dagger will have faster dodge dance rhythm since it has fast attack/high dodge count/low stagger low cleave, and things like 2h hammer/heavy spear will have slower dodge dance rhythm. It's hard to hear but it's kinda up to you. Combo wise there are lots of resources out there. Randoms can be unpredictable and fights can turn chaotic without communication while the bots will stick to your Side. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I posted something recently about them making an easier match than 80% of qp games. On some weapons, push attacks are very strong and contribute quite a lot to your horde clear combo (e.g billhook, heavy spear). The first one is Salvage Items. 1 month ago It's hard to hear but it's kinda up to you. For context, I'm currently going for the Pantheon of Legend achievement, which means I have to play all careers on all missions, and I have a huge problem with random matches, What should I do when I land in a game where everyone is playing full range ? It'd be nice to be able to swap equipment around without having to switch characters. With the correct combo you will kill horde at better efficiency. Hey it's the guide dude ! Depends on the weapon you are using, your dodge dance rhythm will be different. © Valve Corporation. Doesn't matter if you make a bad choice or not. They aren't like the 5-power weapon unlocks either, they're like green quality guns and trinkets. Would you say my best bet would be to go and straight up frontline then ? I've been having the same problem, I've gone over each of the heroes and classes to make sure they are not equipped. Everything else depends on your own skill and luck with spawn points. Just block when you feel like you are going to take a hit, or your attack cannnot land first/cannot stagger the enemy. 1 random that don't know how to carry himself can throw the match. A Rat Slaying Subreddit for Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide, and Warhammer: Vermintide 2. With spear, the main issue I run into is that the pattern makes me back up during light1 to be safe, and I tend to not fully recover that space since knocked down enemies still block movement forwards, so I have to push attack a lot after a while, which ties into the stamina management part, overall would you say it's common to have that issue with spear or does it probably come from me fucking it up somewhere ? Did the Pit cata recently and I had to restart so many times because a blightstormer or gasrat would spawn on the last bits, once I'm really short on ammo, while the bots completely ignore it no matter if I tag it, I completely agree with the "if you die you've fucked up" mentality, it's more about making sure nobody dies if possible. Press J to jump to the feed.